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I was asking God, “May I be baptized in this flood water?”

I heard Bro. Eliseo Soriano saying “tarantadong mga pastor, kagagohan yan, niloloko lang kayo mga kababayang Pilipino.” At first I thought it was only a comedy show, and I laughed as he demonstrated and mimicked the ways the religious leaders preach on stage. I never thought that it was a religious program because it was my first time to watch such. I used to laugh with him not because I am disgusted with those acts he was demonstrating, but because I know he is simply telling the truth. Continue reading

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I was then a barren soil seeking for water until I heard this man

That night I was shocked, speechless, feeling regretful of my bad attitude. At the same time, my heart was like a dry tongue sweetened by a bursting cold drink by the time I was reviewing my notes of his preaching. Continue reading

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I would always ask for Whys, hating my life, until I heard Bro. Eli

From being a worldly person before, I humbly can say that I was changed. By the way I dressed up myself, the way I talked, the way I think, the way I act. Continue reading

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Eunuch for Life: the Sacrifice of Bro. Eli Soriano

This story is about the song said to be persistently being searched for by Bro. Eli. It says a lot about what the preacher is undergoing today: hatred despite his love, treachery despite his benevolence. By Beana Jao Bro. Eliseo … Continue reading

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I grew up feeling I was fated to be satan’s bride

Crazy you might say…but as you read through my testimony you will understand how I came up with that horrible idea. Thanks to God for Bro Eli, I was saved from satan’s claws By Maya Crisol Buan If I were … Continue reading

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He was under heavy attack by the Iglesia ni Cristo and I wanted to side with the good man

In the later stages of my life, I doubted if I was really their blood sister or not. Then I decided to go to school at all costs so that I can realize my dream of serving GOD and at … Continue reading

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I was blessed to be called into this Church especially at a very young age

Nowadays, children are being polluted with many wrong ideas that lead to heavy transgression; they become disobedient to their elders, and are apathetic towards the idea of religion.   By Eunice De Leon I can still remember the days when … Continue reading

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The Old Path – I shall walk in it for it is where my soul found rest

By Gerry Yabes   When I was a child, I have been exposed to my parents’ religion, which is,  like most Filipinos, Catholicism. However, they were never active members of the Catholic church. Which is why during my childhood, I … Continue reading

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Death threats for Bro. Eli skyrocketed that time because of his exposition of false doctrines

Yet despite all these, like a fearless warrior who is ready to face the worst enemy until death for the sake of truth, he never stopped performing his obligation: to undauntedly preach the word of God.   By Luzviminda Cruz … Continue reading

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Why is Bro. Eli shouting? I realized he was not what false preachers peddle to the public

I once had a broken home – the lack of decent shelter and parental care made me question where God is. How could He let this happen to me? I was just three when my parents separated. During those times, … Continue reading

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