Let the Bible explain its own deep truths & mysteries through God’s messenger

Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonke, Creflo Dollar and many local preachers like Joseph Walters, Dian Warep, the late Joseph Kingal and many more. But Bro. Eli is different

By Seamus Eddie Takei

I am Seamus Eddie Takei, 45 years old, married with three children. I come from Siar Village in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

I grew up in the Lutheran faith since childhood through my parents until I became an active member of a Pentecostal movement in 1998.

The first time that I heard about the “The Old Path” was in 2008, through a brother who was assigned by his employer for a project here in Madang. That was when I began to follow the preaching of Bro. Eli Soriano.

In my previous religion, I had known and followed the teachings or preaching of so-called preachers abroad like Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonke, Creflo Dollar and many local preachers like Joseph Walters, Dian Warep, the late Joseph Kingal and many more.

What I had discovered from Bro. Eli is that he is different from all the other so called preachers. His way of using the Bible is very different from all the preachers that I knew. He has taught me the proper manner of using the Bible for one to understand it for all it’s worth, with the deep truths and mysteries. Interestingly, not one of his explanations come from his own thinking BUT straight from the Bible. He knows and understands the Bible so well that he can also speak four to five other languages of other nationalities. His explanation is also very perfect as he does not add nor take away a word in the verses of the Bible. The Bible is a very common book that is used all over the world, but Brother Eli is only preacher in our times that knows how to use the Bible uncommonly well. He is so unique.

Thanks be to GOD for His unspeakable gift!

My appeal to my countrymen and even to those outside Papua New Guinea: let the Bible explain its own deep truths and mysteries through God’s messenger in our times, Bro. Eli Soriano. Let us be Biblical!

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I used to think evil was 666 and horns but Bro. Eli said it’s false religion

But I disliked listening to Bro. Eli, even if I privately (and grudgingly) admitted that whatever he said was right. He would answer my innermost questions, things no human being knew, right there on TV. I almost thought it was a conspiracy. Whenever I go to my parents’ house and heard him, I would frown and leave the room.


By Francis Marcelo

“I hate them all. I refuse to believe in any religion because they’re all man-made.” People close to me in my former life have heard me say this at one time or another. It was a sentiment that’s part of me; I wasn’t meek to express it – because truly, it was my conviction. How did it come about?

I did not actively seek out the truth, as some may have, by listening to religious leaders. However, I wasn’t a stranger to the spiritual realm. My father used to like the occult as a hobby in his younger years. Not until something happened to me when I was small that was similar to the Exorcist, it was only then that he got scared. Spurred by fear and wanting safety for his family, he led us (and we tagged along since I was just a kid) into different sects. After being Catholic, we became Mormons, then Baptists, then Methodists (I don’t know the others).

I don’t remember the Mormon part but the Baptist, I think I do. I remember holding a small leaflet in black print, with the picture of a church building on it (similar to the Union Church architecture). Then there was the Born-Again movement. At the same time during this religion-hopping, we also moved residence a lot.

It may sound adventurous for some, but when you’re in that position, you know it isn’t. It merely sharpened the pang of isolation I was already beginning to feel.

There were many other strange (and painful) experiences our family had while I was growing up. But the one good thing is that, I credit my father for instilling in me the fear of God. He may have not done it in an entirely enlightened way, but still, he had taught me some things he’d learned along the way, such as the worship of idols being an abomination.

I’m not sure when my age of discernment was but I remember that by the time I entered high school, I had a lot of doubts about many Catholic practices. The pang of isolation swirled languidly. As much as I did have friends and such, I was starting to feel how different I was from everyone. I didn’t do what they normally did, so, most of my friends were boys. I enjoyed boys’ games such as robots and cartoons. I was deeply into music, which I considered my first love. It became my medium of expression in everything. Far from being a normal female, I spent much time thinking.

My motto at that time was, “Life is pain, for there can be no life without pain.” I laughed at myself recently when I saw that written beside my graduation photo – looking all young and innocent on the outside, bitter inside – but it said a lot about what I thought about life.

College opened a whole new world, so to speak, and began my age of awareness. From a small school, I was thrust into a big university. So big, the registrar clerk will not remember your face after two seconds of servicing you.

After the dust of culture shock settled, I eagerly lapped up all there is to know about the world: from advanced levels of the 3 R’s (reading, writing, ‘rithmetic) to the biggies (science, philosophy, politics, social studies, history, lunch).

My family settled by this time with that Born-Again thing, headed by that overly emotional Butch Conde. Recently, I learned from a source that this dude had totally freaked out at the mere mention of Eli Soriano’s name during a dinner party.

Only because it’s there, it was simply a routine for us. In fact, we used to fight a lot going to church, but we smiled like nothing happened when we got there. Hypocrisy to the max. Looking back now, I realized one gets into that Born-Again thing because of the belief in Jesus Christ as God. You can say it’s almost instinctive – it’s like “follow the Christ!” But that’s pretty much it.

It was around this time that I met a friend who was part of a local Born Again group. At first, I was all “wow” from the fact that she wanted to read the Bible with me and gave me pointers and advice. But after a while, she started creeping me out – the last straw was when she said she wanted to give me the “gift of the Holy Spirit” and asked if she could lay her hands on my head. Luckily, I was able to excuse myself out of it.

Yes, I cannot and will not get enough saying over and over that, actually, the reason why I became a disbeliever is because of the Born Again(st). It was then I said, oh no, what if this group was the last religion on earth? I was convinced I can’t find any other group who was as zealous about the Bible as they are. So if they were the last, then I would not believe in religion at all, ever, and I will reject every religion there is, because as far as I know, they’re all suspect/suspicious to me and they’re all wrong because they’re man-made.

I went along thinking, well, maybe this girl has some answers, but it did hurt when it turned out she hasn’t any – at least not to the questions I was asking.

Because the funny part is, deep inside, in that place where no one is privy too, I was actually searching. For something. As to what, I didn’t know just yet. But one thing was certain – I had a lot of questions.
Inevitably, exposure to the university’s philosophy and social studies courses sort of persuaded an atheist tendency in me – which isn’t far off after coming from a traumatic pseudo-religious experience. However, the one thing that nagged at me was the declaration itself that God doesn’t exist. I kept turning it over in my head thinking, it’s a bit absurd to name something that supposedly isn’t there.

So I thought, well, absolutism in terms of things you don’t fully grasp is simply denial, and the smug complacency that results from pretension come from foolishness. I can’t close myself up to everything like a brick wall, you will never learn nor move forward, I decided. If you face facts, a truly intelligent person is inquisitive – he asks questions and never stops asking. Even science does this to a fault.

So I learned the definition of that other word, albeit casually – agnostic. Maybe God exists, yeah, but well, I don’t think He’d care about me since I’m just nothing but a speck in the universe. And since this is the case, I can move on, I decided – to be a total hedonist – and just do whatever I want, I thought.

Up until the time I ended up finding a mate and getting married, I indulged in worldy activities and vices. Everything, except drugs. I almost got into it, but for some strange reason, I’d find myself with an excuse, a way out, not to do it. Looking back, I’m convinced that God truly knows one’s heart – deep inside.  Even then, I didn’t want to because I knew it was wrong and would destroy me. I also believed back then (but didn’t accept outwardly, of course) that it was a gracious act of Him that He helped me get out of sticky situations.

The story didn’t end there because I had to contend with my life question – the problem of true love. My fairy tale shattered – marriage and immaturity don’t mix. It didn’t help that despite having a husband, I still felt incomplete and empty. More so when the honeymoon stage ended and we would fight. A lot. Fiercely, and even violently. I also believed that if it wasn’t for God intervening, both of us would be dead by now – killed by each other. I was angry and depressed often.

Around this time, I didn’t know that my dad had already encountered Bro. Eli on TV. The only thing I remembered was that one time, he handed me a cassette tape. It was songs from a guy I don’t know singing “One in A Million.” Imagine my chagrin since I was a rocker, I didn’t listen to such music.

I don’t remember when I first saw Bro. Eli on TV, but what I do remember most clearly is that the first time I laid eyes on him, my heart said, “It’s him.”

But I disliked listening to him, even if I privately (and grudgingly) admitted that whatever he said was right. He would answer my innermost questions, things no human being knew, right there on TV. I almost thought it was a conspiracy. Whenever I go to my parents’ house and heard him, I would frown and leave the room.

Even after that one time my mother finally dragged me to Apalit, I told her, I don’t like your religion, I don’t think I’ll join you. I also add that, the people there are so sad.

As time passed though, the deeper I got into sin, I found less and less pleasure in my activities and became more and more anguished. Since I was a chain smoker, I was suffering from its ill effects, always sickly – I’ve always tried stopping but I ended up chained to it again. I already felt ‘dead’ – both spiritually or physically. It was then I said, this is it, it’s either this is my end or a miracle happens.

I was reading one night to my daughter her usual bedtime Bible story. When we got to the part that rephrased John 3:16, something hit my heart as though I understood the verse for the first time. I read the Bible every so often but I never understood any of it, until that moment.

I cried and cried when I left her room. For the first time, I said, to Jesus, in particular, since He’s the one I’m familiar with during my Born Again days – I will leave my vices and I don’t know how so I will just leave myself in your hands. I threw away my lighter and cigarettes.

I never went back to it again. I’m clean until now – that was five plus years ago.

Everything happened like a dream, one event leading up to the other. We moved near my parents’ house. I started listening now to Bro. Eli and thought I was already okay by myself but heard him say this: that to be complete, one has to be part of the community that does and believe in the truth. Praying for it, one day, my parents called me to join them in a gathering (which I learned now was the viewing of a prayer meeting at home, because my mother got sick).

Funny thing is, the topic was about the true nature of evil, which I strangely understood parts of. I used to think evil was 666 and horns, but Bro. Eli said, it’s false religion and false prophets, in which satan transforms himself into a supposedly source of “light” and deceives many through fake beliefs.

When the workers were leaving, I almost wanted to hold one person’s wrist and beg him to bring me along. A day after, my mother asked if I wanted to learn more. I said yes. That’s when I went through indoctrination. What I can say, though, with much confidence, is that the happiest moment of my entire human life was when I was baptized.

And the rest is history. Filled with experiences worthy of an exciting full-length movie. A movie only the faithful Creator of us and the universe can make.

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I went to learn something from Bro. Eli just brag to my friends


But what happened was that instead of bragging to my barkada, my hanging out with them began to lessen, and lessen, and lessen. I was then on the watch for the Ang Dating Daan program.


By Jaydie Lee

I learned about Bro. Eli Soriano in 1997 at a time I was a Catholic. I went to a Protest High School and was attending an Evangelical Church. I had tried reading the Bible and with the New Testament, I did it three times but could not understand anything.

Despite this, I had many questions in my mind but I did not bother having them answered because I knew that I believed in God and so perhaps satan was just troubling me.

I started to look for answers to my questions when other people asked me the same questions. There, I found out that I was not alone. I was working then by day and studying by night but because of my youth perhaps, I would take time outside before going home.

In these hang-outs, sometimes the discussions would lead to religion and so we had exchanges of opinions which lead to serious discussions. In these conversations, I felt some joy because I was able to hear of intelligent questions as well as intelligent answers to the questions in my mind.

And so that’s why! I discovered that one of my friends was an avid watcher of the program of Bro. Eli, the Ang Dating Daan. This program now is The Old Path when shown in international shores with foreign audience.

What my friend had learned from Bro. Eli, he would braaaaaaag to us! But because of him, not for long, I learned that the program, Ang Dating Daan is in Channel 37.

Unfortunately this channel to our TV monitor is quite blurred, perhaps because of our antenna that was too high. Nevertheless, even without picture, there is still sound, so I listened.

In listening, I was lead to handle the Bible so that I can follow the reading. I took a pen and paper and listed down the verses to arm myself against my friends when our conversations would lead to religion again.

But what happened was that instead of bragging to my barkada, my hanging out with them began to lessen, and lessen, and lessen. I was then on the watch for the Ang Dating Daan program.

It did not take long that I looked for the nearest Church local in our place. It was in Area G of Dasmarinas, a rather small place in a crowded area.

I took down the schedule and attended the assembly, thinking that it was like with the Catholics that as long as you attended, you can already be called a member.

When I talked to the church worker assigned in Area G, he invited me to undergo indoctrination. Although I did not understand what indoctrination meant, I went anyway.

In that indoctrination, everything began to get clear. More so when I was baptized and got affiliated on March 20, 1998. My former thinking that was devoid of understanding now gets fed and now abound with food because of God using Bro. Eli as an instrument. Thanks be to God!

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I found myself crying – my hard heart finally began to succumb to God’s teachings January 2010

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Wherever there is peace, I will join you!

My marriage was very bitter, I decided to leave our home in Cavite, bringing with me my six children to be far away from the sight of my husband, Benny. He was the Hitler type who acted like he was ordering robots without feelings. Moreover, he was godless, making our life too miserable.

By Cecille Perea

Benny, my husband, is the eldest child of his parents. He was raised by them in love and fear with god, for they were also Catholics like me. I was 16 and Benny was 19 when we decided to settle down. I thought that because we were so in love with each other, life will not be so hard for us.

We were given six children and we lived a comfortable life when things began to change. Benny had become a womanizer. His circle of friends had affected him so much, for he spent much of his time with them instead of his family. We began to fight everyday and treated each other as enemy.

His vices were unstoppable that even his parents could not do anything. The worst was that the good man I knew before had become a Hitler in attitude. A simple mistake would make him very angry and would raise his voice to anyone, especially to me and my children. He was called Hitler by his siblings from then on.

Due to bitterness of my marriage, I decided to leave our home in Cavite bringing with me my six children to be far away from the sight of my husband, Benny. He was the Hitler type who acted like he was ordering robots without feelings. Moreover, he was godless, making our life too miserable.

Our new residence was my uncle’s at Nasugbo, Batangas and we started a living separate from my husband. But, sadly, he found us after a few days! My decision to leave him was prompted by my desire to avoid being hurt by him anymore. But since he found us and promised that he will stop his vices, I forgave him and gave him another once. It was my children I was thinking of. Moreover, his parents supported him so that we can start a new life at Nasugbu.

I ate my pride and cleaved to him despite his worldly lifestyle. With his promise that he will change for good, I accepted him, only to discover that my life would be worse than before.

Life went on, and since our house was near the sea, Benny’s occupation was related to fishing. He became a partner in selling chemicals used in dynamite fishing. Although illegal, he ignored that for he earned a lot. From a small house, we built a big one that was too close to our Catholic parish church. People began to like us, and Benny became the President of our Parish Church. It also gave him opportunity to meet and be friends with high government officials and well-known personalities in the place.

Every town fiesta, our family was being selected to be a host. Food overflowed during those days, and even Benny’s relative from Cavite helped us to accommodate many people going to our house. The money that we earned, although coming from illegal activities, was the same money we donated to our parish church, for renovation and other church expenses if we were requested. The more we gave to our church, the more people loved us; they respected us.

My life from simple mother and wife also changed. I started my own vices as well. I loved buying non-essential things for myself like beautiful clothes, jewelries, shoes and every adornment this world has for women. I wore make-up even if I stayed at home.

I came to love myself too much. I was a friend to the wives of my husband’s friends’ also. I began to love my vices that time, like smoking, playing cards, going to casino, playing majhong that my friends were busy at. Meanwhile, the vices of my husband continued, and it had gone to worse for he was also going to casino and played there until the next day and the next and the next. He even brought his woman together with his friends in the sea while fishing.

In the midst of our worldly life, we able to seek another religion, as we got tired of the Roman Catholic Church’s style of teachings. We also wearied of giving donations to them and hosting our town fiesta yearly. We joined the JIL Movements (Jesus is Lord), but we did not get baptized there. They encouraged us to do so but we refused, learning that their teachings are almost the same as that of the RCC. The annoying part for us was that they always mentioned about tithes. It’s been a year when we decided to stop going to this church for we found no changes in our lives, especially with my husband.

Returning to the RCC, I wanted our lives to change for the better. I wanted my husband to be a good father and husband just like some men. I went to church mass again, and walked kneeling together with my children praying for my husband’s changes. But the same as before, no miracle happened. We lived a very shaky life.

On November 30, 2000 when things seemed too different, my husband who stayed out nightly called me hastily and asked me to look for a Bible. Wondering why, I obeyed him to avoid fighting in the middle of the night. And then he gently asked me to look for a verse in the Bible, if the birthday of one person is celebrated according to the Bible. Yes, Christmas is it. Yes, and more to it.

I was very much confused that night as he asked me biblical matters which never happened in our entire life, even after we joined the JIL movement. The next night, he stayed home, and did not go out with his friends, his usual routine every night. Later on, I discovered that my husband was listening to Bro. Eli Soriano through a radio program nightly. This was when he asked me to join him in listening to “This is Manolo Favis and the GENIUS Family.” I learned that in this program, preachers from different religions are being asked biblical matters. Bro. Eli is one of them until eventually, he alone remained. We had been listening to Bro. Eli for some time and I noticed in my husband an enormous change.

We looked for a Church locale in town when we felt that God was calling us. We knew there would be one of those where the preaching of Bro. Eli is being heard. After asking people around, we found that there was a Bro. Dodie delas Alas whose house was being used as a place for gathering. Benny asked for indoctrination and then asked me if I am willing also to undergo indoctrination. I nodded and said, “Wherever there is peace, I will join you.” So the indoctrination sessions were held at home. When I heard the doctrines about how women should dress themselves, I immediately took off my jewelries, my earings.

With God’s permission and help, we were able to go through the indoctrination sessions and got baptized on April 6, 2001. I was so overwhelmed that day and I cannot explain my feelings. All I know was that I was relieved. All my miseries and pains and heartaches that my husband gave to me all vanished.

From listening to Bro. Eli up to our baptism, I saw my husband’s great changes. He became so kind, so generous and spoke with gentleness unlike before when he always shouted. His cursing every time he spoke all flew away from him, and this was noticed by my children. In his enormous change, my evil thoughts about him vanished too. It was replaced with love and care. All evil things vanished in our life, including Benny’s friends.

Actively, with God’s help and mercy, we continued attending all the gatherings in our locale and go to Apalit, Pampanga every Thanksgiving to God. We also requested our children to join us but they were not yet ready. I saw my husband’s generosity in helping the locale and the ministry. He had become so active.

When people and the parish church that we used to serve before, learned of our conversion to Ang Dating Daan, they got mad and started to mock us. One of the biggest trials that happened to my family was when they filed a case regarding the land where our house was built. They accused us as being land grabbers, when they never said that before.

Actually we’ve been paying the taxes of that land from the start but they still insisted that we pay the parcel. We did not pay for it, but what we did was destroy our house and gave to them the land they wanted. It’s been a year when we had been fighting for our right. But it seemed that it was God’s will to leave the land to them for we were being persecuted in that place too much. Maybe it was the reason also that God gave us a new house in Cavite and to leave behind all the sad memories in Nasugbu. We went back to Cavite then.

It was year 2002 when my husband was diagnosed with a heart problem. His body chemistry failed little by little. Perhaps due to his past lifestyle, the alcohol and the cigarettes and other leisure that he had had before, had affected his body very much. Our going to Apalit to attend the thanksgiving stopped when Benny’ health condition became critical. We were bringing him back and forth to the Philippine Heart Center for the whole year of 2004. Although in his critical condition, he was able to attend the hook-up with us.

I remember he even asked his biological sisters and brothers to join us in our faith, but just like my children, they refused. It was in August 3, 2005, when God took Benny’s life. As much as we had wanted him to live longer, and he himself would have liked to, to serve our God and see my children walking in the path we our walking now, he became very tired. He wrote this on a piece of board when he was under the surviving machine in PHC. He said, “Hirap na hirap na ako, gusto ko nang magpahinga” (I am so burdened; I want now to rest.) Although with hesitation and with much pain in our heart, we decided to take off the machine from his body. I noticed a smile in his last breath.

His lose gave way to our children to know the doctrines of our Lord and be baptized. I learned that my two children, Ronni and Jon-jon, were baptized abroad. Ramir followed and his wife afterward, and Rena as well. Our prayers to God were heard. Benny wanted so much to see his children inside the fold. If he knew about these developments, his happiness would be overflowing.

I am so grateful to God that before Benny left this family, he was converted in the true church. I remember Saint Paul in his past life and his wonderful conversion. I am also thankful to God, for He let us be in his fold.

I am so happy now, and together with my children and their children, we thank God and serve Him faithfully. At present, I reside in Cavite with my grandchildren and is an active locale choir of Locale of Amaya.

 [Cecille Perea comes from Nasugbu, Batangas but now resides in Tanza, Cavite and attends church at Amaya. She is now the coordinator of the locale’s choir-women.]

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And who is this Bro. Eli for me to listen to?

What an irony! This was the particular location where I used to satisfy my lusts by the deeds of this world. I would come to this location before to gamble and to booze. But that moment I was there with a different motive: Consecration.

By Albert Soriano

One summer vacation in 1998 I went to my uncle’s fair to help in Sampaloc, Apalit, Pampanga. (I cannot recall his name now as that was 12 years ago). The fair was opening all-day until 10pm. There were many beerhouses around it. After the whole day working in the fair, at 10pm, my friends and I visited those beerhouses to booze. We would stay there until 6 0’clock in the morning. We were up all-night drowning ourselves with liquor while laughing at each other and singing on a videoke. There were G.R.O.’s sitting with us, but we are not paying them; in-fact they were paying for their own drinks.

G.R.O.’s are girls employed in the beerhouses to entertain the men drinking. We tell them that we were not paying their drinks but still they stay with us. This went on for about three weeks, my experience that reminded me of Sampaloc, Apalit Pampanga. It is where I learned to booze and spend the whole night singing until morning. But summer vacation was ending, and school days were approaching again. I had to go back to Nueva Ecija where I was studying Education course in college.

The following year, I met Arvi Bulanadi. From that time on, he became my best friend and thankfully until now our friendship continues and keeps on getting stronger. We met each other in Maestro Singers, (Maestro Singers is a chorale group in our university). We were both members of it.

We became really good friends. I was thinking at that time: nothing can put us apart. He even took me to hang-out in their house. In that way I found out that he was watching the program “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path). It was the first time I saw Bro. Eliseo Soriano on television. My best friend was an audience of Bro. Eli from his high school years. Through Arvi, Bro Eli was introduced to me.

I was slowly realizing who this Bro. Eli was in my friend’s life the moment he told me this: He knew a religion and he wanted to introduce it to me.

Starting his third year in high school until the time we got to know each other up to now, he is still listening to Bro. Eli. Listening for that long makes it apparent that he is certain that what he hears from Bro. Eli is the truth.

There was a time Arvi invited me to watch with him. I was hesitant, I was skeptical; “Who is this Bro. Eli for me to listen to?”“You just watch,” he said.

I complied with his commands, but I was not serious about it. While we were watching, I was keeping quiet, no response, simply sitting beside him before the television… sleeping. I would fall asleep while watching it; at that moment I found it boring. Within 10 to 15 minutes, I would suddenly fall asleep. I am a Soriano and Sorianos are everywhere. I did not give the preacher any particular interest.

September 1999, I graduated from college. The “Ang Dating Daan,” held their Bible Exposition in Central Luzon State University, my Alma mater. Bro. Eli was there. It was memorable because it was the first time I met him personally. It is also the first time I heard him preach personally. He was exposing the wrong teachings of other religions. He talked about the Catholic’s worshipping idols which practice is prohibited by God in the Bible. I can definitely tell you everything he uttered and all he said is true. That exposition amazed me; it sent shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, it did not convince me to affiliate with them. Joining “Ang Dating Daan” or Members Church of God International (MCGI) was out of my plans, and the years rolled on.

Nokia 5210, my most memorable phone was the first cell phone that I bought out of my own money. I bought it for five thousand pesos and that to me was a large amount. I only borrowed the money I used to buy it. It was only the common Nokia 5210 model but it meant precious to me. The significance why I couldn’t forget about it is that, after a week of purchasing it, it was lost!

I was very disappointed, sad, and nervous; my emotions were mixed-up. Aaaaargh!! If only I could turn back the time, I would take care of that phone. Imagine that I borrowed the money to purchase it!

I needed something to ease the pain which my mishaps made. I needed to relax from the tension that it has given me. I needed God. The only place that I remember at that moment where I could hear the word of God was in “Ang Dating Daan.” So, I decided to go to a locale and hear the preaching.

Good timing, they were having indoctrination in some far place. Thinking that anyway we were already there, instead to leaving, we did go with them. My best friend was with me at that time. We have been included with the persons which were at that moment the persons to be indoctrinated. I could not forget our first topic, “the Christian doctrine about the tongue.”

I continued attending the indoctrination until…

March 16, 2001, my best friend and I were going to Apalit. I was excited. The moment we got there, that excitement turned into surprise. I didn’t expect that after all these years that passed, I would be going back to this place. The exact location where my uncle’s fair before was deployed is the exact place where the Ang Dating Daan’s convention center is built on. I was very astonished that this is where I would be baptized that day.

What an irony! This was the particular location where I used to satisfy my lusts by the deeds of this world. I would come to this location before to gamble and to booze.  But that moment I was there with a different motive: Consecration. It was intriguing that I was in the same place to do the opposite of what I was doing there before. Instead of doing the deeds of the flesh, it is being zealous towards holiness.

My life was changed. I wouldn’t be experiencing this if I didn’t know that the word of God is the best medicine to mend a heart in pain. Thank God for the person who introduced me to God. Thank God there is a Bro. Eli.

[Albert Soriano is a Church worker and College Instructor at La Verdad Christian College.]

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I was asking God, “May I be baptized in this flood water?”

I was really shocked. It had been long time that I had been looking for someone to assist me to the coordinating centers. It took a stranger, an old man, for me to be able to reach the locale, and here the officers of the locale were just my neighbors!

By Marie Antonette Calvez

I used to study late at night when I was in high school. One day, my parents turned on the TV on Channel 13. I heard Bro. Eliseo Soriano saying “Tarantadong mga pastor! Kagagohan yan! Niloloko lang kayo mga kababayang Pilipino!”  (Foolish pastors! That’s foolishness! You are just being deceived, my countrymen!). At first I thought it was only a comedy show, and I laughed as he demonstrated and mimicked the ways the religious leaders preach on stage. I never thought that it was a religious program because it was my first time to watch such. I used to laugh with him not because I am disgusted with those acts he was demonstrating, but because I know he is simply telling the truth.

Another night came, when my mom turned the TV on Channel 29. Again I saw Bro. Eli and at this time his words caught my attention.  He was discussing the relationship of the Bible and science (the subject I love most.) “The Bible and Science do not contradict each other. Science proves the authenticity of the Bible.” When I heard those words, I stopped from doing my homework that night and started to listen to him until the program ended. I was amazed how he laid the foundation and basis of his statement. I was fascinated on how he elaborated different scientific facts that were already written in the Bible long time ago. It was a great thing for me to know that the Bible and Science were not in contradiction as was thought of in school.

Since then, I would watch Ang Dating Daan every night on RJTV 29 and by the time I am sleepy, the music of its OBB (which is “Somewhere in Time”) keeps on playing in my ears. Every time it happened, I turn on the TV to the program, and that’s why I never forget to watch it.  Suddenly, I found out that it was not in RJTV 29 anymore.

Two years had passed. One day, I went to visit one of my best friends near Pinagbarilan, Tramo, and Pasay City. Near his place, I saw a sign board and written on it was “Ang Dating Daan”.  I just found myself moving to the place. It was perhaps a motor shop, because of the oil leaks on its floor. Then I asked the lady I saw inside if I could inquire regarding “Ang Dating Daan;” I asked her too if she is a member. She said she is not, but her father is. She offered me a seat as she called on her father. After a few minutes, I saw an old, fat man. He had some difficulty in walking so I approached him. I asked him how to become a member of “Ang Dating Daan.”  He said there will be a worker that will be conducting indoctrination at their home on Monday next week.

I came that day but those who were supposed to be with me in the indoctrination did not come. The worker then decided to bring me to the Locale of Baclaran to be included in a mass indoctrination since I was the only one who showed up from that supposed class.

When I came to the locale, a man who is quite familiar to me approached and asked me “Anak ka ba ni Malou?” and I said “Opo.” My mom grew up there in our place and I looked like her when she was my age. He introduced himself as Bro. Jose and he was the Locale President then.

He told me that he was a former classmate of my mother when they were in high school and he was living just a few blocks away from our house in H. Domingo. He also introduced me to Sis. Melinda, the Locale Secretary, who happened to be living in the same street. I was really shocked.  It had been long time I was looking for somebody to assist me to the coordinating centers. It took a stranger, an old man, for me to be able to reach the locale, and here the officers of the locale were just my neighbors.

I started attending the indoctrination sessions and I was able to complete it. The day of my baptism came. It was November 3, 2000 but there was a strong storm that hit the Luzon Region at Friday dawn. The storm was so strong that the roofs of some houses were torn apart.  My mother did not allow me to attend the baptism because she was afraid something might happen to us on our way as very strong winds came that day. I really cried hard, as if I was going to die.

I came out of our house, and went to Sis. Melinda’s house. The worker assigned in the indoctrination last night, Sis. Beth Tablada was sleeping there. I asked her if I could come even if my mother is not allowing me to go. She said yes, but she’s afraid  that if I go, as I was only 16 years old then, my mother might sue them if I insisted. She did not allow me to come with them.

My shoulders shook greatly as I cried walking back home. It was the coldest, darkest dawn that I ever felt. The rain that touched my skin was like thorns hurting my heart.  As I walked alone against the flood, I was asking God, “May I be baptized in this flood water?  Please let it be so.” I went back home and did not go out of our room.  I did not eat nor drink that day.  I was just crying inside our room and asking Him not to take me yet because I was not yet baptized. I really felt very sorry for myself as if there would be no tomorrow. I was just lying on floor, hugging my Bible as I fell asleep because of crying all day.

On Saturday morning, my mother woke me up and said Bro. Jose was waiting for me at the living room downstairs. I immediately combed my hair and fixed myself to attend to him. I was very glad when he said that I could come tomorrow, Sunday, to be baptized. I was very happy that day. My father brought me to the locale because the other baptism candidates would be gathering there before travelling to Apalit.

November 5, 2000, Sunday, was a thanksgiving day of the Members Church of God International (MCGI). When I arrived, I found out that I was not alone who was not baptized last Friday. We are many who will be undergoing baptism that day. During the baptism sessions, we were told not to talk much and have time for reflection. We were also told not to eat if we can until we are baptized, and I did just that.  I was so happy that day, and excited, that I even asked my father to take a walk with me around the convention center. I ate a lot that day because of happiness.  I was thinking that I did not have to cry that day because I already did so since Friday dawn to Saturday morning. It was time for me to be grateful.

As I walked near the baptistery, I felt the coldness under my feet that I started to tremble. I just couldn’t explain how I felt that moment. As they assisted me to the baptizer, Sis. Baby de Jesus, I felt excitement inside of me, as if I would be graduating with the highest honor.  When I got near her, she asked me how old I was, and I said “Sixteen po.”  She asked me if I really wanted to continue in baptism.  I answered, “Opo; andyan nga din po ang tatay ko, sinamahan po ako” (Yes; my father is here too.  I came with him) to assure her that I’ll be ok and everything will be fine.

When she immersed me in the water, I slipped that I almost lay underneath. I didn’t know how to swim but I felt that I floated.  I opened my eyes underwater and saw the light shining against the water above me. It’s the lightest feeling that I have felt in all my life.  I knew that was just a few seconds but it seemed like it took much longer. Then I thought maybe that was how a baby felt when he is about to be born out of his mother’s womb. As Sis. Baby helped me go up out of the water, I cried as I walked out from the pool.

November 5, 2000, Sunday at 3:47 pm, was the day and time when I was baptized, the happiest day of my life. A new heart full of hope and life was born because I know that better days will come. This is along the way with Jesus as I live inside His church – the Church of God.

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I was then a barren soil seeking for water until I heard this man

Without knowing that man, I might be still a brawler; without knowing this preacher, I might still be a wanderer. Though before, I fist- fight only to look brave, now I fight for righteousness – not with flesh and blood, but with a spiritual warfare with the man whom I truly admired. This is the man sent by GOD.

Jeffrey Eugenio

A six-foot tall man was knocked down unconsciously with his head bleeding, his polo shirt torn and his chest bruised. He was almost half-dead when an old lady saw him and then cried for help. Two men responded and carried the tall man near the trash cans in the alley. Good thing, it was not a serious injury; the wound was then patched up by those who found him.

Who did this to you? Who is he? The rescuers asked. “It’s not a man, it’s a boy,” he replied. “He hit me with a stick and gave me a couple of punches while pulling my clothes. He got the upper hand and ran away.”

The assault was due to a dispute from a basketball, it was learned. The tall man was attacked by his schoolmate when he was off –guard; and that was to avenge his fowl and unfair style of playing. That boy or his schoolmate happened to be me!

Back then when I was 13 years old, I used to be a brawler. My neighbors, classmates, and even friends spelled my name as violent and short-tempered. Almost every day, in school or in our barangay where there was a fist fight, expect me to be there.  I did not fear other brawlers who were bigger and more fit than I was for they were equaled by the buckle of my belt or any stick I could pick up every time there was a fight. I am a Caviteño; there was no need to be a coward; neither was I afraid to hurt nor be hurt.

But in spite of the hard image indelible in my friends’ mind about me, especially to my foes, my mellow side kept on bothering me. My conscience was shaking me every time I make trouble. That thought everyday made me weary, leading me to seek for peace of mind and heart. Ironically, I was consistent in attending the Catholic Church gatherings or masses, kneeling to graven images on the belief that I will be forgiven. I also used to pray the rosary even when I was still a child.

I tried to watch different religious programs in the hope of getting an answer to my prayer. I was then a barren soil seeking for water. I tried the El Shaddai of Mike Velarde, and then jumped on to Fourth Watch, Hour of Miracle and Net 25. I also went to Born- Again gatherings with my classmates in high school. But still I felt restless like a wanderer in the desert searching for an oasis of serenity. I had the desire to change but my wall of hatred had not yet been destroyed.

At the age of 15, a harsh voice on TV had caught my attention. In a program at Channel 13, I saw the man with a loud voice and I was quite interested in his mustache. He was wearing a checkered polo, similar to the person I hurt before. But what really caught my attention were the words of wisdom he was preaching. I didn’t plan to watch him but I just found myself fastened to his teachings. Sadly the program ended almost midnight.

That night I was shocked, speechless, feeling regretful of my bad attitude. At the same time, my heart was like a dry tongue sweetened by a bursting cold drink by the time I was reviewing my notes of his preaching.

A week later, the man whom I believed was sent by GOD, broadcast no more in Channel 13. I searched for him in the other TV programs but I didn’t find him. I had even mistaken his program was transferred to Channel 7 when I saw Ang Dating Doon in Babol Gang.

Oh, I see now! The man is very popular and he was copied by Isko Salvador, (a comedy script writer). Later, I discovered he had transferred to Channel 29.

From that time on, I promised myself not to lose connection with the preacher. I followed his program and I got four large notebooks filled with his lectures. Later on, I realized that what I experienced was the reality of my wish – to have a peaceful mind and heart. During that time, I preached what he preached; I even called the man my brother-in-faith. What was lacking was that listeners to whom I shared my notes asked, “What church do you belong to?”

I thought before, that I was already a member of the church he preached, known as Members Church of God International (MCGI). But I needed to undergo indoctrination to become a bonafide member. From there, I did not hesitate to call them and inquire how to start the process.

On June 26, 2000, I went searching for the local chapter that the telephone attendant told me. During that time, I was a stranger in Manila and a college student. Being unfamiliar with the place, I experienced a hard time searching for the local chapter of Quiapo. Also, it was a stormy day, but I was roaming around, searching without the aid of an umbrella and relying only on my jacket. I was about to give up and decided to continue searching the next day. But when I walked through the Lacson underpass, I got curious about what was up the stairs.

I climbed the stairs leading to Rodriguez Avenue and when I turned right, I got the surprise of my life! The signboard said, ANG DATING DAAN! I ran immediately with my socks so wet, and entered the coordinating center. A resident worker named Ezequiel accommodated me, giving me coffee because I got soaked up from the very stormy weather. They scheduled my indoctrination sessions to start July 6 of that year. First, the sound of heavy rain pounded on my beating heart, but later it became music after finding The Old Path.

July 28, 2000, I was baptized. It was one of the memorable moments in my life. Two seconds of being immersed into the water seemed to be a decade to me. I then realized my past experiences and faults and I prayed these will be buried in the water. After being immersed, I felt an unexplainable feeling and tears in my eyes blended with the drops of water of baptism.

Without knowing that man, I might be still a brawler; without knowing this preacher, I might still be a wanderer. Though before, I fist- fight only to look brave, now I fight for righteousness – not with flesh and blood, but with a spiritual warfare with the man whom I truly admired. This is the man sent by GOD, the only Sensible Preacher in our time. He who was able to destroy my wall of hatred, from the root to the top of my being, through his teachings – BRO. ELI SORIANO.

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I would always ask for Whys, hating my life, until I heard Bro. Eli

I believe that by listening to the words of God and applying them to one’s life,  they could surely change one from what one was before

By Michelle Ann B. Plares

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? Do you know?
Do you get what you’re hoping for?
When you look behind you there’s no open door?
What are you hoping for? Do you know?”

Being a person who was blinded by worldly things and false preachers before, thinking I couldn’t find the real meaning of life, carelessly wasting my time on ungodly works and doings, I am indeed so much blessed that I found what I am looking for in this world that is full of lies.

Back then, I was lost. I always asked for “whys,” hating my life, having no direction at all but…

It was when my eldest brother who was already a member of the Members, Church of God International (MCGI) invited me to join the prayer meeting. The moment I first heard the preaching of Bro. Eliseo Soriano, I was astonished by the way he spoke – most especially of other religions and their false beliefs.

He spoke frankly and always based his answers on the Bible. He never cared what other false preachers will say to him. It was to show and say the truth written in the Bible.

As time passed by, by attending every meeting together with my brother, and watching his World-wide Bible Expositions and this Questions and Answers  segment called “Ask Bro. Eli” in the internet, I began to love this preacher.

The questions to my ‘whys’ were gradually answered by his teachings.  I felt the strong Spirit of God bestowed on him. I then believed that he was called of God; he was given by God to be his instrument in preaching and spreading his gospel.

Finally, I decided to hear more of his teachings in the Bible and I attended the Indoctrination last July 12, 2010.

Every time I attended my indoctrination, I was delighted for every doctrine he taught and for his very simple explanations that can applied to everyday life. Every word he uttered touched my heart and I always ended up crying by myself.

Tears happily ran down my cheeks because of the great feeling I can’t explain. It is the same way that words aren’t enough to say nor describe how beautiful to know the real meaning of the words of God and to fully understand it with the help of Bro. Eli. I never found those teachings in any religion before, most especially in my former religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

In God’s loving arms, I was baptized last July 23, 2010. I am so much thankful and blessed that God has knocked at my heart. And I heard it and opened up my heart and mind to hear Bro. Eli’s preaching.

I am so much thankful that he showed me the real meaning of life, showing me the right path to where I should be, giving me the chance to know who really God is, what the Bible really tells. It is a chance for remission of my sins and receiving the Holy Spirit that will guide me to renew my life, and most especially accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Creator.

From being a worldly person before, I humbly can say that I was changed. By the way I dressed up myself, the way I talked, the way I think, the way I act. I believe that by listening to the words of God and applying them to one’s life,  they could surely change one from what one was before.

With all my heart and mind, I am happy to say that I know now where I am going to. If only I would continue to hearken to the teachings of our honest and beloved preachers (Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel Razon), applying it to my life, doing my part as a worthless servant, and endure until the end, then surely I could be in paradise in God’s loving arms.

I thank God for this unspeakable gift He had given me.

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Eunuch for Life: the Sacrifice of Bro. Eli Soriano

This story is about the song said to be persistently being searched for by Bro. Eli. It says a lot about what the preacher is undergoing today: hatred despite his love, treachery despite his benevolence.

By Beana Jao

Bro. Eliseo Soriano had a girlfriend named Naty. He would be bringing her to bible studies. In his late teens, Bro. Eli was already a promising preacher, and he knew what to do with life. But then one day, despite his Naty, he would declaim to people, “I am not getting married.”

It was Bro. Nicolas Perez, his superior at that time, who had asked him to prepare that declamation piece acted out before the congregation. Whether it was to test his ward or not, Bro. Perez was said to tell the young Eli, “And now you have to fulfill that!”

Marriage was something Bro. Eli had to give up in order to respond fully to the call of preaching. In 2005 when he had to go on exile for religious persecution, he had asked his brethren what they thought of him marrying a non- Filipino, an African to be exact. There was the question, but as the congregation knew all along, Bro. Eli had his heart fully tied to the ministry.

In all of his life, Bro. Eli expressed love to the brethren as a whole. At the same time, if he questions that love, it is questioning why that love has turned sour for some. More or less, the question is addressed to those who have turned traitors to him without him having done anything to deserve the hatred. These are but a few though who have allowed themselves to be willing tools to satan.

This story is about the song said to be persistently being searched for by Bro. Eli. It says a lot about what the preacher is undergoing today: hatred despite his love, treachery despite his benevolence.

I’ve read of a song posted in the Internet for some time.  It lacked lyrics and the writer was inviting those who knew to please provide. I read about the call in Twitter and in other sites. That was many months ago then. I guess it had been already over a year that the site had been waiting for a completion of the song, but then there was no more sign of it being accomplished. I remember well a blog titled, Ang Resulta, where I found the notice. It was handled by technical men.

In these days of information highways, no one would be keeping musical records or diskettes of songs or even songhits. The fast-pace generation can be tied down with compact discs at the least where retrieval can be easy. There is no need to memorize the lines of songs. In 2010, who would bother to be keeping records of old songs?

I casually added what I knew to the bare lines in Ang Resulta – lines that were simply remembered by a son from a dear mother who kept singing the song at his tender age. Bro. Eli’s mother used to sing this song. The melody remained with the hearer but the lines were bare like tattered rags this time. Lines, nothing, nothing, lines, nothing. Wide, gaping hole, lines, period.

After my few additions, mails came to me to please help. I learned then that it was a Bro. Eli who needed the lyrics.

I tried the Internet and true to their words, there is none available in the Internet. It was an old, old song in the 30’s and 40’s perhaps, or even decades earlier. There was only a piano piece available, they said.

The title, they said, was Love and Devotion by Louis Drumheller. Perhaps for the piano piece. I checked the Internet and this was what often showed for Love and Devotion

O-la o-la o-la o-la hey, o-la o-la I want you baby, I want you baby,
O-la o-la o-la o-la hey, o-la o-la I want you baby, I need you baby.

Love and devotion, baby
I can’t get enough of all that love and devotion in my life.
Love and devotion, baby love and devotion,
You are the sunshine of my life.

But this o-la o-la hey version was not the interest of the preacher. The song that Bro. Eli was said to be looking for began with a slower beat that was maintained throughout.  It starts with “In a quiet village” but the words, “love and devotion” are not found in the whole song. All the more, it was very difficult to find it, because there was no popular singer attached to it, and the period involved was uncertain.

After I received another notice from one who I thought was a yaya (nanny), I figured the song was really needed. I asked someone in Mindanao, south of the country, to ready his bike and go find an old-fashioned lady who was in possession of some songhits. I knew the lady kept some possessions of his dead brother who was a guitarist.

Hoping to find results, I banked on emails but I didn’t get any: there was none. The messenger returned and instead talked about finding someone left behind the times. “Old fashioned, timid woman, more like an hermit,” he said. The lady had become a Baptist and now believes that singing songs is evil. She had changed religion. It was then that the lady burned all the precious collections of his brother.

I then thought of my elder brother, John, and begged him to find the lyrics of the song in his town. He bragged to me that this was the very first piece he played with his accordion. After a time, he had produced the lyrics but only up to what I already knew. There was still a stanza missing.

One day, I received a text message from a high school classmate named Ben. It was a surprise that he was able to connect with me. Politics brought him to my brother’s place. He was campaigning for his friend for the position of governor. This classmate of mine who I thought was a nuisance to my life proved to be otherwise.

Back to the lyrics of the song, I felt that help could only be among singers who kept the lyrics in their memory. I grew up in a high school where we had American teachers for English. They transported their English songs to our school. Our cheering songs in high school were also borrowed from foreign schools with the same name. “In a quiet village/many miles away/there I had a sweetheart/ known as my little mate…” These were not any different from, “When it’s springtime in the rockies, I’ll be coming back to you” and “Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.”

I turned then to Ben to locate people who loved to sing, those engaged in serenading at dormitories at night. Perchance there were those who could remember the lyrics. We talked about tracing some of them through their relatives. One time I received an email from a child of a music teacher. I got some lines but with a little lapse of grammar. A day after, another notice came. This time it was from Ben. He said he got the missing stanza from his brother Norman. The rendition was a much improved piece from the child.

When I read the last stanza, I was struck by the words. Yes, very true. The very same people who ate out of the benevolence of the preacher are now the very ones hitting him from behind. The very same people who would invent all lies and twist everything after they went to another camp. “Another camp” refers to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) that for some time had been at odds with Ang Dating Daan. Records show that most of those excommunicated from Soriano’s group went to this church, albeit with much difference in beliefs beginning with the man-christ doctrine of the INC. But there were others too, who, out of ambition, formed their own group, believing that preaching is something to earn from. They, too, contributed in providing lies.

In fact, at first, I thought Bro. Eliseo Soriano, the presiding minister of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or Ang Dating Daan, was married and that he knew nothing but sing along the videoke. That was one of the lies being foisted on innocent people. I remember a TV anchorwoman of a giant network sometime in 2001 who tried hard to present the preacher as just an ordinary being – far from the Bible scholar that Bro. Eli is, and a hard-hitting preacher who doesn’t budge when he encounters a false teaching. I saw the preacher facing a monitor, and like a fool, he was singing, yes, but not presented the way he uses songs for his work.

In that episode, Bro. Eli was interviewed. As the story closed, the camera flashed and a vintage image of Beth Soriano Razon with two young children were shown. Any viewer would find this insertion very much suggestive.

And who is this Beth? It was no other than Bro. Eli’s sister and the mother of Daniel Razon, the vice presiding minister of MCGI, and nephew of Bro. Eli. So, this Beth is Bro. Eli’s sister and not his wife, and the two children presented with this Beth is Bro. Daniel and her sister. They were not the children of Bro. Eli. The preacher had sacrificed his whole life to preaching and had foregone marriage.

Again, people can be fooled if they don’t watch out. Bro. Eli appears to be the target of many sectors now. The more he advances with his ministry, the more enemies he gets. Fabrications come day in, day out. If we don’t watch out, we can be fooled by them.

When Ben came to learn that the song that needed to be completed was for Bro. Eli, he got so excited – but not before he was able to access the missing myrics.  In his text message, he described Bro. Eli thus:  He is an out-of-the-box preacher! Extremely fascinating! A maverick in his own right! Ben is the youngest son of a bishop of the Philippine Episcopal Church.  Ben comes from a family of bishops.

Songs play a very important role in the preaching of Bro. Eli. He would use them to emphasize a point, to differentiate things, to evoke memories,  to provide a pause in his teaching.

By this time, I was ready to go back to Ang Resulta to report what I found, but the notice was deleted. This is the song for now –

Love and Devotion
By Louis Drumheller

In A Quiet Village
Many Miles Away
There I Had A Sweetheart
Known As My Little Mate
Once We Had A Quarrel
That Drifted Us Apart
Though She Knew I Loved Her
She Knew I Loved Her
And Yet She Broke My Heart.

Why Are You Cruel My Darling
Why Did You Cast, Cast Me Aside
Think Of The Days When You Loved Me
When You Were My Promised Bride.

Many Years Have Passed By
Since I Saw Her Last
Midst a Crowd of People
I Recognized My Bride
Dressed In Wedding Fashion
A Man Stood By Her Side
Oh, She Knew I Loved Her
She Knew I loved Her
And Yet She’s Broken My Heart.

by Beana Jao


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