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4 Responses to CONTACT US

  1. Can you edit my documents of faith at my blogsite. If it passes your standards, may I be able to reproduce flyer type or magazine type publication of FIND THE MAN, KNOW THE MAN,, in support of our preachers.

    These documents of faith were done in 2008, with the hope of having it approved for publication in any media form.

    Forgive po for the shortcomings.
    Thanks be to God po.

    • I just read what you wrote. The idea is good. But there are problems in your kind of format.

      Usually, the bible verses are used to support the claims – not the other way around.

      Even when Bro. Eli preaches, he uses the verses to show that what he is saying is true or to expound on what he had just said.

      You’ll have to reformat your write-up if you want to upgrade it to “publishable.”

  2. Angela Delfino says:

    Hello, may I still send a copy of my story at Thanks be to GOD!

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