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I have witnessed how the flock that Bro. Eli is leading multiply in number

I opted to join Bro. Eli’s group, together with the senior brethren in the church, including the relatives of Brother Perez.  That time, our former colleagues came out with several tactics that were meant to malign Bro. Eli.  But I … Continue reading

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“Why is it like that?” So, I started examining their doctrines

I started to attend gatherings and one thing, I contributed to the offering.  I was not a member yet.  After the gathering, Sister Lucia, the local treasurer approached me and told me, they cannot accept my contribution.  I said it … Continue reading

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How could someone who looks so ordinary be so extraordinarily intellectual and full of sense when it comes to the Bible?

Certain incidents made me question the ways of the people who I thought were Godly.  Until I grew up and     had    kids, those questions lingered, but they did not give me a sense of urgency to find the answers. By … Continue reading

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