My dad’s friend was a drunkard and womanizer before he ever listened to Bro. Eli

My father was silent when he came home.  Then, he summoned us to the living room. He explained that we needed God’s grace and mercy to live in this world.  I cannot remember everything that he said. But I was crying quietly the whole time he was talking to us

By Katherine Gay A. Ortega

When I was in high school, I was searching for something – I just didn’t know what that was.  This may sound like a cliché but this is true to me.

Before I became a member of the Members Church of God, International (MCGI), I was a “confused” churchgoer.  I say confused because I didn’t know what and where the true church is.  I was only attending the Catholic Church because of my parents and joining Protestant’s “fellowships” because of my friends.  All I knew was that I (and my family) badly needed a religious group to belong to so that we can worship God.  At that time, I was praying hard every night for it.  I knew in my heart that there is a God although I just didn’t know Him yet.

My father came to know about Bro. Eli Soriano through “Ang Dating Daan” program before I did.  The TV program and the Church were introduced to him by his friend who happens to be a member of MCGI. I have not met his friend but all I knew was that he was a drunkard and womanizer before he became a Christian.

I heard my father and mother talking about this man over dinner.  My father was amazed at the changes.  So, this piqued his curiosity on Bro. Eli and Ang Dating Daan.  And this had changed our TV habits.

We have our TV in our bedroom.  I usually do my homework while watching shows on TV.  I was in college at that time.  I was a TV addict. However, when my father was at home, I couldn’t watch any show on TV except the ADD program hosted by Bro. Eli.

Being an adolescent teenager, I was annoyed by it, not because I didn’t see truth to what Bro. Eli was saying but because I can no longer watch my favorite shows.  Nonetheless, I stayed inside the room thinking that I will be able to change channels as soon as advertisements came.  Little did I know and realize that there were no commercial breaks during ADD program!  It went on for weeks.

Then, they decided to listen to the indoctrination sessions of the MCGI.  They did not coerce nor force us to join them.  Little by little, we came to know the church.  Then, my father was baptized!  I cannot forget that day.

My father was silent when he came home.  Then, he summoned us to the living room – my mother, my sister and me.  He explained why he finally made a decision to join the Church.  He was enlightening us how we need God’s grace and mercy to live in this world.  I cannot remember everything that he said. But I was crying quietly the whole time he was talking to us.

I can’t help myself but my tears came pouring from my eyes endlessly.  At that moment, I realized that this is the answer to my ardent prayers!  So, when my father asked me to attend the indoctrination sessions, I willingly obeyed.  Then, the joyous and blessed moment of my life came – I was baptized on May 29, 2002 at Maya, Leyte by Bro. Noli Molero!

I will be forever grateful to God for His loving-kindness for calling us to His Church.  Furthermore, I thank God for Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon.

Many people may not accept change in their lives, but this is the change that I needed and wanted in my life.  I have waited for this.  I have searched for this.  And I passionately embrace this change in my life.  Now, I am a Christian.  This year is my 9th year in the Church, with God’s help and mercy.  Despite all the hardships and struggles in my life, I know I am in good hands because I have God in my life. What a pleasure it is, serving God in His Church!

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26 Responses to My dad’s friend was a drunkard and womanizer before he ever listened to Bro. Eli

  1. admin says:

    Wow! Imagine that! True healing from listening to the words of God!

  2. Raphael Soriano says:

    How can I know that it is the Church of God?

    • Attend the Mass Indoctrination and you’ll find out. All the teachings are written in the Bible and that the Leaders walk their talk in humility. Attend our gatherings as you are always welcome and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for especially the answer to this, your question.

  3. Elmer says:

    Napakaganda mo balita iyan sa mga kapatid natin nag hahanap nang mabuting salita nang DIOS sa sanlibutan. naway bigyan nang kaliwanagan ang mga taong ayaw makinig sa ADD.

  4. mike verbo says:

    sobra naiyak ako naalala ko ang araw ng nakilala ko ang isang tao na isinisigaw ang mga katagang “salamat sa DIOS sa mga kaloob na di masayod”…..ngayong oras na ito namimis ko sya….ngunit alam kung may Dios na gumagabay sa kanya….

  5. mike verbo says:

    magtumibay tayo kapatid…isang bagay lang ang alam ko laging sinasabi ng taong ito….manalig tayo sa aral ng Dios…..dahil ang magtiis hanggang wakas ay syang maliligtas…

  6. jo says:

    when you heard the true doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will understand the real meaning of love to your family, especially if you are a father, the first thing come to your mind is to bring your children to the faith you discovered and believed, for they will sure be in good hands just like you.

    and these doctrines that comes from the messenger of God, will marked on your heart, that will create a new man, a God-fearing and loving man.

    how i wish my parents will enter our fold sooner, God willing.

  7. Angel says:

    Kung kay Eli Soriano din lang na Church. Think 100th times before you enter ang gropo niya. Baka nagkakamali ka! Otherwise nasa huli ang pagsisisi! Magsuri ka rin sa iba para may comparison ka. Pero sa pagsusuri mo dapat open mind ka. Okey! Thanks and good luck for Church Hunting!!!!

    • L says:

      Hello Angel. Ako, ilang beses na akong nagsuri. Bata pa lang ako.. Kinokontra ko pa nga noon si Bro Eli dahil ang first impression ko sa kanya ay masama dahil sa mga paninira ng iba. Pero di talaga matutulan ang mga katuwiran na sinasabi niya dahil biblical talaga. Ikaw ang magsuri. Wag kang padaya sa mga sinasabi ng iba. Kaluluwa pinag-uusapan dito. Start living your life, not what others want for your life!

    • Alam kong nagsuri ka na Angel at alam ko ding hindi ka makikinig sa sasabihin namin. Nakita mo lamang na di ka qualified na tumanggap ng salita ng Dios. Imagine, telling us to look for other Church? Hindi ka namin kukumbinsihin dahil kumbinsdo na kami kung saan mo gusto.

  8. lavionagee says:

    to God remains the glory forever…

  9. e says:

    is it dad’s friend or the friend that was a womanizer?

  10. e says:

    i mean dad’s friend or the dad?

  11. nalra olles says:

    Thanks be to God for this one!!!

  12. total change!! thanks be to God!!

  13. I’m also a drunkard. I remembered. And Thanks be to God ,I’m here in the true church.

  14. Kent says:

    I noticed that in the center and middle of these personal blogs is a man named Eli Soriano. Unlike Roman Catholics who have Mary as the center of their lives.

  15. jc says:

    We are very thankful to God, first and foremost for sending a messenger in person of Bro. Eli, who honestly and faithfully lead the congregation (MCGI) to be God-fearing. It is Bro. Eli who taught us, (and he is taught by Lord Jesus Christ), it is him who we heard from television and radio shouting the word of God, about the salvation of our souls. Yes, you may notice that in every story, there is his name, Bro. Eli Soriano, simply because, if not of him, we are not here.

  16. erhynireh says:

    Other preachers doesn’t care for our salvation. Otherwise, they will also say the truth of the Bible even though it may offend others even their members just like Bro. Eli is doing. Other preachers only care for what they can get from their members especially financial gain. Thank God for giving me the wisdom to discern which church to cleave to. Hopefully my family will also be called in the true church of God. To God be the glory!

  17. Thanks be to God! Even in my place, whenever my friends and neighbors heard the name Bro. Eli Soriano they will begin to say that he is able to change your life by his preaching. I also knew people who once also a drunkard and when he became a member of Church of God International he was changed!

  18. Orlando Tito says:

    May the LORD grant us the the strength to carry on till the end sister,by the way Iam 19 days ahead of you mine was may 10 2002 .TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  19. tesscarcamo says:

    More than pleasure, it is an honor serving our God. It is very clear to see that He knows each one of us, and our need for Him. He is so merciful, He calls us and changes our lives, and gives us true Life in Him. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.

  20. tesscarcamo says:

    To Rafael Soriano, you will know that it is the true Church of God because your conscience will attest to it. Listen to the the words, and while you do, read the bible, you will see that Bro. Eli has been telling the truth. To Angel, it is your choice if you want to be a part of the Church of God. Just always remember, it is you who said keep an open mind, if I were in your shoes and I speak such about Bro. Eli, I would have most certainly asked myself if I still have an open mind. We just need to really be honest with ourselves, remember what the Lord Jesus said about the Pharisees, He doesn’t like hypocrites… so lets be true to ourselves, and honestly ask what wrong things has Bro. Eli done that you and I must be angry with him. You’ll definitely see, that we were (at least I was) because he is doing his thing reproving us of our wrongdoings, and you know what the say, you poke an open wound and you’ll definitely shout for pain. Its like that, he’s applying medicine (the words of God) into our open wounds (sins), you can yelp all you want, but God is patiently awaiting our healing and obedience.

  21. Jersis says:

    Ikaw Angael, Nagsusuri ka bang mabuti? Kung nagsusuri ka, open minded ka rin ba?

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