And who is this Bro. Eli for me to listen to?

What an irony! This was the particular location where I used to satisfy my lusts by the deeds of this world. I would come to this location before to gamble and to booze. But that moment I was there with a different motive: Consecration.

By Albert Soriano

One summer vacation in 1998 I went to my uncle’s fair to help in Sampaloc, Apalit, Pampanga. (I cannot recall his name now as that was 12 years ago). The fair was opening all-day until 10pm. There were many beerhouses around it. After the whole day working in the fair, at 10pm, my friends and I visited those beerhouses to booze. We would stay there until 6 0’clock in the morning. We were up all-night drowning ourselves with liquor while laughing at each other and singing on a videoke. There were G.R.O.’s sitting with us, but we are not paying them; in-fact they were paying for their own drinks.

G.R.O.’s are girls employed in the beerhouses to entertain the men drinking. We tell them that we were not paying their drinks but still they stay with us. This went on for about three weeks, my experience that reminded me of Sampaloc, Apalit Pampanga. It is where I learned to booze and spend the whole night singing until morning. But summer vacation was ending, and school days were approaching again. I had to go back to Nueva Ecija where I was studying Education course in college.

The following year, I met Arvi Bulanadi. From that time on, he became my best friend and thankfully until now our friendship continues and keeps on getting stronger. We met each other in Maestro Singers, (Maestro Singers is a chorale group in our university). We were both members of it.

We became really good friends. I was thinking at that time: nothing can put us apart. He even took me to hang-out in their house. In that way I found out that he was watching the program “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path). It was the first time I saw Bro. Eliseo Soriano on television. My best friend was an audience of Bro. Eli from his high school years. Through Arvi, Bro Eli was introduced to me.

I was slowly realizing who this Bro. Eli was in my friend’s life the moment he told me this: He knew a religion and he wanted to introduce it to me.

Starting his third year in high school until the time we got to know each other up to now, he is still listening to Bro. Eli. Listening for that long makes it apparent that he is certain that what he hears from Bro. Eli is the truth.

There was a time Arvi invited me to watch with him. I was hesitant, I was skeptical; “Who is this Bro. Eli for me to listen to?”“You just watch,” he said.

I complied with his commands, but I was not serious about it. While we were watching, I was keeping quiet, no response, simply sitting beside him before the television… sleeping. I would fall asleep while watching it; at that moment I found it boring. Within 10 to 15 minutes, I would suddenly fall asleep. I am a Soriano and Sorianos are everywhere. I did not give the preacher any particular interest.

September 1999, I graduated from college. The “Ang Dating Daan,” held their Bible Exposition in Central Luzon State University, my Alma mater. Bro. Eli was there. It was memorable because it was the first time I met him personally. It is also the first time I heard him preach personally. He was exposing the wrong teachings of other religions. He talked about the Catholic’s worshipping idols which practice is prohibited by God in the Bible. I can definitely tell you everything he uttered and all he said is true. That exposition amazed me; it sent shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, it did not convince me to affiliate with them. Joining “Ang Dating Daan” or Members Church of God International (MCGI) was out of my plans, and the years rolled on.

Nokia 5210, my most memorable phone was the first cell phone that I bought out of my own money. I bought it for five thousand pesos and that to me was a large amount. I only borrowed the money I used to buy it. It was only the common Nokia 5210 model but it meant precious to me. The significance why I couldn’t forget about it is that, after a week of purchasing it, it was lost!

I was very disappointed, sad, and nervous; my emotions were mixed-up. Aaaaargh!! If only I could turn back the time, I would take care of that phone. Imagine that I borrowed the money to purchase it!

I needed something to ease the pain which my mishaps made. I needed to relax from the tension that it has given me. I needed God. The only place that I remember at that moment where I could hear the word of God was in “Ang Dating Daan.” So, I decided to go to a locale and hear the preaching.

Good timing, they were having indoctrination in some far place. Thinking that anyway we were already there, instead to leaving, we did go with them. My best friend was with me at that time. We have been included with the persons which were at that moment the persons to be indoctrinated. I could not forget our first topic, “the Christian doctrine about the tongue.”

I continued attending the indoctrination until…

March 16, 2001, my best friend and I were going to Apalit. I was excited. The moment we got there, that excitement turned into surprise. I didn’t expect that after all these years that passed, I would be going back to this place. The exact location where my uncle’s fair before was deployed is the exact place where the Ang Dating Daan’s convention center is built on. I was very astonished that this is where I would be baptized that day.

What an irony! This was the particular location where I used to satisfy my lusts by the deeds of this world. I would come to this location before to gamble and to booze.  But that moment I was there with a different motive: Consecration. It was intriguing that I was in the same place to do the opposite of what I was doing there before. Instead of doing the deeds of the flesh, it is being zealous towards holiness.

My life was changed. I wouldn’t be experiencing this if I didn’t know that the word of God is the best medicine to mend a heart in pain. Thank God for the person who introduced me to God. Thank God there is a Bro. Eli.

[Albert Soriano is a Church worker and College Instructor at La Verdad Christian College.]

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16 Responses to And who is this Bro. Eli for me to listen to?

  1. admin says:

    All the while I thought this brother who is surnamed Soriano is a relative of the Most Sensible Preacher. First, he was not interested. Later on, he began looking for him like water to assuage his thirst for truth.

  2. anthony michael arubang says:

    Very inspiring! Thanks be to God!
    Bro.Eli and Bro.Daniel are the true messengers of God!

  3. jhojo sambrano says:

    SALAMAT SA DIOS!!kung luluobin sana maging member ako ng MCGI!!!still out of d country working as a seaman.

  4. amaris_37 says:

    I agree that your cellphone is in deed a precious one. Although lost, that instance made you come to one of the Ang Dating Daan Coordinating Center and the rest is history. If all of the cell phone lost will lead to this kind of life changing experience, I hope there will be more and more (if not all) cell phones that will be lost. Thanks be to GOD who teaches in many ways!

    • erhynireh says:

      God really works in mysterious ways. To others, it is just a cellphone but to you it meant something since you bought it with the money you borrowed. Brother, we have something in common with our experience when we were called by God, we lost something or someone precious to us. For me, my husband (the only person I can cling to in times of troubles). Losing him is a fatal blow, losing him meant losing myself, everything in my life is a mess when I lost him. But God is always kind to me, He made me realize that in times of confusion, darkness, loneliness, and frustrations, He is there to give us peace and to lift up our spirit. When no one seems to believe in me, I found myself walking inside ADD coordinating center near our place. I am grateful for what happened, though I’ve known Him the hard way, it pays. The day I was baptized is the most peaceful day of my life. I am certain that I’ve found the truth with God’s intervention and i will always feel grateful. All praises belong to our Lord Almighty.

    • erhynireh says:

      One more thing, it is more fulfilling to please God than men. Kaya ko nang ipagpalit lahat para sa Panginoon dahil kung pinaghahawakan ko ang salita ng aking asawa mas higit kong dapat panghawakan ang salita ng Dios. mas mahalaga na sa akin ang relasyon ko sa Dios kesa sa kahit na sinong tao. Thank’s be to God. I cannot thank Him enough for everything. Nagkaroon ako ng peace of mind, nagkaroon ako ng pag-asa. To God be the glory forever!

  5. admin says:

    @jhojo Welcome! You will know it if you are being called! Find a locale near your place.

  6. Allan P Ramos says:

    It is an irony indeed!

    I wonder every-timI read some of brethren’s experiences on how they were called it always makes me weep.

    How good is our God is… Thanks Be to God for His mercy and love!

    • amaris_37 says:

      wow sis Virginia! that is incredible experince. It is really amazing how GOD can lead us towards his righteous path. Were you able to submit your story ? if not, I encourage you to write also your story so others will also know how you came to know the truth 🙂 Thanks and praise be to GOD Almighty

  7. virginia requinala says:

    speaking of cellphones! i remember how i was called, i can say it was also thru a cellphone. someone send me a message that tells, ” forward this to 15 of your friends…………… then….. a miracle will happen to you….. ” it goes that way, can’t remember the exact message anymore. it was my first time to own a cellphone, thus i don’t have such a number of friends to send that message. what i did was to interchange the cell number of the message sender, till i made 10 numbers out of it, then i forwarded the message. to my surprise one of the numbers replied!.. that says ” don’t you know that even devils can make miracles” … since then, that number ( i don’t know who yet) keeps on sending religious messages and told me to watch tv29. thanks God i am now 9 years and 7 months member of the Church of God International!

  8. Jo says:

    thats really an inspiring story…
    when i was listening to a bornagain group sometime ago, the pastor said sarcastically that he knew someone that memorized the Bible but it it doesnt mean that this man is good accdg to him, as if he wanted us not to listen to that person although I have not heard him yet. Now I know why he said that, he really has the feeling that once you heard that man, the one and only Bro. Eli Soriano, and compare their teachings, we will fled away out of the group automatically. And it was happened to me. When I heard Bro. Elis’ teaching and his ways of explaining the truth in the Bible, I find myself not attending anymore to the said group of bornagain. Thanks be to God for hearing His words thru His sent preacher, no other than Bro. Eli.

    • We share d same experience sis Jo,,Thank God i get tired and all the more fed up of listening to all d pastors of my former religion..Till that very memorable day in my life when i heard the voice of Bro.Eli in television,UNTV37,,,sa relihiyon kaluluwa ang pinag uusapan…
      wag magpatumpik tumpik…those powerful words,,challenges me till i found myself attending mass indoctrination,,since then its history i am a happy,satisfied member of Church of GOD INT”L,,no turning back,,

  9. Imagine the place that used to make others filthy became a place to make holy!

    No wonder for God’s word is so powerful to cleanse not only a soul but a community, and I say not only community, but nations and nations to glorify God!

    And not too soon, after the gateway of friendship was opened recently to more Sampaloc residents, the more the light will shine on every people seeking for salvation.

    God bless Bro. Eli Soriano!

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  11. Rex Blaza says:

    Ang Dating Daan celebrates its 31st anniversary

    Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path is the longest running religious program in the Philippines.
    Hosted by Bro.Eli Soriano , the program started in the year 1983 where betamax and cassette
    tapes were the most well-known media icons. A non scripted program, ADD became famous for its frankness but pure Biblical approach. It was first seen on IBC 13.Then later on moved to other networks and finally find its home in UNTV channel 37 where the program can be watch all over the world thru the network’s live streaming broadcast in the internet.

    Myth about ADD

    Ang Dating Daan is not a religious sect. members and sympathizers being called as “taga- dating daan” is totally a wrong address.Presided by bro.Eli Soriano, the name of the group is “Members of the Church of God International” which carries not only Ang Dating Daan but also other programs such as: “Biblically Speaking” and “Truth in Focus”.

    Why Ang Dating Daan stands out?

    Giant networks boasts some of its programs for its longevity like Batibot, Maalaala mo kaya or bubble Gang.
    But no other program in general that reached the 31st year so far. And guess what? Ang Dating Daan
    is currently being watched outside the country carrying its title The Old Path that emanates Europe, North America and Australia and O Caminho Antigo for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.So literally,No other Philippine shows has travelled this far. And the main host that we see and hear since the 1980s is the same man and voice that appears in our Flatscreens today, Bro.Eli Soriano. Alive and kicking! “Biblia ang sasagot itanong mo kay Soriano!” ( the bible answers ask Eli Soriano ).

    Truly, there are so many Filipinos that are being recognized in the international scene nowadays like Charice Pempengco or Manny Pacquiao.They somehow boost the Filipino Spirit and give a new record in our historical list. Bro. Eli in some other way not just strike a record in television history but changes the lives of thousand of Filipinos and non Filipinos into positive spiritual and biblical outlook..An important thing that cannot be given by any part of entertainment sectors. If only would people realized that.

  12. nikkiability says:

    Really is such an irony! The Convention Centre will definitely be that edifice reminding you of how a life has been transformed into a whole new and better being.

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