I would always ask for Whys, hating my life, until I heard Bro. Eli

I believe that by listening to the words of God and applying them to one’s life,  they could surely change one from what one was before

By Michelle Ann B. Plares

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? Do you know?
Do you get what you’re hoping for?
When you look behind you there’s no open door?
What are you hoping for? Do you know?”

Being a person who was blinded by worldly things and false preachers before, thinking I couldn’t find the real meaning of life, carelessly wasting my time on ungodly works and doings, I am indeed so much blessed that I found what I am looking for in this world that is full of lies.

Back then, I was lost. I always asked for “whys,” hating my life, having no direction at all but…

It was when my eldest brother who was already a member of the Members, Church of God International (MCGI) invited me to join the prayer meeting. The moment I first heard the preaching of Bro. Eliseo Soriano, I was astonished by the way he spoke – most especially of other religions and their false beliefs.

He spoke frankly and always based his answers on the Bible. He never cared what other false preachers will say to him. It was to show and say the truth written in the Bible.

As time passed by, by attending every meeting together with my brother, and watching his World-wide Bible Expositions and this Questions and Answers  segment called “Ask Bro. Eli” in the internet, I began to love this preacher.

The questions to my ‘whys’ were gradually answered by his teachings.  I felt the strong Spirit of God bestowed on him. I then believed that he was called of God; he was given by God to be his instrument in preaching and spreading his gospel.

Finally, I decided to hear more of his teachings in the Bible and I attended the Indoctrination last July 12, 2010.

Every time I attended my indoctrination, I was delighted for every doctrine he taught and for his very simple explanations that can applied to everyday life. Every word he uttered touched my heart and I always ended up crying by myself.

Tears happily ran down my cheeks because of the great feeling I can’t explain. It is the same way that words aren’t enough to say nor describe how beautiful to know the real meaning of the words of God and to fully understand it with the help of Bro. Eli. I never found those teachings in any religion before, most especially in my former religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

In God’s loving arms, I was baptized last July 23, 2010. I am so much thankful and blessed that God has knocked at my heart. And I heard it and opened up my heart and mind to hear Bro. Eli’s preaching.

I am so much thankful that he showed me the real meaning of life, showing me the right path to where I should be, giving me the chance to know who really God is, what the Bible really tells. It is a chance for remission of my sins and receiving the Holy Spirit that will guide me to renew my life, and most especially accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Creator.

From being a worldly person before, I humbly can say that I was changed. By the way I dressed up myself, the way I talked, the way I think, the way I act. I believe that by listening to the words of God and applying them to one’s life,  they could surely change one from what one was before.

With all my heart and mind, I am happy to say that I know now where I am going to. If only I would continue to hearken to the teachings of our honest and beloved preachers (Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel Razon), applying it to my life, doing my part as a worthless servant, and endure until the end, then surely I could be in paradise in God’s loving arms.

I thank God for this unspeakable gift He had given me.

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15 Responses to I would always ask for Whys, hating my life, until I heard Bro. Eli

  1. admin says:

    @Michelle Ann

    You are blessed to have found the truth while you are young. That means you are saved from committing critical errors that the young usually make at their age. Without anyone to guide you, it could really be difficult. Your siblings are also blessed you would be one less headache to them.

  2. Toto Onato says:

    I can just imagine that after your unforgettable spiritual encounter with Bro. Eli, your song could have change to something like this:

    “Now I know why I’ve been lonely,
    Now I know I needed you only.
    I was lost in the stars up above,
    ‘Till you gave me a world filled with love.

    Now I know life is worth living,
    Knowing you had made it so.
    All these and more, I never knew before,
    But thanks to you, Bro. Eli…Now I know”!

    To God be the Glory… Thanks be to God!

  3. Julz of Edmonton says:

    Bro Marjohn is requesting to write my testimony too since last year. But I don’t know how to start it, and never had a chance to arrange all my thoughts into one piece of literary.

    I cried. Tears of happiness that can’t be described as I read this testimony of my sister.

    I am looking forward to write my own testimony, hoping and wishing, praying that when time is come, another paragraph will be added for the glory of God.

  4. Mark Jay says:

    She is really lucky and fortunate for having called in the Church of God at younger age.

    Thanks be to God.

  5. whacky says:

    thanks be to God!

  6. Jocervania says:

    nobody can filled the emptiness of a searching soul but God only. His words put on the lips of his messengers, truly made you whole again once heard and accepted. Thanks be to God.

  7. reynaldo b. labindao says:


  8. Khulotz says:

    @ Michelle Ann

    Thank God for everything. Thank God for calling us to be part of His Church. You are so lucky and blessed that we found the truth at your age. Let us continue serving God. Let us stay if Faith.

  9. jon says:

    To God be the glory!

  10. Chen Plares says:

    There is nothing in me that I didn’t receive. I am so much blessed indeed because at my very young age I was able to find God and know the truth–the real doctrine of our God. If you really just open up your heart to His knock and let Him in, you will see God within your heart. I am so much thankful to our honest and lovable preachers (Brother Eliseo Soriano and Brother Daniel Razon) for showing and helping me to go back with Him and to receive the truthfulness of the gospel. I found what I am looking for and this is where I belong. They are really called of God.

  11. raj says:

    I admire your courage for finding a way to search for the Truth.

    I, too, were like you before. But what strikes me the most is when Bro. Eli said on national television that in the true Church of God, your life will have a direction. After saying that, I waited and waited the preacher’s explanation, why he is saying that.

    Soon, I was listening two to three hours already and am no longer just wanting to know the answer to that question. I get engrossed instantly. It was like I was a hungry and thirsty child who just returned home after playing games with my friends and already tired.

    But the words from Bro. Eli Soriano, his answers and unmistakable logic, all proved my preconceived notions about life, its many mysteries and questions all wrong. The key is to always listen with an open mind and a ready heart to accept.

    Thankfully to God, this experience has helped transformed me.

  12. mielmendoza says:

    Indeed, Bro. Eli has changed many peoples’ life from their old way living; from idolaters, etc…, to a life full of meaning. Through the biblical knowledge bestowed upon him and the guidance of God, he has influenced many people to lay down their old ways of living and follow what God’s wants them to live. I am one of those, whom by the grace of Almighty, have learned and changed the ways of living. To God be the glory.

  13. Jill Erni says:

    I was not mindful of my soul in my teenage years. I just let myself be swayed here and there by different beliefs, only because of the fear of failure and wanting to be successful in life. As i remember, I once hated God because of my ignorance of His righteousness, envied other people’s lives. But thanks be to God, He let me experience His great love in my most humble being–through bro.Eli.

  14. edmundo benitez says:

    It really signifies Gods power is working especially to people who seek for Him it is really God of the Bible is an exact God if someones looks for Him He will lead to the way He designed that is what Bro Eli and Bro Daniel truly Godsent preachers. Thanks be to God

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