I found myself crying – my hard heart finally began to succumb to God’s teachings

Sometimes, sometimes we prefer to read nonsensical  books and refuse to open the Bible. Bro Eli’s beautiful answer to the girl’s question triggered something in me to know more about his teachings.

By Cathy Panuyas

I woke up early in the morning to prepare myself before I went out to the great expansive universe. As I was gazing upon the dark mirror, I saw myself; I looked very serene though the pain of life were reflected in my eyes. I remembered how insignificant I was in the eyes of men, and in the eyes of the Holy God.

I used to think that life was all about dealing with the hustle and bustle of the world; breathing, eating and working in order to survive. And as I saw the people outside my building, rushing and running to catch the bus and MRT on time,  queries lingered in my mind. Why do we need to work in order to survive? Most humans seem to believe that they can get satisfaction in earning money, having lots of clothes and gadgets, owning their dream houses and cars, and all other worldly pleasures. But for me everything changed. Real happiness cannot be bought with money especially if your soul is searching for the real faith.

Like other people, I used to pamper myself often so I could satisfy my earthly longings. But there was something echoing in my heart and mind: something was troubling my soul. Something was amiss in my life.

I was never much of  a religious person. I considered myself to be a freelancer. I don’t even attend mass or community prayers – I  was a backslider Catholic and I was tired of searching.

Not until the time came that God started His plan to mould me. I didn’t know what came over me but surely it was all God’s Plan. I’ve quit my job, left my family and ended a long-term relationship. I left everything I have and went to Singapore. It was hard for me to live in the strange new land. I only know one thing – the only One I can really trust is God. This is why I promised myself that I will strive hard to search for Him while I lived alone in an unfamiliar country.

On my very first day in Singapore, a friend invited me to attend the Members Church of God International’s weekly thanksgiving to God. The way the brethren of the Church treated me really touched me;  all throughout the ceremony their warm accommodation and kindness inspired me.

I  have heard about Bro. Eliseo Soriano but I haven’t had the chance to see him before my visit to the locale. When I first saw Bro. Eli on screen, I was amazed. He is a preacher who really knows what he is saying. He explained the Bible so clearly, unlike other religions I’ve encountered.

That first time was followed up with several other times until  I found myself regularly attending thanksgiving and worship services.  Once, after a worship service, they asked the visitors to listen to a previously held Bible Exposition.  One question from the Bible Exposition touched my heart: a girl asked Bro Eli “I don’t bother to read the bible, how are you going to convince me?”  and Bro Eli answered, “Why do you love to read the letters from your loved ones? Sometimes you even memorize all the memorable phrases in it. If  you love God you will read the Bible too. And you will feel every verse in it. ”

I remember agreeing with Bro Eli. Sometimes, sometimes we prefer to read nonsensical  books and refuse to open the Bible. Bro Eli’s beautiful answer to the girl’s question triggered something in me to know more about his teachings.

The more I attended, the more my soul brimmed-full of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel’s biblical teachings.  I found myself always craving for God’s teachings and as I continued listening, I found myself crying –  my hard heart finally began to succumb to God’s teachings.

The food that my soul was craving for is in God’s Church. I finished the indoctrination sessions, got baptized and now I am proud to say that I am a real Christian,  threading the right path to goodness. My tears of joy kept falling as Bro. Efren helped me wash away my sins.

Life does not always work out as we planned because God has His own plan for us.  God moulds us into the shape He wants us to have. The moulding process may be hard and painful at times, but when He’s done we become better beings in His eyes.

Now I am contented with the gifts He has given me: I now have a job, I found the answer to my life’s quest, I have lots of brothers and sisters in Christ, I have Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel and most of all, I have a powerful God.

Thank God for His unspeakable gift! To God be the Glory forever.

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12 Responses to I found myself crying – my hard heart finally began to succumb to God’s teachings

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  2. amielittle says:

    Thanks be to God for calling us in His Church. We may be from different faiths, but now we are in one. May God bless you and guide you in your path to perfection

  3. Taong Gansa says:

    Very inspiring post. To God be the Glory.

  4. mondo says:

    I found myself crying too as I read your story…Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

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  6. Brandon says:

    Thank you for sharing! I too cried reading your story, as it closely mimics my own. I live in NY and work in finance. Everyday I lived this, commuting from train and subway, mostly miserable everyday. It saddens me to see people idolizing money and sacrificing their soul for an extra dollar, but can’t stand to sacrifice a few minutes or hours for our Lord. For He is the one who gives us everything and can take it away without a moments notice. I just began reading the Bible as vie been a devoted Catholic for quite some time, but had a hard time reading the Bible. I now read 10 chapters a day sometimes more if it’s exciting 🙂 I’m only in the Old Testamemt as of now, and I cry often reading Gods word. I am very eager and excited to reach the New Testament. Already thinking about how Jesus gave his life for us breaks and fills my heart.

  7. Many were saying, they have almost all their dream of but still something is lacking inside. Or they were saying they were already contented, they have their god but the way they speak and the way they walk, surely the true God is not with them.

    Searching is the first step. Then investigate. Many were not searching at all, they were contented on what they have, from the date they were born they were stack on their religious affiliation and defending nonsensical doctrines.

    I agree, contentment is knowing the true God and be affiliated with true church.

    Those who search truly, will find! Thanks be to God!

  8. nikkiability says:

    True, this is really inspiring! Without God, we will be all left empty.

  9. Amy Montallana says:

    I love reading this story, another proof that if we are called by God, He Himself will move everything in His power and all we need to do is follow Him. Peace might be elusive in this world but with God it is attainable. Glory to God!

  10. Alsie Salvador says:

    Thanks be to God for led us back to Him Sis. Cathy.

  11. ningning536 says:

    The humdrum of daily life is such that we all ask ourselves why we hurry out each day for our jobs and work ourselves to death just to have a taste of earthly comforts. Isn’t there more to life than living the rat race? Then the quest begins. Thanks be to God we are called in the true church.
    Yes, the moulding process may be hard at times but in our moments of weakness that’s when God helps us when we reach out to Him in trust.
    Thanks for sharing your story sister. Thanks be to God for His uspeakable gifts!!

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