I am a child of a preacher but I am an admirer of Bro. Eli Soriano

I was able to compare Bro. Eli to my preacher-father. Even if both of them gave the same teachings, still the understanding of Bro. Eli is deep.

I am a child of a preacher (A preacher of his own understanding, I came to find out).

However, I am an admirer of Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

My preacher-father was the one who told me to watch the program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), the TV program of Bro. Soriano.

My father said, Bro. Eli is true – and Apollo Quiboloy of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the name above every other name, and Willy Almeda of Jesus of the Miracle Crusade cannot even be one-half of Bro. Eli.

In our family, you know, whatever our father says, we believed it as truth because he is the preacher among us.

So when my father said Bro. Eli is real, I believed him and I watched all of this preacher’s broadcasts on TV (RPN9 Davao).

Then came the time that I could not sleep and I wanted to follow the congregation led by Bro. Eli.

Everytime I listened to him I was glad and my heart and mind were enlightened.

They placed an invitation on TV for indoctrination. After my class in college, after every 7pm, I would attend the indoctrination sessions.

Eventually, I was able to compare Bro. Eli to my preacher-father. I said to myself, even if both of them gave the same teachings, still the understanding of Bro. Eli is deep.

I found myself going through all the indoctrination sessions and was ready to get baptized.

I thought my father would be glad, but I was wrong. He was very angry and he wanted to stop me. However, I told him that I won’t attend the baptism rites, but will attend a meeting in school.

In truth, I went through with my baptism on July 20, 1996 at 10:35 a.m. in Tigatto River of Davao City.

I joined the Seminarian batch 1998-1999 in Apalit, Pampanga. In February 1999, I became a worker.

In October 2005 I was destined to Thailand and until now, I am here.

To God be the glory!

By Mely J. Maravilla

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22 Responses to I am a child of a preacher but I am an admirer of Bro. Eli Soriano

  1. Your experience confirms the gift given to Bro. Soriano – something not found in anyone but in the leader of God’s flock.

  2. Celine says:

    Sis Mely,

    Now you did not only found Christ, but you have seen the “Son of God.”

    May the good Lord bless you Sister…

    I love you and take good care always.

    (ganon talaga and Kristiano tumatakbo – la na time sa kwentuhan hehehe

  3. Otan says:

    How is your father now?

  4. God bless you, sister!

    I wish your father understands you. Is he called now?

  5. Soper AL-kabir2010 says:

    Ang isa sa mga gustong aral at turo sa Biblya ay ang mga bawal na hindi dapat gawin ng tao. At ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

    Bawal ang pagiging BAKLA at pagtutungayaw! hindi ba itinuro sa inyo ni Sis ELi ang mga aral na ito?

    1 CORINTO 6:9 “…ang mga bakla, ang mga gumagamit sa kapuwa lalaki ay hindi mangagmamana ng kaharian ng Diyos”.

    -LEVITICUS 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

    – The Bible condemns the sin of homosexuality (Romans 1:24-32). Homosexuality is morally reprehensible and disgusting!

    -Santiago 3:9
    Sa pamamagitan ng dila ay pinupuri natin ang Diyos Ama. Ginagamit din natin ito sa pagsumpa sa mga taong ginawa ng Diyos ayon sa kaniyang wangis.

    -Santiago 1:26
    Kung ang sinuman sa inyo ay waring relihiyoso at HINDI NIYA PINIPIGIL ANG KANIYANG DILA, subalit dinadaya niya ang kaniyang puso, ang kaniyang relihiyon ay walang kabuluhan.

    Naway naisama ito ni Sis Eli sa kanyang aral sa mga ADD members. Kapag sinabing BAWAL ay ibig sabihin HINDI PWEDE..HINDI IBINUBUHAY! Hindi pinapangatwiranan at ipapangaral pa na..”Wala naman daw masama duon, It comes out naturally from a person!”
    Bawal din ang SINUNGALING!

    “Your experience confirms the it is NOT a gift given to Bro. Soriano – something which CANNOT be found in anyone but only from ELISEO SORIANO.” WALANG MASAMA SA PAGIGING BAKLA! Aral ba ng KRISTYANO TO?

    • Soper AL-kabir2010,

      Until you learn to be respectful, your posts will be deleted.

      Sis Eli? Did you come here to insult people? Who is Sis Eli?

      As to being bakla that you so oppose, you misunderstand what being bakla is.

      1) Gays were made by God; so what is your problem?
      Being gay is not sin; it is the actions of a gay that can be sin.

      2) Telling the truth is not an accusation. If I call you a liar, that is not an accusation, because it is true.
      Imagine, you come here only to insult with your many misconceptions of what is true.

      Try to behave and we will welcome your posts.
      Properly address your questions and we will welcome you.

      By the way, what is your religion? Is that how your church is forming you?

      • jocelyn53 says:


        This is a testimony of one member, you are out of the topic.

        I suggest you go ask the man himself, Brother Eliseo Soriano.

        I will be very glad to be hear what he will say to you.

      • zf says:

        To: Soper AL-kabir2010

        Not all Gay/Homosexual people engage in homosexual acts; what is abominable to God is this and not being Homosexual per se.

        I am proud to say that our brethren who are homosexual are taught this; so they are not afraid to be themselves and at the same time walk the path of true Christians.

        You have no right to condemn people.

        Since you have read Romans 1:24 -32, why not go up a little and read Romans 1:21-22; for they very much apply to you.

    • Kokombads says:

      you should atleast convince your leader to debate to bro eli with that topic, since you believe its biblical, you will surely assume that bro eli will lose in the debate, so what are you waiting for, tell your leader to debate bro eli regarding that topic of homosexuality.

    • pasawaydawpoe says:

      SAWAYIN KA NAWA NG PANGINOON NAMING DIOS, hindi gaya ng dios nyo pwedeng magsinungaling..bawat buka ng bunganga nyo kasinungalingan.

    • dominik says:

      Ke bakla ke babae… at may paninindigan sa aral ng Dios… lalake yun sa mata ng Dios. Wala ka namang ebidensiya sa mga akusasyon mo. Mas malamang me nagtsismis lang sa yo niyan na wala ring ebidensiya.

      Ba’t di mo paharapin ang leader nio… makikita mo kung sino ang tunay na lalake. Kaso… di makaharap ang leader nio… di makapag-commit… siya yung binabanggit sa Jer 51:30

      30Ang mga makapangyarihan ng Babilonia ay nagsisiurong sa pakikipaglaban, sila’y nanatili sa kanilang mga katibayan; ang kanilang kapangyarihan ay nanglulupaypay; sila’y naging parang mga babae: ang kaniyang mga tahanang dako ay sinilaban; ang kaniyang mga halang ay nabali.

      Magsisi po sana kayo sa bintang nio…

  6. christine says:

    @ Soper AL-kabir2010

    Granting without accepting that your false accusations against our preacher is true, and yours is the most respectful and righteous, did your pastor or your religious leader bother to teach you good manners?

    Or maybe he is too busy counting his money, satisfying the lust of his flesh and doing his job, i.e to lead souls to perdition.

    May GOD rebuke you and shed HIS light on you.

  7. Toto Onato says:

    @Soper. Your vile attempt to vandalize the object of your wicked emotion in this case is a picture of extreme ugliness, not only of your inner character but the imprecise outward appearance of your face as well.

    I refuse to dignify your evil makeup as a being with further comments from me.

  8. I think Soper AL-kabir2010 needs to clear his views first to avoid some inconsistencies. First, he said that “being gay is prohibited… (Bawal ang pagiging bakla…)” Then, he sited verses that don’t prove his allegation. What was prohibited in the verses he gave was not mere homosexuals but the misdeeds of humans – gays or not, men or not. Sadly, he also condemns the homosexuals that were also part of God’s creation. This sweeping generalization should be carefully avoided for there are “decent and God-fearing homosexuals that can make it to heaven.”


  9. jbvb07 says:

    His mouth (Soper AL-kabir2010) reminds me of the ministers of INM.

  10. sis mely maravilla says:

    My father was not baptized and he died on May 1. 2007.

    At his dying moment, he said to my family that there is no other preacher in our times from whom you can learn lots of truth from the bible. “Only from Eli Soriano.” Those were his words.

    I am not in Thailand anymore. I am here in one of our locales in South America.

    Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.

  11. sis mely says:

    opo sis Jane.
    salamat po sa DIos.

  12. sis mely says:

    “Eventually, I was able to compare Bro. Eli to my preacher-father. I said to myself, even if both of them gave the same teachings, still the understanding of Bro. Eli is deep.”

    “”even if both of them gave the same teachings””

    I am refering to some basic doctrines of my father that are the same with Brod eli’s, example: no tithing, modest aparrel, loving our fellowmen, its not necessary to put on make up, and use of jewelries, …….but when it comes to the deeper underrstanding of the scriptures, Brod Eli’s the best, all the biblicaal signs for a messenger of God in our time is in him.

  13. May God always take care of our Church workers. Having brethren like you in the Church is big help enough to bro. Eli for the propagation of the gospel of Christ all over the world.

  14. allanramos says:

    I am happy to hear that, even though your father is also a preaher, but still you manage to choose the right one and that is of the true church in the bible thought to us by Bro Eli. It’s amazing hear some true story from people how they felt and how they have discover the teaching and wisdom of God.

    Amazingly Just uncomparable

    To GOD Be The Glory

  15. roger says:

    Soper AL-kabir2010

    wag nyo ng patulan si Soper AL – kabir2010. Papatayin kayo nyan. Alam nyo naman na pumapatay ng tao ang myembro ng INC ni Manalo lalo nat kaaway nila. hehehehe

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