I also decided to follow my mother and leave behind the born-again

Way back year in 2000, I’ve been hearing about a Bro. Eliseo Soriano that people were talking about.  I started listening to his radio program, Ang Dating Daan, since I was in high school.

I found Bro. Eli very interesting and his topics as well.  At that time, however, I was serving as a full-pledged choir member of a born-again group. This hindered me too much to take the indoctrinations being given by the Members, Church of God International. I understand this is where Bro. Eli comes from.

Without my knowledge, my mother undertook indoctrination in a locale of the Church near our house. She went through all the sessions being given at night time. Then she submitted for baptism and became a new member of the Church.

That helped me a lot to change my mind. I also decided to follow my mother and leave behind the born-again.  On July 31, 2001, I was baptized by Sis. Baby de Jesus.

Until now, with God’s help, I am still here. I believe that this Church is the true Church written in the Bible, and that Bro. Eli Soriano is the true preacher of God.

As long as I live, I will stay in this Church, because I believe that the truth written in the Bible is being preached by Bro. Eli.

by Jean-Gine Avillanoza

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2 Responses to I also decided to follow my mother and leave behind the born-again

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