I grew up where different types of crimes are happening every now and then

By Joy Pujante

I am Joy Pujante, 32 years old, was born in a place in Caloocan City where different types of crimes are happening every now and then. I grew up exposed to this type of environment and even to the extent of being involved in robbery activities, gambling and taking illegal drugs.

I was able to complete my high school education and even entered college but was not able to graduate because I felt difficulties of having my studies and at the same time work for my daily needs. However, I was still linked to my bad habits and  was even going deeper in them to the extent of dealing drugs.

I met my live-in partner and considering that I didn’t have regular job, we stayed with my wife’s parents. I could not get along with my in-laws because most of my time were devoted to my vices and friends. Everyday I would be with my friends enjoying life until the time when something unexpected happened. My wife who was already having an affair with another man left me.

My father who provided me some financial assistance died and what was left was my unfaithful mother who was also having an affair with another man. This happened while my father was working abroad. I felt bad about this.

One time, I was invited by my brother who was already a member of the Church of God International, to a Bible Exposition in Cainta Rizal. That was the first time I heard of a Bro. Eliseo Soriano and I learned many things in that event.  I became interested by this time to listen to Bro Eli in his television program but my bad drinking habits were still with me. Sometimes during our drinking sessions, I would have debates with my drinking partners concerning religion and I always prevailed over them because I used what I learned from Bro Eli.

At this point I realized that my condition would not do anything good to my life. I decided then to attend an indoctrination session, so I went to the nearest Church  chapter. That was in November 2000 and by the month of December I became a new member of the Church with God’s help.

With the teachings of Bro Eli, thanks be to God, great changes came into my life. All my vices are gone; I already have a direction in my life and am able to have peace of mind.

By February 2001, I decided to attend a workers’ seminar. I am grateful to Bro. Eli and Bro .Daniel, I was able to know God.

With the Lord’s help, I will remain to be a humble servant till the end. To God be the Glory!

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3 Responses to I grew up where different types of crimes are happening every now and then

  1. Anthony says:

    en realidad no te conosco, pero me alegro que hayas encontrado paz y conocido a Jehova.te habras dado cuenta que conoser a jesus es lo mejor que te ha podido pasar. jesus es marabilloso y nunca se olvida de nosotros sus hijos. asi que, sigue orando porque de seguro que tu madre sera la siguiente en tener un encuentro con Jesus.espero que tu seas un testimonio viviente para tus amigos y que ellos puedan ver el reflejo de jesus en tu vida y tus caminos. como hermano en cristo que ya somos te exorto inmensamente y de corazon que nunca te alejes de jesus y que permanescas firme en sus mandamientos hasta su venida.QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA GRANDEMENTE!!!!!!!!

  2. nikkiability says:

    Learning and abiding to the truth is just the perfect way to turn away from vices. Personally, without my Christian faith, I would most probably be engaged with those kinds of earthly things. That’s why I always thank the Lord for giving me the chance to know His truth through the preachers whom he has sent to us.

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