My chain-smoking, gin-drinking husband became Straight-A without speaking in tongues or casting out the devil

My chain-smoking, gin-drinking husband became Straight-A without speaking in tongues or casting out the devil

By Genalyn Dizon


That is how you might describe my childhood and teenage life. Did no drugs, smoked not, drank just water only. Family life was a little bit hard but nonetheless full of love and care from my parents and 4 siblings. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend while still in school was a no-no for my parents – so straight a path that you might call it lackluster.

Straight that after 4 years in college and graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science, I opted to pursue further my dream to become a lawyer. Enrolling was easy because my course gave me an advantage of what was ahead of me. I enjoyed the challenges of the “gruesome” 1st semester, I even got to 2nd semester without a hitch. Yet something inside me was looking for an adventure – an adventure that would propel my life from being drab lackluster.

Then a friend of mine told me about a College that was looking for an Instructor for Social Sciences. I applied without thinking it would lead to THE adventure. Hehehe! Just for the heck of it, I got the job after the interview, and I got THE adventure too. You know now why, I was messing up with my grades in the Law School, hanging on tiny threads of hope that my professors would be carried away with my excellent maneuvering of recitations. And I survived somehow.

But the BIG adventure came when, while I was juggling teaching during the day and Law School during the night, one of the students in the School I was teaching courted his Instructor – ME! BANG, BOOM, BAM!

An unexpected turn on the twist happened to my life. I got married with my student. Cries and woes and disappointments instead of the sweet adventure I was expecting, slapped right in my face. So much for the adventure, you might be saying. Good for me!

It was really good for me because after 5 years of marriage the Lord called my husband, Brother Dennis Dizon, in His Church. Unexpectedly, I saw the CHANGE happening to him day by day during his indoctrination. I could not believe it because all the while I was convincing him to change, he never did. I did not even believe Bro. Eliseo Soriano could change him because the preacher “cussed” at our Born Again pastors. He even “cussed” whenever he found something wrong about them. So I could not believe that my husband would believe on that kind of person – let alone a man calling himself a bible reader. Hmmmp!

But surprises of all surprises I was not only believing Bro. Eli. The moment I saw my husband changing to a better man, husband and father, I decided to be indoctrinated as well! My eyes saw how my chain-smoking, gin-drinking husband became Straight-A because of the doctrines that Bro. Eli taught straight from the Bible – without “speaking in tongues”, “casting the devil out” and all those sorts Born-Again people were and are still practicing to naught.

After almost 5 months from September 13, 2002, when my husband was baptized, I received the baptism on January 30, 2003, in Apalit, Pampanga, professing to the whole world that the Members Church of God, International, is the TRUE church of God, as written in the Bible and that God, is the ONE, TRUE GOD of all, and that JESUS, is the Savior, King of All Kings, Lord of Lords, no doubt.

Everybody, including my close friends, were shocked by the change in me. Since then, there is no turning back. With God’s help, I will forever be grateful in knowing that I am not only having the BEST ADVENTURE of my life here on EARTH but also knowing that with the twists and turns, the downhill and uphill of LIFE, my God is with me, helping me and my family reach the pinnacle of His calling. That is to serve and worship Him, forevermore – because that is what He made us for. Without that, we will be nothing.

Thanks be to God!

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3 Responses to My chain-smoking, gin-drinking husband became Straight-A without speaking in tongues or casting out the devil

  1. jc says:

    Wow….thanks be to God!

  2. elson says:

    Salamat sa Dios!

  3. tomas says:

    may our good Lord and God guides you both, be steadfast on our faith and service to God

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