He is a walking Bible – a great threat to all the pastors in the world!

I had been practicing all of their teachings, even the weirdest ones. Would you believe that I had been to Luneta Park doing these crazy things?

By Ma. Soledad C. Salazar

Since elementary grades, I had been having this great urge to know more about the real existence of God. I would often ask my grandmother regarding the supreme being of God but she failed me. My grandmother cannot answer my questions so that doubts remained deeply in my heart at that young age.

Because of the numerous questions I had, I tended to attend different religious gatherings, expecting there is someone knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. I had been practicing all of their teachings, even the weirdest ones. Would you believe that I had been to Luneta Park doing these crazy things?

With Mike Velarde of the El Shaddai,, I brought 3 eggs with me and jumped three times, inverted my umbrella in the belief that I will reap luck, and waved my passport and said, ‘Tomorrow I will go abroad, amen, allelulia, praise the lord!’ These were things he taught us.

I also bought what the pastor was selling: miracle oil, water, rosary, handkerchief for their supposed healing and prosperous effects – but none.

I also extended my hand on our television set as point of contact as one pastor named Wilde Almeda of the Jesus Miracle Crusade said to do so, clapping and jumping as if I won in a lottery. These are some of the weirdest act I have done. I attended several congregations (Catholi, El Shadddai, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist, and many others), continuously shifting and changing, believing that in the end I will find the true faith. But again, I failed.

One time, as I was watching TV I suddenly turned to Bro. Eli Soriano’s program, the “Ang Dating Daan.” I was wondering why I saw this program only lately. I am a television addict, and I asked myself why it came into my life only at this time.

The first time I saw the host, I said to myself, “He is the man I was looking for in more than five years.” He is a walking Bible – a great threat to all the pastors in the world. Bro. Eli is really amazing, even more when he answers all the questions to the public during Bible Expositions.

I didn’t ask any question to Bro. Eli anymore because I had already been watching some of his Bible Expositions and had been learning from them. Just in a minute, surely, one would really, really learn a lot of significant facts from the Bible. Not only in spiritual matters does his mouth speak; they include the great wisdom in medical, social and legal aspects and anything under the sun. Just ask, Bro. Eli would answer from the Bible. Unbelievable! I think Bro. Eli should be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

After learning enough of the truth and informed about the doctrines in the Bible, I immediately found a coordinating center in our place, and asked about their schedule in indoctrination.

I truly thank God for giving me a chance to be a part of the Members Church of God International. I do not deserve this if I should rate myself. But because of the faith I have received, I will do my best in my own humble position to spend and be spent for the glory of the God.

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3 Responses to He is a walking Bible – a great threat to all the pastors in the world!

  1. Bless Reyes says:

    Thanks to God that you had finally found the truth. Your question why you had found it only lately, that you had been to Luneta Park doing these erroneous beliefs,at this time I think you already knew the answer. God knows best. He will give you this in perfect time and in perfect place.

  2. rqcemanes says:

    Thanks God you were blessed to know the truth!

    Indeed, you’re one of the many people now around the world who, because of hunger for the truth and true religion, was given the chance though, not just by accident but because of the mercy of a Supernatural Being, to know the Most Sensible and Phenomenal preacher in our times, Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano.

    To God Be The Glory!!!

  3. nikkiability says:

    He’s not really bashing other religions, he’s just reading what’s in the Bible. It just so happens that their beliefs is not in accordance to what is written. Thanks be to God!

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