I heard him preach a topic in church that I had not heard of even once in my lifetime

For to reckon the scene – a rock standing in mid-sea – I knew not what it meant until now

By Ricky R. Dacuma

My twenty eight-year existence on this known earth has not been significant to my perspective. But not to boast of one’s self – rather to glorify Him – this is the story of how the Great One hearkened to this poor soul.

I chose to retain the memories of my childhood – for a part I was. I grew up with my family – nanay, tatay, ate and Lheng, my younger brother, near the Pasig river. Innocent as I was, not considering the reality – rather challenges – in this world, I felt that all that I cared of were our sustenance; and yes, I’ve seen their faces too, toughened from physical labor.

Contented I was with the conventional way of life – with mother’s pasalubong (gifts), pagsaway ni tatay (prohibitions of father), quarrel with my elder sister and paglalambing ni (afffection of) Lheng. And so with going to church’s masses, schooling and brawling with my playmates in Caldazar.

For so long, we had been taught many things; hence, we learned many things. Seemingly unforgettable is the day I could have died. Unwittingly, I was in a deeper part of the sea when I was off board the life saver. Straight way below I sunk and sunk and sunk. I had thought that was to be my end.

But in a frightening, awesome, situation, a rock formation was about me so I swam up in a blitz and stood onto salvation. Rescue had come, and in seconds I was gasping for breath. For to reckon the scene – a rock standing in mid-sea – I knew not what it meant until now.

I had been obedient to my parents but not until college. A professor had asked the meaning of life, truth, essence of the like. Traditionally, I answered the inquiry, yet incomplete. I got hooked onto philosophy, critiques, dilemma, and the class was fed with the answer.

Later on, I read my father’s Bible. I began to seek the truth and found myself watching an even bolder preacher, Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

So as to test him, I went to Pampanga and had heard one voice, with the topic I had not heard of even once in my lifetime. And the prayer: I was converted.

With gladness in my heart, I submitted myself for indoctrination, thus knowing the conclusion of the whole matter – Ecclesiastes 12:13.

I was baptized on June 15, 2001.

For to reckon the rock in the sea that saved my life once, now I know a rock that saves life. It is not only here but also eternity that is to come. He is our Lord Jesus Christ in the Church of God preached by Bro. Eli and being followed by the fold.

How fortunate I am! He showed me mercy and I was called.

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One Response to I heard him preach a topic in church that I had not heard of even once in my lifetime

  1. MESSAGE RECEIVED RE Ricky R. Dacuma:

    Phillip Garcia (4/15/2009 12:45:57 AM): He was a writer, 10 years before I tried to be one. He competed and won in writing competitions during his prime. He wrote in Tagalog though, but he was also proficient in English.

    His looks is deceiving. The first time I attended the indoctrination with him, a brother thought he was an addict, and a sister thought I was just “namumuntos.” But I have heard that guy philosophize even before I encountered the Church. He is intelligent.

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