Who is this man who speaks the truth so bluntly and without fear?

By May I. Martinez

I can still remember the day when my husband encouraged me to watch and listen to Bro. Eli’s television program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). Since that was the first time I heard him, I was a little bit shocked and asked myself “Who is this man who speaks the truth so bluntly and without fear?”

With my husband’s guidance I discovered who the man behind the camera was. And little by little, what he was saying started to sink into my mind. And the good days begun – days where I learned everything about God, how good He is, how fortunate we are because we have Christ our Savior and these were all made possible through Bro. Eli’s relentless effort to let people know of what he knows.

The preaching of Bro. Eliseo Soriano serves as an eye-opener for others to know that that there is a God who will do wonderful things for His own children. [Take note: satan has his own – those who willfully do not follow God’s commandments].

I took note that Bro. Eli is different from other preachers. He is brave enough to face every person in the world and dedicates himself wholeheartedly in the name of God.

All the things I’ve learned and hopefully to learn more about faith, and the goodness of God through Bro. Eli were things I’ve hungered for when I was still a member of the catholic faith.

It is incomparable when you are in the Church of God. Outside this church, never would you be learning the truth with them. Outside, you would always hunger for truth and a big question mark would linger in your mind.

I pity those people who still embrace wrong doctrines and false faith. If they would only understand after a deep analysis, then thanks be to God if they would awaken.

I do believe that our life is impacted with whatever direction we wanted to take. Whether we fail or we succeed, good is expected from every one of us. It is therefore important to be guided by a faithful preacher that would lead us to the right path. I believe that is no one else but Bro. Eli.

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