It is my conviction that the Church of God is the true Church built by God

By Marouzelle Tamayo

On February 19, 1978 I was born and named Marouzelle – after the name of the doctor who delivered me then. My family name is Tamayo of Ilocos region. My mother’s maiden name is Posada, are from the province of Bicol.

I was born and raised here in Manila but I get to go to the province only once in a while. We are three siblings. I am the youngest and the only girl among us. My eldest brother, Ragendhar, is a computer science graduate and has a family now. To him I can freely and enthusiastically express my wittiness. We would often argue and debate but end up with laughter.

If there is one thing I really love ever since, that is music. With my brother Genady, I was inspired to become a music lover. I wish I could have all his patience in learning almost every musical instrument he put his interest in learning. Be it violin, drums, guitar, harmonica, and the like. I ended up realizing that it was hard to develop my skill given by God, which is singing.

The next best thing for me is food. I love to eat, but not to the extent of gluttony. Thank God or I would be committing sin. I am also into sports and is a health buff as well. I like to play badminton. I just love moving around. I am the type of individual who’d rather be sweating with any manual works than just sit around with a rack of files before me. The only time I wanted to be just sitting and being alone is the time I am in the mood for writing. I can say that I am much into writing creative items rather than technical ones. One more thing I love to do is travel. I love going places and meeting people of different races.

I graduated from secondary school in 1994 from Quezon City Academy. Then I entered some college and took up BS Physical Therapy. I was only enrolled for two consecutive semesters. Then I transferred to another school and shifted to AB Communication Arts. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to pursue the course which only lasted for two years, for some reason.

During the time I was out of regular schooling, I joined some non-profit organizations and also enrolled in a vocational class, a no-tuition fee organization so as to keep myself busy. During those times, I began to feel that there is something missing. It felt then that I was bombarded with problems with my family, friends and personal at that. I tried to join different denominations in search of some peace.

My mother who was already a member of the Church of God then used to invite me. I would tag me along whenever she attended worship services and prayer meetings. I wasn’t coming with her regularly for she was one of my problems back then. Then I met someone from a certain vocational class who became friend of mine. She turned out to be one of my great confidants at that time. I went with her to their practices in the Church of God for she was a choir member.

Unluckily, may parents have to go abroad and Sis. Ella, the choir member I was mentioning had to go provincial. So for quite some time, I lost any contact with the congregation. Yes, I joined different denominations but I wasn’t an active one. I was still in search for something until I decided to go to SBN 21, and watch the program of Bro. Eliseo Soriano, the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). My listening to him went on and on and on until I finally decided to join the congregation in 2001.

I believe and it is my conviction that the Church of God is the true Church built by God and that Bro. Eli is the true preacher of our time.

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