In this congregation there is no murderer

When I first heard Bro. Eli in the indoctrination exposing the wrong doctrines of the Catholic Church, I decided to go through the sessions to learn what else he had to say.

By Marjhon “Kulot” Obsioma

It was my mother, Rosita Merto (Sis Emily to her friends) who first got affiliated with the Members Church of God International under the leadership of Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

One day, I went home from Laquindingan, Misamis Oriental. My mother came to our house where my brother and I lived because we lived separate from our parents. Three of us siblings live there. After we talked, mama invited us to attend the indoctrination in the Church she joined in. So my older sister, older brother and I went.

I really didn’t want to go with her because I told her and my friends before that I will never join my mother’s group, which is the “Ang Dating Daan,” officially called Members Church of God International. But I was persuaded to go because of my older sister.

In the coordinating center, in the Locale of Iligan City, on that first night, we were many attending the indoctrination. I think we were twelve then. There we saw and heard Bro. Eli Soriano preaching the words of God. I was absentminded that evening though because I was a bit shy. I also was not accustomed to worshipping or going to church. So my eyes were just looking around randomly.

In the following nights, my sister did not come back anymore because she went to Manila to work as my aunt called for her. Only my brother and I came back.

Those of us in the group who came back to hear the doctrines diminished in the succeeding evenings. One of them was my brother; he also didn’t come back to listen. The day came when I was the only one left attending.

Through the mercy and help of God, I continued even though I was alone and a bit shy. Through the mercy and help of God, I was able to accept the teachings preached by Bro. Eli Soriano. I told myself, “This man is great.” I said so because I observed that everything he said comes from the Bible and he knows the errors of other religions, including my former religion!

My former religion is Roman Catholic. I used to believe that it was the true church. In my former religion, they worship idols, which is against God. Above all, all of their teachings are wrong. That is why when I first heard Bro. Eli in the indoctrination exposing the wrong doctrines of the Catholic Church, I decided to go through the sessions to learn what else he had to say.

With the mercy of God, I believed all the doctrines of the Church of God as preached by Bro. Eli. The one who baptized me was Bro. Ato Tobias in the Locale of Cagayan de Oro on August 2, 2004.

A lot of things in my life changed since I have known Bro. Eli and since I became a member of the Church of God, which is the house of God. When I was not yet affiliated in this Church, I had a lot of vices like smoking, drinking liquors, gambling, deceiving people, stealing money from my parents, and I was also worldly. But now, my behavior has changed. All of these are past now. I am greatly thankful to God Almighty that He changed me through Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon.

The first thing I liked about Bro. Eli is the fact that he has memorized everything written in the Bible; secondly, he knows all the doctrines of other religions around the world. He is very much familiar with the erroneous teachings of other religions. Another thing I love about Bro. Eli is his being thoughtful, loving and understanding to other people, especially to the brethren.

I believe in what Bro. Eli says that in this congregation there is no murderer; no one thinks of himself highly; it is a group without strife, a Church that is not mongering and does not extort. If there is any one found to be such, then he is not a true brother.

Bro. Eli has no equal. He is not like other pastors who make money out of their members. With Bro. Eli, he teaches what is in the Bible even if it hurts the feelings of other people who do not understand.

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10 Responses to In this congregation there is no murderer

  1. “I had a lot of vices like smoking, drinking liquors, gambling, deceiving people, stealing money from my parents, and I was also worldly. But now, my behavior has changed.”

    The words of God really can change lives. Bro. Kulotz is a living testimony of the effectiveness of God’s words.

    (2 Corinthians 5:17)

    “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”

  2. yakuYmaricar says:

    glad that I found this site 🙂

    Bro. Khulotz is really different from what he said he was before…

    His ‘tihee’ laughter makes him sound as a jolly and satisfied person.

    The word of God really changes people, changes life, a new being! 🙂

    It is so amazing!!

  3. Khulotz says:

    All I can say is thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. Yes Thank God that a lot of my vices was gone by the help of Bro.Eli and Bro. Daniel through teaching the words of God in the bible.

    This coming August 2 I will going to celebrate my 6 years in the church. Thank God for guiding me…and for everything. Glory be to God forever!

  4. isaias emmanuel says:

    natutuwa ako bro. dahil sa sabi mo na nawala o naalis ang mga bisyo mo. kailangan lang talaga ng determination kapag may gusto kang magawa o matupad na isang bagay sa buhay mo. siyempre may kasama na yang pananampalataya. although we were both catholic before, but i don’t share your views with regards to mr. soriano’s ability to expound on the doctrines written in the bible. before when i first saw him on his tv program way back in early 90’s i was also enthralled by the way he exposes the doctrines of the other religions. but as the time went by i also found out his mistakes in interpreting the verses of the bible. i am with you when you said that the doctrines of the catholics are full of errors, but you will have to have an open mind too when somebody share their views concerning your new faith. remember that a supposed preacher of the words of God do not change his views in a particular verse or verses of the bible from the time he started his ministry up to this present time. god bless you.

    • admin says:

      @Isaias God has His own timing. He does not reveal things in one full swoop.

      He even keeps some things secret to other people but which He reveals to his messengers in due time.

      Why is there a need for a chapter in the Bible called Revelations? Doesn’t that show you the character of God in the way He reveals truth?

      I wonder why you think you are in a better position to assess people who have proven all these years that they have been appointed for such task – propagating the Word of God.

      Hecklers such as you need to assess yourself before you say others have mistakes. You must know more than Soriano knows. Do you?

      • erhynireh says:

        @Isaias, I agree with you that we always have to have an open mind to discern which is the truth and which is not. What I don’t agree is, you, judging Bro. Eli that easily without even thinking if you yourself is far more knowledgeable with the word of God than His messenger. Be careful with your words because it will be taken against you. Don’t judge subjectively but ask God to give you wisdom to discern wether a person is telling you the truth in the Bible or is deceiving you for self gain. For us who heard the words of God through Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, who opened our minds and hearts, coupled with God’s intervention were able to discern the truth. I would always feel grateful to our Lord for His mercy. To God be the glory forever!

  5. Ren Newman says:

    “Ang kulot ay bayaang magpakatuwid pa.” 🙂

    • Eru Lawliet says:

      ahahha panu if naturalesa na ung hair nia?
      pero yup..ang khulotz ay bayaang magpakatuwid pa 🙂

    • erhynireh says:

      LOL! In fairness, tuwid and buhok n’ya sa picture ha! Seriously speaking, I admire you for being strong imagine ikaw nalang ang natira. It only proves that it’s your time na talaga, tinatawag ka ng Dios na maglingkod sa Kanya. And it’s good that you heeded His call. To God be the glory!

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