I was taught that one has to get married to go to heaven

If you die single and live a saintly life, you can still go to heaven but only as a servant of those who got married. Those were just examples of the wrong doctrines of the Mormon Church.

By Monica Mariano

I am a native of Bataan, a place rich in natural resources and is surrounded with mountains and oceans. I miss living in Bataan as I am now working in Makati as supply chain manager. I’ve been working in Makati for sixteen years of my life.

Whenever I am alone, I would recall the times I was with my family, teasing and playing with my two younger brothers and sister. My father died when I was 29 years old. Once in a while, I would visit my home where my mother lives who is now 62 years old and my two brothers who are 22 and 27 years old. We no longer do the chants we used to do when we were young. Nevertheless, we had times to chat and tease each other over meals. Every time I would leave home, I took with me those memories about my family.

Time is so hectic for me as I have many duties to take care of in Metro Manila. Aside from my work, I have my church duties which requires a lot of time and devotion.

I used to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, popularly known as Mormons. My family was very active as church members then that my father became the local president and I became the local young women president.

However, by the 9th year of my membership with the Mormons, my father became inactive as he said that he had seen a lot of anomalies in this church. Still, I pursued with my church activities. By then my mother became a member of the Church of God led by Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

When I tried to listen to him once, I found him as an arrogant man. My mom invited me to attend their Church thanksgiving. From there, my first impression about Bro. Eli vanished as I listened the whole day to his preaching. I felt that my heart had been opened to all those lies that my previous church was instilling in our minds.

Before, I thought that it is a must to give tithe offering or the ten percent of your earnings, otherwise you go to hell. Or that one has to get married to go to heaven. Or if you die single and live a saintly life, you can still go to heaven but only as a servant of those who got married. Those were just examples of the wrong doctrines from my previous church.

Now, I am an active member of the Church of God International led by our loving preacher, Bro. Eli Soriano. He has taught us the truth from the Bible. The gospel of God which is not known to all other people is revealed by God through Bro. Eli.

I noticed many changes in my life – changes for good which I have also seen among the brethren. Now, I am the division secretary of Metro Manila and also an active member of KAPI, an organization actively involved in supporting the Church broadcasts.

I firmly believe that I am in the true Church of God. Thanks be to God!

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4 Responses to I was taught that one has to get married to go to heaven

  1. stewardsecretsofgod says:

    To fit their practice of polygamy, that’s why –


    Resolved Question: Do the mormoms have many wives.?

    The Mormon man can marry as many women as he can, as long as he can provide for them and their children. There are several forms of marriages or relations in the Mormon faith, and some of them are called concubines. Some practice that rule, such as Smith. He had several wives, but didn’t live with them openly. Brigham Young had more than 50 wives, 19 were connubial wives, and with all these women had 56 children.

    To answer your questions. Yes, but many of them don’t have multiple wives. and, Yes Mormons are polygamists.

    Sierra Leone, Answers.yahoo.com

  2. Jun Jacinto says:

    A typical scenario how God calls and deliver us to His Church. “For God readeth the heart…”… and make ways to pluck us out of the earthly danger zones so we may partake of the promise He gave those who will fear & truly love Him…

    Thank God that He sent to us Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. For in them we learned the true evangelical teachings of God through Christ Jesus.

    Where you are now is a position you should keep and treasure. We need not spell out why for we know, deep in our hearts, that we gain better leverage to achieving salvation through the works which were entrusted to us. Keep up the good work, Sis !!!

  3. nikkiability says:

    Now that I’ve learned the true Christian doctrines, I too, can’t just believe how I got convinced with the erroneous teachings I used to be engaged in.

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