This guy claimed that the pope carries the number 666 of the beast on his crown!

“How dare he!” I said to myself. Yet, the rest of what this Bro. Eli was saying are all true and Bible-based – strictly to the letter.

By Leilani Yu

The man on the television screen was hard-hitting and totally self-confident when he said in Tagalog: “Huwag ka nang magpatumpik-tumpik, huwag ka nang magpa-delay delay, “pag nakasumpong ka ng mabuti, gawin mo agad!” (Do not anymore procrastinate! Do not anymore delay. If you have found something good, do it right away!)

This guy, I found later on, claimed that the pope carries the number 666 of the beast on his crown. “How dare he!” I said to myself.

This was one Bro. Eliseo Soriano telling his audience about this shocking revelation.

It was my first time to hear him and I was shocked!

Yet, the rest of what this Bro. Eli was saying are all true and Bible-based – strictly to the letter.

I began attending a series of Bible Expositions to find out more. No doubt, even the Ang Dating Daan TV shows I saw woke me up.

They marked the start of a conversion that led to my baptism to the Church of God International on September 8, 2006.

I come from a long lineage of Catholic, Chinese, Filipino forebears. I was born 65 years ago in a small northern town of Cebu when the Japanese were fighting a war they knew they were losing to the blue wave of US forces coming to liberate the Philippines.

We are four girls and a boy in our family and I am the eldest. My younger sisters and brother did not experience being nursed by a mother in constant fear of Japanese brutality. But I did. Maybe more than my genes, this experience gave me a stronger personality and made me for what I am: a person who likes to express herself or to voice out a piece of her mind, especially on matters of principles and public interest.

Basically shy in character, my biggest fear was, and still is, being made to speak before an audience. Even if this audience were my personal friends, en banc they can release butterflies in my stomach and wring it into a knot. I prefer to write because then, I can have more time to choose my words and organize my thoughts.

I have been in and out of writing since my high school days, when our English teacher chose to volunteer me as a contributor to our school paper. I was more into writing feature articles rather than news story, though, and dabbled on poetry when inspired, which were rare occurrences.

When I came into the Church of God, I discovered I needed to belong to an active group and make myself more useful, to Bro. Eli but to God, more specially. One sister in the Locale of San Isidro where I was indoctrinated was particularly interested to recruit me to the locale’s mothers’ club. Unknown to her, I had set my heart to pursuing a writing career which, to me, would be more worthwhile as the impact would be immediate.

I would like to write about how Bro. Eli has enlightened me immeasurably on Bible verses that I have already read again and again, but never really understood. Yes, this was my life in the Catholic Church: read the Bible and never mind if you don’t understand it; maybe you’ll understand it better if you pray the rosary daily. And yes, fiestas are few but going with the procession of the saints’ images is highly commendable. To this day, I still remember the Flores de Mayo in the month of May, as a special event I loved to join as a young girl.

But all of these I have now left behind – not because of my age but because I now understand better God’s will and His commandments as found in the Scriptures. I learned these practices are not godly!

Thank you, Bro. Eli; and thank you, Father, most especially!

To God be the Glory!

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10 Responses to This guy claimed that the pope carries the number 666 of the beast on his crown!

  1. rene pangilinan says:

    I just love to read testimonies from brethren like this one. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL THANKSGIVING SIS.

  2. reyver says:

    very inspiring keep writing sister To God be the glory…

  3. You make me laugh out loud, Sister….I like your style of writing…and yes I was a catholic too. You know, I go to mass only to display my new clothes, or park my new Honda in front of the entrance to the Church, and of course our priest will come and congratulate me and ask me to have breakfast with him: and the less privileged? .. you can go home now.

    That was my past. I am an new Celine now, thanks to Brother Eliseo Soriano.

  4. Frank says:


  5. The number 666 of the beast was also a mystery to me. This and other mysteries in the book of Revelation made me think then that the Bible is a book for adults as I can’t understand anything before.

    I often asked about these mysteries to my mother when I was just 10 years old, as I thought adults knew the answers. My mother then just kept on telling me to wait until my grandfather, who was a Bible-reader, was able to visit home. He finally visited. However, he was not capable anymore for conversation that time as he was suffering from a disease. Shortly, he passed away.

    How fortunate I am to meet Bro. Eli who is able to explain the mysteries. Truly, Bro. Eli is a steward of the mysteries of God! I think even if I were able to ask my grandfather back then, he cannot answer my questions the way Bro. Eli does.

  6. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!

    Raiul Baztepo

  7. floci says:

    nakaka inspire nmn sis…sana madami tulad mo n open minded To God be the Glory

  8. Alam ninyo noong pmunta dito ang PApa,andoon ako sa Roxas Blvd.nakikipagsiksikan ako sa mga tao at talagang lakad at takbo ang ginagawa ko para lng masilayan ko ang Papa.Kasi pakiramdam ko sa sarili ko ay pinapasukan ako ng espiritu ng dios ,dahil alam kong banal ang Papa sa Roma. Buti na lng at nakakilala ako ng kaliwanagan at kaunawaan sa pamamagitan ni Bro. Eli.salamat sa dios.ngayon ay 62 na ang idad ko sana bigyan pa nya ako ng buhay para makaganap pa ako sa king tungkulin bilang choir sa aming local ng Munoz..UNA ANG DIOS sa lahat naway maging matibay tayo sa ating pananampalataya.PRASE TO GOD .AMEN.

  9. cresencio gecolea says:

    The feeling is mutual. To God be the Glory!

  10. Logically speaking, the people who believe the pope who is 666- are idiot people who do not even know facts and principles in history, statistics and probability. First and foremost, the title vicarius feliideii was never an official title of the Pope rather it is Vicarius Cristii. Second, the Latin word, predominantly use the the letter “d”, “l” and “v”; thus many words that may form may generally add more than 600- as statistics may pertain, variation and similarities occur in large numbers (latin as many other languages are in more than 50,000 words). Third, protestants who formulated it, are ironically totalled 666 if one try to compute some numbers on their own as in the cases of Ellen G. White, Felix Manalo, and others. Lastly, Eliseo Soriano, may be the real 666 because his number is hidden. This mean, he is doing lot of works which is anti moral and anti Christ- the true essence of evil force which not easily seen merely on a name but on the deeds= a vision in an Armageddon.

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