I was pushed to research on his credibility and where his knowledge was coming from

On the man I saw on television, many questions arose: Who is he? What is his vision in life? Where was he getting all those knowledge?

By Rey Tamayo Jr.

The first time I heard about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was when I saw Bro. Eli in one of his debates on television with the head pastor of Iglesia ng Dios, Haligi at Suhay (Church of God Ground and Pillar of Truth) in the province of Bicol. I was amazed at the performance of this Bro Eli!

After the debate, I felt that there was something I had to do. It was like something was pushing me to research on the credibility of this Bro. Eli. Some questions arose, like, “Who is this person? Where did his knowledge come from? What was his vision in life?” I was so intrigued as he was completely different from the others.

A couple of days after, my cousin invited me to attend a worship service in one of the church locales in Parañaque. He told me that there was a chapter of the Ang Dating Daan group headed by Bro. Eli Soriano, the man who I saw on television. I think that was in IBC-13 in 1998.

When we entered the locale, I felt a mysterious emotion as I heard the harmonious voice of the song titled, “Kapatid, Puso Mo’y Lakasan” (Brother, strengthen your heart).

After a month of researching, discussing, and even debating on particular doctrines that the Church believed in, I decided to be baptized. With God’s help, I was fully convinced myself that this is the true Church of God.

On December 10, 1999, I was baptized in the Church of God by Bro. Mauricio Bernardo, one of the Ministers-in-Charge.

It is now about 9 years and I am still serving our God in our congregation. I hope that I will be able to do my spiritual obligation up to the end.

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