The Sight was Somewhat Stupefying I Felt like Jesus Christ was there

I just felt Jesus Christ was there during that event and my hairs stood on end. From the stage, the sight was somewhat overwhelming, stupefying, amazing! I remember the prophecy of many nations gathering for Christ. The brethren gathered in one place – they of different colors, and their flags all the more showed their diversity. Flags and flags of diverse nations were waving and waving. It also happened that it was the 50th Anniversary of Bro. Eli’s work in the Church.

Glenn Labung

By Bro. Glenn Labung

I am a former Catholic. During our time in 1998, the Born Again Movement was going strong since the early 90’s, so most of my relatives became Born Again members. But even as early as my elementary grades I knew the Catholic faith was wrong, beginning with their images. Since I did not fully know what was right, I would go with my relatives during my birthdays. I would attend their mass when invited.

I grew up with my grandparents, and as a child I followed them wherever they went; they would buy me food and toys – up until my elementary grades and then high school. I grew up in Tondo and we were many in our youth group who went to church. But they wondered why I would grit my teeth at those idols even before them. So they thought I am different. As Catholics, we just went to mass.

With me, I already knew those images are not gods. I challenged the belief of the old folks that when you point to these idols, you denigrate them and as a result would get your finger crooked. But I was not just pointing; I was pointing the middle finger at the Santo Niño just before my playmates. In Tondo, there was a stair going up, and then there was a Santo Niño locked in a glass case. That was the one I was pointing to. By that time, I was in High School.

I didn’t have many vices; I just loved drinking. That was during my college days. When Fridays came, it was automatic. We got drunk until Sunday. Monday, it was up to us to attend class or not. But we really had to go, because anyway, when Friday came, we could go drinking again.

I had many barkada (gangmates). In college, my drinking buddies would take to the streets. Police before were not that strict and we were not afraid to offer them drinks. I also had barkada in Tondo. With my basketball peers, we also did a lot of drinking. Even with those who went on pot sessions, I had friends there. We called these sessions Tiongkian.

On Sunday morning, we played basketball, but we had to clean the street first. After the street is cleaned, came the Tiongkian. After we got stoned, that’s the time to play basketball. Like the slogan that says, “To get rid of drugs, get into sports.” But that is not true! It’s like saying, take drugs first before you engage in sports so that sports will taste sweet. When people get stoned, they are all smiles. But is that true? That’s happiness? It’s just like with wine. Some who drink may look happy, but they’re drinking loneliness… I think I have tasted all kinds of wine.

I also joined the Protestant groups, the Born Again. I was in college when I heard Bro. Eli the first time. I cannot exactly recall the topic but it was about the belief of the Catholics about Christ dying on a Friday and then on Sunday was risen. That fast! That was what opened my mind as I came from the Catholic faith. When I started hearing Bro. Eli again, suddenly he was gone! I was looking for him at Channel 13; unfortunately I could not find him.

After a time, I found him in RJ TV29. This is the real one, I thought to myself. What he is saying are true. I heard from him a number of times, and what I heard bolstered my belief that indeed, the Catholic faith is wrong. It was not difficult to accept what he was preaching.

What I heard from Channel RJ TV29 opened my eyes. Discovering Bro. Eli again enabled me to hear the doctrines. As explained by him later on, he was gone from Channel 13 because other religions ganged up on him; they bought airtime by blocks at a much higher price.

My first attempt to go to the Locale of Pacheco was to just attend the Worship Service. I knew then where it was, but the problem was that I could not find it no matter what I did. So what will I do now? I grew up in Tondo; I knew the place, but I could not find the Locale. I decided to go home but I saw the Gym near Panday Pira. There, I stayed in the Gym. I was in College that time.

I tried on a Thursday, yet I could not see the Church Locale. I tried on a Saturday. It so happened that King Cortez was my fellow youth but it was his brother, Bro. Cris, who was my playmate in basketball. I saw King sitting on the street so I approached him. Then and there I was able to attend the Worship Service. That was my very first service though I was not yet indoctrinated.

Over at the Locale of Pacheco, I noticed there is no artificiality at all. Everything is simple. When prayers come, you also feel like crying because the prayers are soulful. You can also feel the church worker is filled with spirit. Then the members are really sincere in their worship.

Outside the Locale, they are the same. You don’t see them acting differently. The brethren show concern for each other, solicitous about your situation, asking about each other’s welfare.

Actually, I never felt like I was a visitor at Pacheco hence I went for indoctrination. I had a neighbor named Bro. Sonny Mendoza, my childhood friend. One time, there as a pasyon on our street. We were telling stories and I learned that he was also listening to Bro. Eli. We decided then to attend the mass indoctrination at the Locale of Pacheco.

That time, the indoctrinations were done live for as long as 12 days, 13 days. But with me, I already wanted to get baptized. I considered most important those about the preacher, about the proper way of praying, what is not considered vexing the Holy Spirit, and about baptism as last topic. But I already wanted to get baptized as the doctrines sounded basic.

I remember those from the Close-in-Security Group. That was where they were attending church services. When you enter the Locale, you can feel that you are entering a brotherhood. They’re authentic; they’re true; they’re sincere – not plastic.

When I heard Bro. Eli and observed the church workers and the brethren, I decided the organization was true. When I arrived, I knew I would belong to the youth group. Bro. Ace, Caloy, and the rest – I just knew I was one of them. I never felt like I was a visitor.

I took courage to get baptized because I was playing basketball in the place of people I came to know, including Bro. King. I found out they were already members. At first, I was afraid because, you see Tondo is very wide. I was thinking that I might not be able to cope. So it was that hard? How could that be? Those were my basic questions. The one about dressing – of course, I was thinking, so what now that I have a girl friend? She was like that – with immodest dressing. I was thinking it was difficult, but then, truth is truth. Eventually I got baptized on June 26, 1998.

My family thought I was going the wrong path. They were Catholics. Then in my mother’s side, some of them are Born Again members. So they thought where I was going was a mistake. You see, after my graduation, I was taking the review for board exam. But I became a Church worker instead and stayed in Apalit.

From there, they doubted, and so they objected. However, they could not do anything because it was my decision. So that it would not be difficult for me, I left our home to preclude much struggle. I was already of the right age; besides, I am through with college. It was just one of my siblings who I learned was hurt. Understandably, as if the burden was shifted to him. You see, I am the eldest, and he is next to me. He’s a graduate of Physical Therapy who went to the US and worked there for a while. Yet, I am supposed to be the breadwinner.

In the church, I did not feel much pressure because I knew I could stand on my own – unlike my supposed batch mate from Tondo whose parents were objecting so that he was not able to go through indoctrination. I was only 20 going on 21 then – just the right age.

My first Thanksgiving was very interesting. It was the graduation of Batch ’98. This is different from Batch ’98-’99. The Batch ’98 was composed of Sis Wens Lazaro, Bro. Hamillan, Bro. Raymond Nonato – most of those in Brazil now. That was that batch Bro. Eli was talking to, as this was their graduation. I could feel how he loved the brethren as he said, “ How I wanted to bring these workers to the Planetarium.” He wanted to show the majesty, the greatness of the work of God. I saw how Bro. Eli loved the brethren as he spoke to those graduating and who would be helping in the propagation work.

I was happy because I knew this organization to be true. I saw it in the concern of Bro. Eli for the brethren and for the church workers. Then I also had an experience.

In that ’98 graduation of workers, I got the camera of my companion, Bro. King. I was covering his graduation. Suddenly, someone blocked me. I asked him, “Brother, please step aside.” He followed me. Then he blocked my vision again. “Please step aside.” He followed me. But that was Bro. Daniel Razon!

I felt so ashamed when there was a discussion in Quiapo. The brethren were showing me that the man I was ordering to step aside was Bro. Daniel, the nephew of Bro. Eli. I felt so ashamed but it gave me the opportunity to see how humble Bro. Daniel is. Imagine, I asked him twice to step aside and he followed me! He was then also taking pictures of the church workers. I felt so ashamed upon finding out who he was. And at that time he was the OIC of Metro-Manila Division! Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel both are humble, they who are instruments of God. So, the more, I felt this is the organization being led by God.

There’s something I cannot forget, and that’s why I opted to stay in Apalit. During that time, there was no Administration in Central for Waste Management. Bro. Islaw Soriano was in Construction and he was a Church worker – with many responsibilities on his hands. He was the one being assigned by Bro. Eli. Now, Bro. Daniel wanted things to be done professionally and there would be offices for Waste Management, for the Clinic, for Engineering, and all those offices existing now.

I became Church worker and was going with the KSP core, being one of the aspirants. One time, we went with the Core to Muñoz. They were looking for someone to introduce to Bro. Eli for the Administration of the newly created Waste Management Office. Bro. Daniel was asking and I was recommended.

When asked, this was my answer: “How is that, Kuya? I just finished schooling, and you already know. I am not certain of my situation. I have offers from Texas Instruments; I may also have a chance at Amkor/Anam, and other semi-conductor companies because I am a graduate of ECE. So I was thinking, what about my family? How do I survive?”

His answer: “You know what it is about a double minded man? A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

My answer was, “Okay, when do I start?” I then went with the group.

Board exam… I had to forget about it now. I went with the project of Bro. Daniel. What he said made a strong impact on me. That explains why I am now at Central. So, this work really has to be top priority. With the mercy of God my family are not being neglected. Bro. Eli even remembers my parents.

About trials, like some brethren, I have passed some. You know, Bro. Eli? He is unique: when he teaches a lesson there really is wisdom. One time, Bro. Eli suspended us. We were the Blue Boys then. He said, “Listen! Wash all the bottles you can find at the Convention Center. All the bottles that you can recycle, clean them. After that, report to me.”

After a week, the security guard told him we have washed all bottles found. He forgave us, saying, “Okay now.” Just like that.

I felt that he was teaching us a lesson. When you are suspended, the spirit is withdrawn from you. What now? It was my schedule to go home to Tondo to visit my parents. Now, suppose something happens to me on the way?

All of us felt the same way that when you get suspended and then you happen to die, you wouldn’t be justified. So that was the feeling of one suspended – you fear! You don’t know what will become of you. It becomes a trial then. I knew that was to be a problem we had to consider.

As for miracles, I can tell you about my health. I think it was in 2013 or 2014 when I had a blocked artery on the left. Having to cope with it was a hurdle in itself. There was someone who had heart attack, perhaps a security guard. I was terrified for myself so I went for check-up. My ECG was okay but one doctor said I had a big heart. The other one said my heart’s size was normal because I am an athlete.

I went for 2D Echo, as I was curious because they were asking. Before, I had fatty liver because of drinking. That is the risk among those drinking: the fatty liver. Even if you’re not drinking now if you’re a former drinker, you have fatty liver. I had no control in eating fat. Because it’s only now that I am hearing Bro. Eli, it maybe too late.

My blood pressure rose up. I went for 2D Echo. The finding was that my left artery was blocked. But I didn’t know what block that was. The advice of the doctor was this: “Don’t play sports. Don’t play basketball, don’t go biking. You can only go jogging. Unless you go for angiogram, you have to be careful.”

As defined, an angiogram will show that the arteries to your heart are narrowed or blocked, where the blockages are located, and the size of whatever blockage.

So, of course, I was worried. I have two children, and I have a wife. I was thinking of my family. What now? I sent an email to Bro. Eli telling him of my situation. He replied: “Don’t worry. This is what you will do. Follow everything I tell you, then may God have mercy.”

He told me to have sunshine every morning, to go grounding, and then drink Omega 3, have vitamin injection every other day with Vitamin B Complex. I did that faithfully for more than a month. Aside from that, I also took B Complex orally.

I also monitored my heart rate. As I was prescribed some medicine supposedly to melt cholesterol, I did not take them. I understand the liver would be affected.

I went biking. Secretly, I went biking for one hour, never telling my doctor. However, I tried not to raise my heart rate to 122 beats per minute – just at 120 bpm. I did it slowly. I only went as far as Bgy. Sucad. I went round and round, very slowly. After one month, I scheduled for Stress Test. I simply followed all that Bro. Eli advised.

The Stress Test is where the heart and blood vessels will be tested to evaluate the cardiac treatment plan. A technician will rub small areas on your chest and place electrodes of sticky patches. The electrodes attached to an EKG monitor charts your heart’s activity during the test.

By this time I was running – exercising on a treadmill. I continued running – but until I can be exhausted, they told me. Suddenly the alarm rang! Even the doctors were alarmed. Just one of the flaps was loosened. Normally, they would stop the patient if they can see abnormalities on the screen. They would stop you because you are being monitored.

I did not understand so I kept running. I was not feeling anything – not at all exhausted. The doctors were asking me how I was. I said, “Nothing; I feel nothing. I am fine.”

The Stress Test was over. After a week, the results came out. The doctor said, “Okay, you can do what you like: Play basketball, go biking.” They were all surprised. There was blockage; now, there’s none? That’s one miracle.

Then I went to Brazil. Bro. Eli was talking one time to the ministers. I had written him about my health problem in about 24 pages. I was worrying then what would happen to my family. He turned to me and said, “Remember, the fear of God prolongs life. God has mercy.”

In Brazil, I’ve seen all the Locales like Sao Paolo, Curitiba, except one. I was not able to see Porte Alegre, the very first Locale. Because I had to keep seeing Bro. Eli on important matters, I went there during an International Thanksgiving in 2014.

The April 5-7 Thanksgiving in South America had allowed brethren from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Venezuela, among other Central and South American nations to join the offering of the sacrifices of Thanksgiving with the contingents from North America and Canada. And of course, there were the Filipinos beginning with Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.

My feeling was that it was like a gathering of all races worshipping the God of Israel. I went up the stage only twice: for opening prayer and when the household of Bro. Eli gave their presentation. I was with Bro. Rolly, Bro. Raymond, and Bro. Ryan. We were the cooks and we were cooking down the mountain because stoves were prohibited up the event area. So we were cooking down. We could hear the thunderclap – the thunderclap that the brethren heard during the service when Bro. Eli was giving texto. Thunderclap is God’s approval in the interpretation of the Church members. With this kind of thunderclap, there is no rain.

In our place down, there was one instance of showering but there was none up, where the event would take place. We were thankful for that because it kept us on the balance from the heat. Remember, the mountain area in Florianopolis was flattened to accommodate the makeshift tent built up for the event. Showers passed us, cooling us, but there was none up. If it did up, then the place would have gone muddy. The elevation of the mountain path was quite stiff and if it rained or showered, people would not be able to walk up because of the mud generated. But there was none up. It was like impossible then that showers selected our area down to cool us.

I walked up the mountain path for the opening prayer. Just walking up was already something different. I was noticing things that were not quite ordinary. I was walking – not riding a vehicle. I could not decipher my feelings. When I entered from the back of the stage, I could see a sea of faces. On the left side facing the stage were the Brazilians and on the right were the Latin Americans, and then the Filipinos. I could see the same faces that got affiliated in 1998 and now went abroad. There, I could feel the care of God.

With God’s mercy, these nations were all there. I could not explain my feelings. I just felt Jesus Christ was there during that event and my hairs stood on end. From the stage, the sight was somewhat overwhelming, stupefying, amazing! I remember the prophecy of many nations gathering for Christ. The brethren gathered in one place – they of different colors, and their flags all the more showed their diversity.  Flags and flags of diverse nations were waving and waving. It also happened that it was the 50th Anniversary of Bro. Eli’s work in the Church.

I witness for Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel as Walking Bibles. They have the summary of the Bible with them, how they behave, how they do things, how they talk always with wisdom.

I’ve been with Bro. Eli as we worked. Out of nowhere, he would suddenly say, “Remember, everything starts from small things.” But I am just lighting a fire! [Laughter]. “The universe started from…” Now and then, he would be shouting his thoughts like this. I just get astonished at this thinker.

Until now, he teaches me new things. When I just came from Brazil, I was full of the many new things I learned including about food. What I have read in Food Network, he had been telling me those much earlier. Here’s now just a piece, I thought. It’s good we have access to Cable and the more I appreciate that the wisdom Bro. Eli is already here. Then he keeps having new things to teach.

When he was still in the country, one time, he had a hearing in Bicol, “Glenn, cook for 500 people. Make Menudo. Chop 50 kilos meat, then place 5 kilos carrots, 10 kilos potatoes, and then one-kilo bell pepper. Place 3 bottles tomato sauce, one longneck bottle patis, one bottle soy sauce. Prepare them, and then cook. It will taste delicious.” Of course, it really tasted good. But he was the one who cooked! We were the ones assisting him but he was the one who cooked.

He also knows something we, engineers, were supposed to know. Bro. Raymond is an Electrical Engineer. I am an Electronics Communication Engineer. It was just that very simple. We needed to place the stones, prop the kawa (large vat), and then light the fire. Bro. Raymond prepared the set-up but it was not balanced. I did it, but it was not balanced.

“Give that to me! What are you engineers good for? You have no symmetry!” We were amused, noting that he’s really one of a kind.

He also has quick reflex. I could not forget this instance in the kitchen. The oil cooking the Chitcharon was being transferred to a thick plastic since there was nothing else to use. It happened that it was super-hot. Bro. Eli was holding on to something, but he was able to pull Sis Emy. The oil dispersed. Bro. Eli’s reflex was so quick he was able to keep Sis Emy safe, himself, and control the spreading oil. He is really a quick thinker. Of course, because he is a man of God; he is an instrument of God. That was in cooking.

What I have learned about parenting, I have learned from both Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. Bernie, one of Bro. Eli’s grandson when he was in Grade 3 and Grade 4 was assigned to me – just like Mai-mai and Bembe when they went biking. He loved his children and grandchildren so much. Whatever I have learned from them, like what vitamins they give, the doctors to consult – that’s what I do to my children.

If with Bro. Daniel, there’s really no one who has empathy for Bro. Eli greater then he has. Both of them have the same love for the brethren. I have experiences wherein they appear to think the same way. They are one. The thinking of Bro. Daniel is always along the thinking of Bro. Eli. With everything that Bro. Eli says, he applies what Paul said, “Think of what I said that you will be given understanding.” You see, whether we admit it or not, even if one has a Master’s Degree of whatever knowledge, be he a lawyer, doctor or whatever, no matter how brilliant you are of all languages, no matter how you think of what Bro. Eli is saying that we all hear during Pasalamat, if you were not given understanding like that one of Bro. Daniel, it will amount to nothing.

Because he was appointed for that. Whenever he thinks of what Bro. Eli says, he is given understanding of everything. That is where he defers. With the wisdom being given to him, when he thinks of those that Bro. Eli said, he does not go outside of what was said. Therefore, he does not violate them. It was Bro. Eli who said it, right?

There’s nothing Bro. Daniel could violate; there’s nothing he would supersede. Bro. Daniel also keeps saying at the KSP (Kapatid sa Pangalan or Brother in Name)  before yet, “Mark this: when Bro. Eli says, red, we will all be red. If I say, white, it will still be red. What Bro. Eli says is what we should follow. Whatever I say, as long as it contravenes what Bro. Eli says, we will follow what Bro. Eli says.” He’s like that. But for a long time, I have not seen any instance wherein he said something that goes against the grain of what Bro. Eli wanted to happen.

There were times, Bro. Daniel would say, it is like this. Then Bro. Eli would call. I simply smile because it’s like they read each other’s mind.

Let me share you this: There was a brother who had a problem. Bro. Daniel said, “This is what I can advise, but please ask Bro. Eli.” The brother was going to help and so he was told to ask Bro. Eli. The brother was to give a piece of property. He was not yet given the whole amount but the promise of the brother was half the land. He already spent his share of the half. The advise of Bro. Daniel was the same as what Bro. Eli said. I was just smiling when I read the email.

I could see Bro. Daniel’s subservience to Bro. Eli. “Still you have to ask Bro. Eli,” he would say. There were many times that what Bro. Daniel said were in accordance with Bro. Eli’s instructions.

There was another. They wanted to gather some brethren. Bro. Daniel said, “Thanks be to God. That was what I had wanted to happen.” It was always like that.

Most of the time, my communication with Bro. Eli is about financial problems: those that have to be paid abroad, the broadcast, how they will be paid. Sometimes he tells me about needing to pay the satellite expenses in North America – where Bro. Josel Mallari is assigned. Then we talk about familiar problems – the same problem before yet: how to send money to their place.

There are many points Bro. Eli is lamenting about. I do not know what to say and so when he laments, I have nothing to say. I could not advise him as that’s not possible, but he is lamenting and he is distressed. In my mind, what can I do? What could be done? I can only pray. I remember the verse that says when you are troubled, pray. Then try my best to follow instructions but sometimes they fail. You see, sometimes, instead of being helpful, you become the reason for problems.

The patience of Bro. Eli has grown wider for all because, his children are increasing, his grandchildren are increasing. He even became more compassionate for everyone. More often he would tell me to find people who can lend money. I am glad there are brethren who lend without interest, and there are others with interest. Those are the things we talk about: financing and the things to be paid.

When Bro. Eli first left for abroad late 2005, he told me, “Glenn, remember this: do not destroy my trust in you. If you do, it cannot be returned anymore.” He repeated that in year 2015, when Hammilan left for Brazil: “Do not destroy my trust in you. Just tell me when you have problems. If you need something, just tell me. Do not take money without my knowledge.” With God’s mercy, I am able to keep that trust. You see, he has money. You can approach him for help. He would always remember my mother, the mothers of the ministers, the mothers of his helpers, because he loves his own mother.

It really feels good that he remembers my mother. I didn’t grow up with my mother but they are with me. That was really something good. When my children have their birthdays, he remembers them. My wife had her birthday; he remembered her too.

Bro. Eli has his own money. He has businesses. He has the beach in Morong, he has dormitories, and there are the stores, the hydrogen water… One time in Brazil when I was there, we were accounting for the quarterly income of these businesses – only the rough estimates. The amount was enough for his dependents to have a decent life. It is very clear to us and to him that he won’t touch anything for the propagation. He is like that.

I have a paper here that says all these businesses: dormitories, stores, grocery, Morong, SBJ medical supplies, and others in other divisions are his. He was the one who released the capital. If there is income, it is written in the book. It says here, “This book certifies that there are businesses earning for Bro. Eli Soriano to ensure clean conscience and not avail of the contributions and offerings of the brethren for personal use nor for the needs of his loved ones.” Signed and witnessed by Bro. Danny Navales, Sis Luz Cruz. Prepared by: Bro. Glenn Labung.

That is why everything is clean for the conscience that Bro. Eli does not touch the contributions, even just the coins from the KNC. KNC is Kawan ng Cordero (Flock of Lambs).

I remember one time I was about to buy food for the children. I saw some coins so I got them. “Where will you bring those?” he asked me.

“I have to buy food. They’re asking me to buy.”

“Do not get from there!”

“Why, what are those?”

“Those are offerings. Get from my drawer. There’s money there.”

I remembered that. Those were offerings of the KNC – the coins. You cannot get from those for him.

For example, if he asks something to be bought abroad from Bro. Josel’s area, the payment would be taken from his money. If you have no money, he will replace it. You only have to tell how much you took. He’s like that.

Even with Bro. Daniel, he does not get to see the offerings. He does not intervene because he says he is not the Presiding Minister. We even see more of these money than he does. If someone gives him money, automatically they go towards the collection of offerings. “Remember this: When someone gives me money, include them there.” This was his instruction. From time to time, I would call Bro. Daniel on Saturdays, “This one came from a brother.” “Include it there,” is all he says. He does not get them for this personal use although they are meant for such.

How do I handle pressure? I have many assisting me. The basic principle is to follow instructions. If there’s something lacking, at least you followed. Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel would understand that. What I remember the utmost is that all one has to do is to follow instructions.

Whatever he says, follow. But if you fail, as long as you follow – that’s what’s important. That is what he said. Like one time, we had not declared money yet. We did not know yet how much we were carrying. It was illegal. International Law limits what you carry to $10,000. But we carried more than that because we were to pay satellite expenses. Because of the call of your faith, you know that the money must reach soonest so you carry the money with all your courage. I just must follow. With the mercy of God, I was able to do it.

The practice is to declare the money. But then the police of some Customs somewhere would get interested – though the money for the propagation is legal, and declared in the Philippines. This is reality. Not everyone in this world today recognize God and the work of God.

What is important is to follow. Whatever is the instruction, just follow and you will not be compromised. Yes, there is pressure and you cannot erase that. The pressures are around PNK, the work. But whatever it is, just go with it. God will have mercy, those things will push through.

But we are many. We have many helpers in the kitchen. We have those in the Grocery, those in Morong. Bro. Gerry Caroro is there; we help each other. Our companions are brothers. We work as a team and may God help us. #

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God knows I love them but I cannot do what my mother was asking me to do

They taped my Bible like this.

They taped my Bible like this.

One day, I found my Bible wrapped with duct tape on the sides. Whoever did it, may God have mercy on them. I tried to remove the tape without destroying the pages but I could not. I had no choice but to use a cutter to scrape the tape off my precious first Bible. That was a very sad day for me. I was asking myself then, “Why do they hate the Bible?”


By Erick Quinto

I was born to a family of devoted Catholics. Two of my maternal uncles are full-pledged priests, one of my maternal aunts is a nun and my maternal grandfather is a lay minister. Being raised in the Catholic religion and having been visiting my uncles in the seminary when they were studying to become priests, made me think of becoming a priest too during my high school days. I intimated to my parents about my desire to become a priest but my father discouraged me and told me that having two priests in the family is enough.

On a summer vacation of 1997, just before I entered college, one of my uncles from my father’s side told me about a religious program that he was fond of watching. I tried to watch the program in RPN 9 (TV 12 in Baguio) that used to air every 4 to 5PM. I found myself believing every word that the preacher in the program was preaching. That preacher is Bro. Eli Soriano of the religious program, Ang Dating Daan.

It was through Ang Dating Daan that I have known how abominable it is, bowing down before graven images. I have learned from Bro. Eli how blasphemous and disrespectful to God is the practice of calling the priests “Father.” Since then, I decided to forget my intention of becoming a priest because I have learned from Bro. Eli about the many errors and false doctrines of the Catholic Church.

When I entered college, I could still feel in my heart that I want to serve the Lord. On my way to school, I used to see a Bible school and I thought of dropping by to inquire. I believe that God saw what was in my heart so He kept reminding me about serving Him. But God did not permit me to inquire about that Bible school as it belonged a Born Again movement.

I continued listening discretely to Bro. Eli through a radio program that aired from Tarlac during that year, 1998. During those times, my parents discovered that I was listening to this preacher’s program and they started to discourage me. My mother told me that if I continued to listen to Bro. Eli and study the Bible, I would go crazy like our Jehovah’s Witness neighbor who went crazy.

Despite the discouragements, I continued listening to Bro. Eli’s radio program in the lowest radio volume as possible so my parents would not hear. I felt in my heart that I want to have a Bible so I took note of the contact information that was being announced in the program. The contact person was Sis. Lilian Gabriel and the contact number was 486-0062.

Using a payphone in our school campus, I called Sis Lilian to ask for a Bible. Fortunately, there was a brother who was working as a barber inside the campus of CLSU, my school. Honestly, that was very memorable because it was the first time in my life that I used a pay phone. Sis. Lillian referred me to Bro. Jonald Tamondong, the barber brother. I approached Bro. Jonald in his shop and asked for a Bible. He gave me my first copy and invited me to a Bible study. I happily accepted his invitation. We held Bible study sessions in his boarding house together with other CLSU students.

During those times when I was undergoing Bible studies with Bro. Ver Bunag, I had some heated discussions about religion in our class with my classmates who were INCs and Mormons. I told them the things that I have learned from Bro. Eli about the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the wrongness of the polygamous nature of Joseph Smith. One day after class, one of my classmates approached me and asked me if I also listen to Bro. Eli. I said yes and he told me that he was listening too, so, I informed him that I was attending Bible studies. Since then, the two of us attended the Bible study sessions and finished all of the topics in the worker’s outline. I had a notebook full of notes after all those Bible study sessions.

After listening to all those study topics, the worker invited us to listen to indoctrination sessions. He told us that we could study the words of God deeper in indoctrination sessions. I and my classmate, Bro. Lexor Bumanlag, attended the indoctrination sessions officiated by Bro. Luis Nolasco and Bro. Romy Adora at Cabanatuan City Coordinating Center. Cabanatuan City is more than an hour-and-a-half away from our school via jeepney travel.

Some of the CLSU students who listened ahead of us finished indoctrination in September 1998. It was on September 27, 1998 that I first went to Apalit, Pampanga coinciding with the baptism of the CLSU brothers. That was a thanksgiving day. The brothers were baptized during break time in the old baptisary. That was the first time that I saw Bro. Eli in person. I was very nervous then because I didn’t tell my parents that I would go to Apalit. I knew then that even if I told them, they wouldn’t permit me anyway.
The morning after that day, I went home and as I was dressing up, my father saw me and asked me where I came from. I told him that I came from the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga. I could tell by his voice that he was very angry and disappointed. He punched the wall to express his disagreement. He thought that I was already baptized.

One day, I found my Bible wrapped with duct tape on the sides. Whoever did it, may God have mercy on them. I tried to remove the tape without destroying the pages but I could not. I had no choice but to use a cutter to scrape the tape off my precious first Bible. That was a very sad day for me. I was asking myself then, “Why do they hate the Bible? What did the Bible do to them?” My family used the bible of the Catholic Church then. In fact, we have small Bibles at home so, why did someone do that to my own?

After the semester break, Bro. Lexor and I continued to listen to indoctrination sessions. It took us a few months to finish all the sessions because we only found time at daytime to attend the sessions during our long vacant periods in school. During the final session, the worker asked us to raise our right hand if we are ready and willing to accept baptism. We both raised our right hand.

November 20, 1998, Friday, a day before I turned 18, we went to Apalit to be baptized. I was crying as I queued in front of the newly constructed baptisary. Here was I, ready to surrender, to change my life and to serve God. I entrusted my fate to God. In my heart I said, “His will be done.” At 1:50PM, Bro. Manny Antonio baptized me.
Things were hard at the start because I was only 18 years old then and I was studying BS Civil Engineering. My parents are non-members of the church. Discouragements, hardships and persecutions came as expected. During school days, attending gatherings was not a problem because I had allowance. But during school vacations, I had to save money for fare so I could go to the locale.

There was one Sunday when my mother was pulling me from bed as she cried to convince me to go to church to attend the mass. God knows that I love them but I cannot do what she was asking me to do because it is against God’s will. The Roman Catholic Church? I go there?

One December 25 morning, Catholic’s Christmas day that coincided with MCGI’s international thanksgiving, I told my father that I would go to Apalit to attend Church. He said, “If you will leave, don’t return.”

I left but I returned and with God’s help, everything went fine. One of my uncles from my father’s side told me that because of this church that I attended, I would not be able to finish my studies. I took it as a challenge and with God’s help, I finished my course in due time and passed the board exam afterwards.

My unforgettable encounter with my priest uncle was when he was drunk and was forcing me to drink wine. He was very angry because I firmly refused. One of my priest uncles unfriended me in Facebook because of my posts and even posted Catholic Faith Defenders’ blog that attacks me on his FB wall.

My paternal uncle who invited me to watch Ang Dating Daan in 1997 is still a non-member. He blocked me in Facebook recently. I pity him and his family. He could have led his family to true service to God if he was brave enough to obey the Lord and face the consequences.

With God’s help, mercy and guidance, I continue to serve God despite various hindrances while keeping in mind that as long as I am willing to do His will, God will help me through – all the way.


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I Went as Far as Being Part of those Planning to Kill

Whatever I claim on TV, it does not come back to me. I can go out, but I am being careful. To me, if God does not allow a Maya to fall to the ground, it won’t fall.

By Eddinor “Laddie” Sibug

I was a handog* and I grew up with the Iglesia ni Cristo. Since my childhood I was nurtured in that faith in going to Worship services among the youth.

I attended the Angeles City Locale because my parents lived there.  We went to Church services and there was no doubt in my mind that what they were teaching was the truth. This included the teaching that Christ is man. Never did I doubt that.

Came 1964, we moved to Cavite. I spent my formative years at Naic where my mother became a deaconess. My father was abroad that time in Guam. Both of them were active in the Church. Though my father did not have a position in the church, I heard that when he was younger, he was a church worker.

All of my relatives in Angeles City are staunch members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Most of them are ministers. My uncle named Moring Piscasio, husband of my brother’s sister, was one of them.

I learned that my relatives watch the program, D’X-Man at UNTV and they say, “There goes Laddie. He was led astray. In Cavite, when he was younger, he was formed through so many Church responsibilities. Now, it is different.”

At the age of 11, I was baptized with the Iglesia ni Cristo without any indoctrination sessions. You see, if you are a handog, you do not have to undergo this thing. If you are active in attending worship services, you are considered like your parents and there is no need for this.

So in 1967, at age 11, I became part of them. I was head of the youth in singing and in worship service.  I became president of the KADIWA (Kapisanan ng Diwang Wagas). [Trans: Society of Lasting Principles]. Before it became KADIWA, it was KMP (Kapisanan ng Maligayang Pagtatagumpay) [Trans: Society of Blissful Victory]. The name was formed from the name of Felix Manalo, the messenger.

In my formative years, I never doubted that Felix Manalo is a messenger of God, that he is the fulfillment of all the prophecies mentioned in the Bible, the worm Jacob, the bird of prey. There was no doubt to me about those. I was nurtured in those things. I had no doubt.

Then I became head of the choir. I stayed long with them – up until I reached college – up until I got married. Then they removed me from choir and made me a deacon. I was only 20 years old then, the youngest deacon at that time. After two years, I became 5th head deacon. There are only 5: the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, and then the 5th.The 5th is the one handling the group of the Chapel. You are the one who knows about the building of the chapel. When it comes to maintenance of the chapel, that is your problem. There are relationships with the 4 and so I was holding many responsibilities.

There was no doubt in my mind that the doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo were true. And there was no point in time that when they were challenged for debates, they would back out. None! There was none of that. For example, the challenge was made in the morning at 8 AM and the topic is the true nature of Jesus Christ, by 2 PM, they would be there at the Plaza. There was no pre-debate conference in those days.

Time came that I was able to leave for abroad in 1983. I went to Seattle, Washington. I was also active there but my being deacon was stripped off from me. I was TNT [hide and hide] during those days. I was in uniform when I went there, quite courageous to live in America. I stayed there for 15 years.

My barkada were also INC brethren but we were drinking.  We went to parties; we would go to Celebrity. We went to disco houses. My companions were all members of the Iglesia ni Cristo.


One time, we did a hold-up. My companions and I were taking drugs – were taking cocaine. I was hooked on that. You can’t just imagine that I was very active in going to Church, but after the service, I would be sniffing drugs.

I had a case in Seattle about credit cards. The postal inspector was after us. In other words, my name there was quite known. I left and went to San Francisco. There, I went to Church on and off. Despite that, I was an INC at heart – that “whatever you do, maintain, emphasize your membership in the church and you will be saved on Judgment Day.”

That was the teaching they taught us – that whatever you do, just make sure you are listed. When Christ returns you will be saved because when the time comes, it will be read – the Book of Life. Isn’t it? When your name is not there, you will not be saved. That is what they taught us at the INC.

I had many companions in San Francisco. Some were actors. That included Philippine Actor William Martinez. He was hooked on drugs – just like us.

In 1989, I moved out of San Francisco to Los Angeles. That was where I met the mother of my child. I hid the relationship because it was forbidden with the INC. I kept it a secret from 1990 up until 1995. I was attending Church services in other locales. I would go to Hollywood, to Riverside, to Anaheim. I went where I could not be seen just to conceal my sin. I did not like to be excommunicated. No, I did not like to be excommunicated. Never. Because once I get expelled, I won’t be saved. With the INC, we were taught, “no matter what you do in life, just maintain your membership in the church and you will be saved.”

If you have a transfer form, you hide it, and I did. There was no way they will expel me because they did not know where I was listed. But there will come a time the truth is revealed. They saw my son – about 5 or 6 years old at that time – when we were eating at Wendy’s. They reported that I had a family there and I was expelled. Despite that, I still attended church. They also did not push me out. In fact, giving contributions is not allowed, but they gave me a chance to do so. I was proving that I was faithful and I did not make any absences from the gatherings.

Then I came home to the Philippines, but it was most difficult, leaving my child behind. That was in 1998 when we were at the airport. My child was crying, but because of my faith I had to come back to the country. I needed to be re-instated with the Iglesia ni Cristo. In the country, I stayed close to Noel Sebastian.

There was a bigwig from Bulacan. All the goons and fools, he was the handler. One of those was my first cousin, the Chief of Police of Malolos. That was why I was at the INC Central every day.

So I came back to the country, but I left my family. The one in charge of South California said, “Go back to the Philippines. Your re-instatement will be easier. You can speak to Eraṅo.” I followed that advice.

My conscience was bothering me because I believed the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true church so I sacrificed my family, I sacrificed my son. At the airport, he asked me, “Papa, where are you going?”

“I’m going home.”

“Are you gonna leave us?” I could not answer my son. But I had intended that if I could go back to them, we will find a way to be together.

When I returned to the country, I saw that things were different. In my enthusiasm to be re-instated, I was at the Central every day. Then I took a vacation in Cebu. That was where I watched Bro. Eli – in the year 2000 at his program in SBN21. I was watching on and off. With what he was saying, I was getting insulted. I even wanted to shoot the TV. I carried a gun that time.

It was not my intention to open to his program, however. It happened that Bro. Eli was talking about the Iglesia ni Cristo. He was saying, “This is the very verse they would not read to you!”

Proverbs 8:22

The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

That meant nothing to me – the one that he had read. I went back to Luzon, but since then, I was watching his program. There was just the Ang Dating Daan of Bro. Eli; there was no Ang Tamang Daan yet of the INC. So I was watching since 2000. In 2004, I decided to undergo indoctrination. That was after 5 years of watching. I was hard-headed then, can you see? At that time, I saw those from the Iglesia ni Cristo coming out: Sis Lydia Manuyag, Bro. Romy Espaṅol, Bro. Larry Erfilo, Bro. Manny Husay. They left the INC and I heard them hurl a challenge on TV.

It was Bro. Romy Espaṅol who insisted on a debate. He was saying Maximo Bularan accepted the challenge and there was already a signed agreement. I was waiting for that. So, there would be a pre-date conference yet? I was getting confused. There was nothing of that kind before. Up until I said, “Go ahead, fight! Win or lose, I will continue being an INC! Even if there are proofs, I will not leave the INC. I will still continue. I will still approach Eraṅo! I will return. I did not doubt about the INC being the true church.”

But then because I watched Bro. Eli, I began to have doubts in my mind. If I watched him, all my questions were being answered. There was a time he was discussing Proverbs 8:22. When he read it, something was happening to me. What’s this you are doing to me? Can you give me a sign? I was in Malolos that time.

I went to the nearest Ang Dating Daan Locale but I felt that I have rattled the people there. At that time, the Ang Dating Daan and Ang Tamang Daan were having what is called a running debate. They answered each other over TV. At the Locale, there was Bro. Adonis and Sis Mariel attending to me. “What again did you say is your religion?”

“Iglesia ni Cristo.”

“So why are you here?

“To have indoctrination, I said.” [Laughter]. They were perplexed and as though looking at me from far away.

“Do you know anybody from here?”

“None.” I just saw your sign there outside – Ang Dating Daan. I used to listen in Paombong. I watched VHS tapes of Bro. Eli.”

“What if your brothers will stop you?”

“No! No one can stop me!” I said that, but I wasn’t sure then because of what happened to me afterwards.

I was really tested. In going to my indoctrination sessions, I was riding on a motor cycle. I was driving straight ahead but my motor cycle suddenly turned back! I met an accident. My foot got swollen before I could start, but still I went ahead to the sessions patiently.

I was often at the Locale and I continued on. Friday came and it was supposed to be the last session. But by Thursday, my fever ran high. I thought it was just some flu. I was alone at the locale when I dropped flat like I was between life and death. This was when my indoctrination sessions were supposed to be over. The officers were there. I was saying, “I think I am not allowed, I am being stopped.”

I stayed one week at the Sacred Hospital in Malolos and I was seeing so many weird things. The door to my room was opening without anyone being seen. The room was noisy though I alone stayed there. I was being bothered by bad spirits the whole time I was there.

I repeated the last indoctrination session. I told the workers what I experienced and of my feeling that something was holding me back. After that, the officers conducted me to Paombong.  Bro. Tito Postinor, the president said, “That’s not true! It’s not true that God does not like you. Just go on!” I felt that God disowned me, that I was an outcast – that God did not like me to be baptized. Because you see, I had a lot of sins. Perhaps God was so angry with me for leaving my son.

After a week, I got baptized by Bro. Pablo Angue. During the time I was being led to the water, I thought I would die. I was crying without stop. When Bro. Pablo was asking me, “Are you ready to turn back from your old life?” I felt that, that was the most beautiful thing that happened in my life – that I got baptized in the Church of God.

The feeling was something heavenly – as though someone was leading me to the waters – from making a vow to turn away from my past, to flexing my knees, up until I was immersed and back. I really liked the feeling.

I let my relatives know that I got baptized in the Church of God, especially my cousin in Malolos. He said, “Oh, so you turned your back from our religion?”

“Why, yes! The teachings with the INC are false! I found the correct ones. So, Christ is not man! He existed before the material world was formed. There was a Christ before – the son of God.”

“Yes, that is better than having no religion at all,” he said with a grain of salt.

I simply smiled.

Grace, my sister-in-law, the wife of a minister, said, “Kuya, have you really forgotten all the principles of our faith? Grace was close to me. I had sent her to school.

“No, I have not forgotten. The problem is that they are false! Felix Manalo is not really a messenger, but one simply compromised! He is not the one, but Jesus Christ. When I was young, if you asked me who the Worm Jacob is, I would readily reply, ‘Felix Manalo.’ But now, I found out, it is not true. That was and is Jesus Christ.”

“What are you saying?”

“I was enlightened, and I want you also to be enlightened. Salvation is here – in the Church of God. If the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true Church, why is it that with Felix Manalo snakes walked on his stomach? Can you explain that to me? No one among those ministers with me was able to explain that. Ka Bayani, Rolan Esguerra – those were the important ministers I went with. They were my barkada. They cannot explain. What they were saying was, ‘Keep on contributing and contributing. That is where all the commandments fall. And when you contribute and contribute, you will be saved.’”

There! That is a false faith! It has no basis from the Bible. It has not taught anything! And then the drinking over there – people in the Iglesia ni Cristo drink and drink liquor!

My companions in the Iglesia were church workers. Before we even fulfill our singing assignment, we take a shot at the Ministerial House. One shot each so that we have one sin each. It is nice to pray with sins, they say. If you have sins, you have something to pray for.

Ka Kundangan was the one in charge before. He would bring Fundador with a wine cup from which he drank. The trainee workers would come to our house that looked like there is no way out when you are there. The bathroom is there. The beer is there, the pulutan is there. That’s how I was able to come to that point with the Iglesia ni Cristo, with a head deacon planning some killing.

I became part of those – the killing plans. For example, the target person raped. The question from higher headquarters is, “Is our sister beautiful? Ugly?” If ugly, the answer is, “You are really shameless! Even the ugly, you rape!”

However, if the sister raped is beautiful, the answer is, “Ah, he was really tempted.” The target person will not be killed. But if the raped one is ugly, you are a goner! You will surely be abducted. You will disappear from the face of the earth! That was my experience when it came to killing.

I came to the ADD Compound in October 2004. You will notice, I was not with the earlier D’X-Man episodes. It happened that there was someone from the INC whose love for me was such that until now she is after me. At the time that I had my hands full with taping, I lived with my first cousin – a police, in Malolos. He was hiding me because I was being seen on TV. But someone – Michael Guevarra – from the INC Central in Diliman saw me. I was ironing clothes. That was my daytime part-time job. My cousin paid me 350pesos for that.

“Brother, let’s eat.”

As I came out, Guevarra looked at me and said, “As if I know you.”

“Perhaps a look-alike.”

“No! I saw you on TV!”

I did not anymore object. He saw me on TV, at our program in UNTV. After that, the ministers, the deacons, the SCAN, began coming to the house. They were forcing me to leave, or else my cousin will be expelled. My cousin and I were very close – much closer than biological brothers. And now, he was blaming me for what happened. He had preferred the Iglesia ni Cristo over me. If I don’t leave, they will expel him. In fact, they also planned to hit me in 2008, but I was able to stay with my cousin for two years. That’s the reason I came to live here at the ADD Compound.

With my family abroad, I have no more communication with them. They are not INC. I tried every year to establish some communication with them but I was frustrated. March 1 is the birthday of my son and by that time, I would be searching for them. But they are not in Facebook. They have no names online. First, I chose the INC over them, but they cannot understand that. That is what the INC has inculcated in my mind. They say the Iglesia ni Cristo is the path to the Holy Nation. Whatever you do, just maintain your membership and you will be saved – whatever foolishness you have. This, however, does not apply to all, but to those who have handled sensitive positions, it does. That is what they taught me.

I had handled the position of Head Deacon 5. That is not a simple position. So, whatever I claim on TV, it does not come back to me. I can go out, but I am being careful. In fact, I go out alone. Sometimes, Bro. Noe asks me to do things outside and it is okay with me. To me, if God does not allow a Maya to fall to the ground, it won’t fall.

Just like the case of Bro. Marcos Mataro. There was an INC minister who talked to me in Malolos. He said, “Didn’t you know it was Eliseo Soriano who ordered Marcos Mataro to be killed?” He told me that – eyeball to eyeball. I looked at him.

“How wise can you get! You are able to pass on a lie! So that your children will believe your lies! And as for me, I know very well that Brother Eli will never do that – to plan any murder! With them, to revenge is not good. That is the doctrine of the Church of God. That is being implemented there. What you are thinking is very far from the truth!”

“Ah, hopeless! Hopeless! You are really out from us!”

“Of course! I am really out from you – in 2004 yet! And you only arrived just now.”

It is really nice to be with truth. The feeling is also good when you lay down your life – however that is difficult. When you are not materially secured, you might be tempted – if you do not hold on to the teachings. As for me I am happy to be with truth. Every Saturday, my happiness overflows with truth. I am also happy because I have a family. When they listened to Bro. Eli, right away, they submitted to indoctrination. With me, it took 5 lengthy years before I got affiliated. I scrutinized all those beliefs that I will be living with.

First, my happiness overflowed about the nature of Christ and the Worm Jacob topics. I was alerted by those. I thought it was Felix Manalo who was the Worm Jacob. Then it turns out, the answer is, “Debate with the Pope of Rome first!” That is preposterous! Absurd! Insane!

They will not really face Bro. Eli in a debate. They are only giving reasons. They have no might. To say, “Debate with the Pope of Rome first!” is a delaying tactic. They cannot fight and they won’t.

I just commiserate with the people who follow them. Imagine that! They say, “Debate with the Pope of Rome first!” Does the Pope of Rome fight? You cannot challenge one who is already established! You are the one being challenged and then you pass the challenge on to someone?

These INC ministers are really fools! During those days I was with them, I looked up to them as gods. Those ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo were gods to us and that is why, no matter what they say, we bowed to them.

But now? No more! They are just garbage. They have nothing to advance to Bro. Eli. That is why when discussions are being opened up for them, to me it is only a waste of time. They will never fight.

When I was with the INC, you cannot look at us because we have a place for you. We can punch you and when we do that, there is no mention of any teaching why we do that. We only need to mention a name, a different one – and don’t you ever mention our true names!

And we closely watched the Temple. When I was assigned there, I had an armalite with me, and when I have a gun with me, it will really fire. That is how much we loved the Temple. Have you seen our chapels used for charity work? No! It was because we believed they are only for the glory of God. Watch out! You have to take care.

Just throw a stone at the windows and if you were seen, oh, my! You will evaporate fast! That is true. So no one ever does those things. None, because if you do, you have a place where you can be stocked. There are times you can insult a member. That can be okay. But if it is the temple you insult, you wrote on it, that is very grave.

Regarding bloc voting, I do not recall any instance where I broke the order. If they say, vote for Erap and his line-up, I submitted to it 100%. I believed in that. But I knew that some of my companions did not follow that 100%. That is what I wanted to happen here with us in the Church of God, but there is none of that.

Bloc voting is really power. If the politicians know we are bloc voting, they will recognize us as a group with power. That’s the reason the Iglesia ni Cristo maintain that practice. But now, not so much because they were exposed with that Party List thing – that they are really not that many as what happened to ALAGAD. They are not that many. They are just going along with the popular candidate as reflected in surveys.

During those days, when I was in high school, I was also used for surveys. We went to the barangays to find out who is the strongest contender. That is the one we submitted in the name of our Division. From there, they based their decision on who is the most likely winning candidate.

The Iglesia ni Cristo does not really support candidates in the real sense. That means it is not true that the INC is a king-maker. It only goes where the wind blows: to the strongest contender. So, there is no truth to all those stories about the INC making candidates win. But if you asked us what we believed in, we say we did it 100%.

There was no INC teaching that I threw away – because since childhood, I was being formed in those things. There was no teaching I objected to. All of them, I followed. That is why to me, the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true church. It only changed when it was Bro. Eli teaching.

Over here, there are many changes we had undergone. Before, I would smoke 3 packs a day, matched with liquor. I do not like the imported kind but the stainless one – the gin. I used to drink gin with straw. I don’t get drunk with beer, that’s why. Not even with Fundador. So I drank gin with pulutan. It is only that I eat much pulutan. Then when we were drank, Malolos belonged to us. That was because my cousin was a Policeman. All the entertainment belonged to us. With women, there was no problem. That was my life with the Iglesia ni Cristo.

I realize it is very hard to lose relatives. Before, my relatives used to send me text messages about their events, but now, no more. There is a change of family – and a shift of values.

I am thankful to God. For all my foolishness and the things I did in life before, I am not worthy, but why did he call me? That is a miracle that I am thanking God for. I am not really worthy, but he has given me a chance – to be saved. So this is it. I am being used in a small way in the D’X-Man program, though it is not much. And I hope not to waste the chance.


*Handog means handed over, donated, presented. In the Iglesia ni Cristo, these are young children given to the Church by their parents. They get baptized, hardly knowing what teachings they were accepting at baptism. Church services for the youth differed from that of the adults in terms of day and time.

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If I Don’t Join your Church, Will I Scorch in Hell?

His lifeless body sprawled on the ground, his head smashed, his oozing blood – I worried that my parents saw those, or else they would pull me out.

 Jarell De Jesus, D’X-Man

One time I watched the program of Maximo Bularan. I think that was in IBC 13. Maximo Bularan and Rene Panoncillo, very emphatically were saying, “Our countrymen, we are inviting you. We want you to be saved. If you do not get affiliated with this Church, your bones will scorch in hell.” That was what got me. I was convinced by what Bularan said. I then began to see how I could join them.

In our Barangay, 50% are Catholics, 40% are Iglesia ni Cristo. In other words, we did not get hard up in locating them. I asked around and found a Chapel there. Actually, I only talked to our neighbor with a family of “handog” (handed over). Their father was a head deacon of the town, and then he had a minister son. All of the children are handog. So we are called “bunga” (fruit). Bunga to them is member.

For six months continuously attending their indoctrination, I had no absence though I was going to school. They call that trial. In that six months, they will see if you will not turn back. You are being tried but you are not considered a member – just a visitor. Yet, I was already giving contributions. I was only 18 then. Though I was studying, I was strictly going to their church services. After six months, I was baptized.

With them, if a Barangay Captain gets affiliated, he is considered 100 members. If a child of the Barangay Captain gets affiliated, she is worth 10 members. We don’t see documents proving that though. Anyway, I did not stay long there, but I mastered their doctrines. I memorized them.

Christ is man; Felix Manalo is an angel from the east; he is worm Jacob, a messenger of the last days; and many more. I believed then that Felix Manalo is a messenger.

I was a student staying in a boarding house. One time our gate was locked, but I climbed up the gate just so I could get out. Of course, it was too early and I did not like to disturb our landlady. I would attend worship services of the Iglesia ni Cristo in the early morning. From the boarding house to the place of worship is four kilometers. I would walk that distance. There were jeeps going there; there were tricycles, but I did not mind them. I wanted to make it on my own. I wanted to feel the dedication because I felt I found the truth. I was very active.

With the Iglesia ni Cristo, when it comes to Santa Cena (Holy Supper), you would see thick jewelries, beautiful dresses, and the owners would be seated at the front. Seating arrangement separated the males from the females, and children were not allowed to enter. It has the impression of discipline and order, but it looks disturbing for some. There were instances members did not attend gatherings for lack of money.

“Why didn’t you attend?”

“I did not have anything for contribution.”

I had seen personally Eraṅo Manalo when he went to Capaz, Tarlac. The Manalo’s are really tall – like the race of angels. When Eraṅo visits a locale, he has an advance party. The SCAN would be there.

It is early morning; the ambiance would be like Christ coming down. There is that impending congregational crying. There is a promise of stampede coming. During that time, the members shook hands with him.

That one time, the door was just opening and the crying began. Huhuhuhu… That is what they have instilled in us – not the teachings but that form of crying. That kind of crying in waves, that you can make the whole group cry – that is their definition of graceful prayer. Full of spirit, that is.

So, the door begins to open because Eraṅo Manalo is coming. Right away the crying begins. “Brothers, what is this? He is not yet here! Why do you start crying?”  Silence – as if on reality check.

I saw Manalo arrive. The door is being closed to prevent stampede.

In my observation, Eraṅo is not very good at delivering a topic. He finishes. Then there is no prayer yet but they would begin crying, and the crying is too much.  I could not cry; I didn’t know why. As if I had to force myself to cry, but I could not. I was wondering why because I was crying with them before.

The crying came in waves. It seemed like they practiced doing that. There were waves and waves of crying that rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell. Meanwhile, the chapel seemed to shake…. was shaking.

SisJarell 1.jpg
“Rise up… father! Huhuhuhuhu!” My hair stood on end! It was like demonic. I did not like to hear it because it was like calling for a demon.

There was crying, crying, crying – in waves and waves that rose and fell. The chapel seemed to shake from much crying. Since the chapel was concrete and enclosed, when they cried together, their prayer created an eerie sound, and then accompanied by waves.

I saw the INC having influence in the barangay because every time there is a problem and it is the INC members who are at fault, they are given favor. When it came to the local government, in the Municipal Hall, they are backed up by the Barangay Captain.

As an INC member, I was able to convert my father who was a Barangay Captain before. There were issues in the barangay. I think he needed some defense and the Iglesia ni Cristo promises defense for their members. Then and there, he got affiliated. So now, there were two of us attending the church gatherings.

What hurts was that, when I got affiliated with the Church of God International that Bro. Eli Soriano is Presiding Minister to, my father was excommunicated by the Iglesia ni Cristo. He was the incumbent barangay captain and he was to be on his third term. For this supposed third term, a Catholic fought him. Though the INC backed up my father, he lost in the elections because the strength of the Catholics was fierce.

According to my father, when you lose, you are marked; history records that loss. So after that loss, the following election, my father had his own protégé that he had groomed for Barangay Captain to beat the one who had beat him. But his opponent was rich. She paid the Iglesia ni Cristo. In short, the one carried by the INC was the one who paid them. The elections went on as usual.

My father did not completely believe in the doctrines of the INC who required bloc voting. In his pride, he still pushed for his protégé and disregarded the INC requirement. When the INC learned about it, my father got excommunicated.

I challenged my father: “Pa, I thought yours is the true church and outside, there is no salvation. Why did they excommunicate you? So now, you have no salvation!” My father simply bowed his head. He remained silent. I pity him.

But I didn’t count that as loss. There are many who had been excommunicated just for refusing to bloc-vote the candidate of the Iglesia ni Cristo.  On the other hand, I am happy they excommunicated him. It is not a loss.

I grew up a Catholic, but there came a time I was looking for truth. I went here and there. I also listened to Wilde Almeda of the Jesus Miracle Crusade. I also listened to Mike Velarde. I have heard his three jumps, three eggs. Invert the umbrella for the rain of blessings from heaven. I knew all those. Those were really weird. Really weird! Now, here comes the Iglesia ni Manalo. They are using the Bible, but they are deceiving.

So, I was back to looking for truth but truth was like a shadow. You cannot see light in a shadow. My father began watching Bro. Eli, I began watching too.

But we were not allowed to watch Bro. Eli. So if you watch, you will have some guilt feeling. You would be shy to open the channels. But in RPN9, I watched Bro. Eli.

In the INC, they always read to us the Lamsa version of Acts 20:28. Take care of your body and the whole body… redeemed by the Church of Christ.  Meanwhile, while I was watching Bro. Eli’s program, Bro. Eli mentioned that the INC exclusively use this version because it mentions “Church of Christ,” but all other versions use “Church of God.”

Now, since it was “Iglesia ni Cristo” (Church of Christ) that was instilled in my mind and not “Iglesia ng Panginoon” (Church of God), I believed Soriano was lying. Then I began to research.

We knew that. It was RPN9 and Free TV. It was clear to find it. I did not believe because I looked at Bro. Eli as a demon. That was what was being said with us. “Do not watch! His demonic spirit might convey to you!”

We read Pasugo, the INC magazine. But they did not allow us to read the Bible. They say there is a right involved. Since you cannot understand, why do you read? Oh, yes, so why should I read? To one who was made to understand that, it is to him who should read that. Reading is only meant for those chosen like the ministers, their pastors. They alone have the right to read the Bible.

So we had to listen to the minister. But when I got affiliated with the Church of God, I was surprised to find that all of the members carried Bibles. That is including the children from the Kawan ng Cordero (KNC). They, too, had Bibles with them. You see, we were much deprived of reading the Bible. Whenever we saw the Bible, we shunned it. But over here, everyone carries a Bible and is writing notes!

Over with the Iglesia ni Cristo, the talk is that Bro. Eli was their member but they excommunicated him. They said, he had misappropriated some funds and that is why he was excommunicated. That is how they bad-mouth him. They prohibited us from watching Bro. Eli’s programs. There were times it was their treasurer who was talking. They also said Bro. Eli is reading the Bible but his interpretations are not correct. What he was saying was not true, they said.

But my father watched Bro. Eli’s program. We were watching for two years. I was watching with my father. Bro. Eli was discussing things that were too hurtful to the ears. I was hurting. Bro. Eli was saying Manalo is not an angel from the east.

“No! That is really Manalo!” I was reacting.

“Read. The angel from the east is Christ! Those numbered were 144,000. So how can that be Manalo? Did Manalo ever go to Israel?”

After two months watching, I noticed that I was already wearing skirts – instead of pants. I was not cutting my hair anymore. From January 2000 onwards, I did not anymore.

I was baptized on July 28, 2000. By October, I became a Church worker. Then I was being sent to my assignments. But INC ministers began coming to our house. They had new fabrications about Bro. Eli that they were propagating – that Soriano is a rapist; he is like this, like that. When I went home, the head deacon had collected articles against Ang Dating Daan and Bro. Eli. He placed them at the side and gave them to my father for me. I think they wanted me back.

I was being visited by officials of the Church locale, and the minister assigned there. They insisted, “Christ is man!”

“No, he is not!” I gave them a verse so that they can understand, then we began debating.

“Ah, so, you are changing words in the Bible!”

“What changing? Read! Read!”

The following day I was assigned to the Locale of Yangka. Singing started.  If you are the front, it means you are playing a role. I saw the QUAT all went out. After the gathering, as I left, I noticed that there were the INC ministers who went to our home! They were many! I think they were deacons.

They asked me, “What are you doing here?” That means they followed me to my assignment. I never thought they knew where I would be assigned. I did not know that. They were there: the INC deacons, officials of the locale. It has been three years, yet they followed me. They saw me.

“What are you doing here?”

I hurried out.

“Answer me! What are you doing here?”

That was night time when I left the house. My father said, “Did you know that my brothers are stalking you?” My father knew; he knew their caliber. He was their member that time.

Again, my father said, “One time, they asked me, how many children do you have?”

“Six. But one of them was killed by the Iglesia ni Cristo.”

I did not like this to happen. Because, you know, they know. That means we are on their hotlist.  We were receiving many death threats. They had been going to my father too because they excommunicated him. They wanted him back.

I came here to Apalit because of our program. Bro. Marcos Mataro invited me. He was our pilot in D’X-Man. We were the ones answering the Iglesia ni Cristo for their attacks against Bro. Eli. I did not expect that the program will stay long. After three episodes, they let me stay here until I became a mainstay.

Of course, there is no verbatim order that we cannot get out of the compound. But since Bro. Marcos Mataro was murdered, things have become rather difficult. If you go home, you should ask permission. If not allowed, you cannot. They were texting before. “We will kill Marcos! We will bury him alive. Those of you who are alive, we will skin you alive.”

Our program had a cell phone number reflected for comments and suggestions. One comment said, “You are such an animal, Mataro! You are a loud mouth!” Another message said, “You will not last up to 2008.”

We laughed. Though we knew they kill, we never expected they would do it to Bro. Marcos. So when he was murdered, “Oh, yes, so they gave us an example! The text message, after all, is true. They’re going to do it!”

After that, my world has shrunk terribly. There are areas in the Convention Center Compound that I cannot go to. I simply shift from my office, then back to my quarters. If ever I go home, there is always an escort for me. After Bro. Marcos died, we had to stay put.

SisJarell 2
I want to go home to see my parents. Just in my dreams I wanted to embrace them. I simply embrace them in my dreams. One time, I was able to go home because I was escorted. I was worrying that my parents watched the “Cry for Justice for Bro. Marcos Mataro.” His lifeless body sprawled on the ground, his head smashed, his oozing blood – I worried that my parents saw those, or else they would pull me out.

I would not like to stop because we were at the peak of the battle for him. And UNTV had very good reception. I was just wondering that ever since Bro. Marcos died, up until I went home, there was no access to UNTV37 in our place. They did not know Bro. Marcos died. If they knew, they would surely send for me. More so if they learned about our bludgeoned brothers by Jollibee restaurant.

My father said, “It had been a long time we had no reception for UNTV.” I was very happy. Thanks be to God! Did you know when they learned that Bro. Marcos died? This December 2013! That was the time I had the courage to tell them Bro. Marcos died in 2008 yet. That’s already many years ago.

My father asked me, “So how is Mataro?”

“Mataro? He was elevated”

“Ah, is he now with Soriano?”

I told him, he died and because of the “Cry for Justice,” we were filed a case. We appeared in court once. Bro. Eli, Bro. Daniel, all X-Man hosts were named respondents.

Of course, there were the QUATS. Once, I was looking out at the veranda, the QUAT said, “Sis, no!” He told me to move away from there. Then the case filed in Marawi City in Mindanao, our lawyers there are the ones moving. Up until now.

My trials involve limited access to people. If you mention going to market, that would be like a dream come true to me. “Oh! Good for you, you were able to go to market!”

Bro. Marcos was just murdered. It changed everything for us and shrunk our personal space. Early morning you would be awakened, the security would give you instructions. The mind is so tortured. Then there were the threats. The press would bombard you with stories.

Amidst that, you hear, “Let’s go to the market!” If I could do that, I would find myself fulfilled that I can already die. My feelings were like that – because my world has become too small.

One time I went home, it was night time. Out of the window of the car, I saw the trees. I opened the windows and looked at them, the surroundings. When I looked at the trees, I was very happy. Just to see the trees outside, I was very happy.

SisJarell 3

Here’s one thing I cannot forget. When I was baptized, Bro. Eli said during our orientation: “Brothers and sisters, I have nothing to give you. My only instruction is, when it comes to righteousness, when it comes to faith, whatever the time, call me and I will defend you.”

That was what Bro. Eli said. “When it comes to righteousness, when it comes to faith, whatever the time, call me and I will defend you.”

I had not seen this with the ministers of Manalo – that when it came to righteousness, they are concerned for one soul that when you look at it, is like worthless, it is like nothing.

Not so with Bro. Eli.

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I have witnessed how the flock that Bro. Eli is leading multiply in number

I opted to join Bro. Eli’s group, together with the senior brethren in the church, including the relatives of Brother Perez.  That time, our former colleagues came out with several tactics that were meant to malign Bro. Eli.  But I was never affected by any of those because I have witnessed how Brother Eli sincerely led the brethren.

Bro. Mauricio Bernardo

When I was a  kid, I used to work as an “aguador,”  one who fetches water for a living.  The Americans were the ones who dug that deepwell where I used to fetch water for my neighbors.  I also sold junk foods in the movie theters, the reason why I was able to watch movies during that time.  As a young man, I was fond of having my clothes tailored.  I also liked playing basketball but when I got injured on one occasion, I stopped playing.  My attention was diverted to baseball.

During our time,  if a man was courting a woman, he had to serenadde her.  That was why, my friends and I used to accompany one another whenever we serenaded the girls we were courting.

Before I was given the chance to listen to the teachings of God,  I used to drink “lambanog”- a fermented coconut water, and I also used to watch movies.  I also used to sell cigarettes.  But because I was also a gambler then, all my earnings from selling cigarettes were also lost.

One time, a worker from the Church of God came to our place (Hagonoy) to hold Bible Study.  I listened to him and I felt that my mind had been enlightened.  All of a sudden, I had fear of God.  After three months of listening to Bible Study, I underwent indoctrination.  And in March 10, 1953, at the age of 17, I was baptized in San Pablo, Hagonoy, Bulacan.

During the time of Brother Nicolas Perez, I became president of Kabataan ng Hagonoy.  Later on, I felt I wanted to join the workers’ ministry.  Nobody encouraged me to join the workers’ ministrry.  I did it on my own volition.  And through God’s help, I was able to become one.  I had my first assignment in 1962, in Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan.  Bro. Eli and myself were among the workers that Bro. Perez taught in his ministerial classes.

When Bro. Perez passed away in 1975, the congregation was split into three groups.  The first group was headed by Levita Gugulan, the second group was presided by Filomeno Hizon, and the third group was led by Bro. Eli.  I opted to join Bro. Eli’s group, together with the senior brethren in the church, including the relatives of Brother Perez.  That time, our former colleagues came out with several tactics that were meant to malign Bro. Eli.  But I was never affected by any of those because I have witnessed how Brother Eli sincerely led the brethren.  Through God’s help, I remained as a church worker.  I would say that being a worker is one duty that I would never give up because I believe that it is a God-given duty.  I could still recall the time when we used to hold ministerial classes under a mango tree.  Actually, I could no longer recall how many we were that were being taught by Bro. Eli of the Word of God, which we would impart to the brethren in our respective assignments.  I have witnessed how the flock that Bro. Eli is leading multiply in number.

I got married at the age of twenty-one.  Our unio brought four children.  Unfortunately, our relationship lasted only for ten years because we were often quarelling.  My wife left us.  Nevertheless, I was able to rear our children successfully, singlehandedly.  I did not marry again.  I just devoted my time and attention to the performance of my duty as a worker.

From 1993 to 1995, I functioned as an OIC in Laguna, Batangas, Mindoro and Romblon (LBMR Division).  But from 1995 to 2000, I was transferred to Bulacan.  Aside from being an OIC, another sensitive duty was given to me, and that is to be a baptizer.  When I was given this responsibility, I was a bit apprehensive because I felt that I was not that worthy for the position given to me.  But I am very thankful to God thet, despite my age, He still entrusted me with a very important duty in our congregation.  Through God’s help, I have been trying to fulfill the duties that have been entrusted to me.

In 2001, I bacame a Minister-in-Charge (MIC).  Again, I was a bit nervous because I know that I have to exercise extra caution and I have to exert more effort so that I could perform my duties effectively.  I love my duties very much.  In fact, these were what give meaning to my life.  I do not want to lose them.  I want to die in the performance of my duties.  That is why even though I do not really feel well, I still try my best to officiate baptism.  I am very grateful to God because I am still able to continue with my service to him.  I am also thankful to Him for giving us Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel who unselfishly lead us to the salvation of our souls.

It is rather unfortunate if a person would just be likened to water, which after laboring hard just to fetch it, it flowed out of the bucket.  Not only the water, but also all the efforts are wasted.  I do not want it to happen to me.  I want to die performing these duties.

First published in Believer Newsmagazine, February 2005.

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“Why is it like that?” So, I started examining their doctrines

I started to attend gatherings and one thing, I contributed to the offering.  I was not a member yet.  After the gathering, Sister Lucia, the local treasurer approached me and told me, they cannot accept my contribution.  I said it was not that much.  She said they really couldn’t accept it, and she handed me the collection box for me to get the money I contributed.

Efren Baquing

Bro. Efren Baquing

I was born on August 18, 1960 in Bacolor, Pampanga to Guillermo and Virginia Baquing.  We are seven siblings and I am the fifth.  I had no interest in studying then.  What I wanted was to play at all times.  But when I was a child, I dreamed to be a soldier because during those times, our place was a camp of the HUKBALAHAP and NPA’s often roamed around.  Sometimes, they slept and ate on our house.   Even their commanders would dropped by our house.

But how did my wife and I get to know each other?  I was going to Manila, and I was at the Angeles Bus Station.  We were in the same line of passengers, and I was next to her in the line.  I liked her an d so I teased her.  She got mad!  When we got on the bus, it was overloaded with people.  She had no choice but to sit beside me.  Right there and then, I got her address and telephone number.  After a few days, I visited the address to make sure that she really lived there.  And there she was.  From then on, I started courting her and it took sometime before we got engaged.  We got married on April 18, 1980.  One thing I am most thankful of is that I have a wife who is a gift from God and who has never been a hindrance to my duty.  She is very kind and very supportive to me.

How did I learn the righteousness of God?  I was on my way, to my work in Makati.  The brother-in-law of my wife, Brother Badoc, invited me for a ride in his car to save money.  I thought we were going straight to Manila but later on I found out that we had to drop by a locale in a mountain at Balas Tisyo, Magalang, Pampanga.  I found out that there was an ongoing Church gathering.  It was 3:00 p.m. Sunday.  Oh my!  I didn’t know what to do!  I had no choice but to listen to the topic being tackled.  The worker then was Bro. Mario Yutuc.  I was struck by the theme.  I was silent.  After the gathering, we moved on.  Without me knowing it, we still have to drop by in Apalit!  There, we were fed with fish cooked in coconut milk.   It was cooked by Bro. Eli Soriano!  I told myself,    “So he is the one they call Bro. Eli!”  It was my first time to see him.  His hair was a bit in disarray because he had just finished cooking our food.

Upon arrival in Manila, my wife’s brother-in-law told me to listen to him first before we could proceed.  Bro. Eli was engaged in a discussion then with so many pastors in DZBB, in the radio program “Don Manolo and his Genius Family.”  I was amazed with what I heard.  The program ended at 12 midnight!  I was not able to go to work anymore!  We went back again to Apalit.  You know where we slept?  We couldn’t drive anymore so we just slept in the car!

The next morning when I woke up, I saw Bro. Eli looking at us!  And he was very angry!  He was scolding Brother Boy Dimalanta.  He asked him why they did not let us in.  We were not even given a blanket.  I saw how concerned he was.  I didn’t go to work anymore.  For a week, I kept on looking for the church’s local chapter.  I started to attend gatherings and one thing, I contributed to the offering.  I was not a member yet.  After the gathering, Sister Lucia, the local treasurer approached me and told me, they cannot accept my contribution.  I said it was not that much.  She said they really couldn’t accept it, and she handed me the collection box for me to get the money I contributed.  She told me, “If you like, you save your money.  Once you get baptized, that’s the time you can contribute.”  I told myself, “Why is it like that?”  So, I started examining their doctrines.  After sometime, I decided to join the Church of God.

I was indoctrinated by Brother Candong in October 1982.  I was the first one whom he indoctrinated and with God’s mercy, I was baptized on November 17, 1982.  Year 1983, I was living in Apalit already and I was in masonry.   I attended ministerial classes.  However, since I was still new, I just slept in ministerial classes.  I told myself, “Well, perhaps God hasn’t willed it yet.”  But I told myself, I would join the Workers Ministry once my wife gets converted.  She was baptized in 1986.

After sometime, I joined the workers’ ministry.  On my first attendance, Brother Boy told me, “Hey, you ought to be given an assignment now!”  I said, “No! This is just my first time to attend!”  But we lack workers,” he said.  My first assignment was in Talimundok, Magalang, as a half-timer to Brother Rudy Alamares.  Starting as a worker, I was often with Bro. Lito Quizon.  We lived in the house of Brother Candong.  We conducted public meetings and indoctrinations then.  When I was starting as a worker, I was always with Brother Lito Quizon.  We lived in the house of Bro. Candong.  We conducted public meetings and indoctrinations then.  At dawn, we sold galunggong ang if some remained unsold, we made them “tinapa” or smoked fish.  At noon, we sold tinapa, and in the evening we conducted public meetings again and indoctrinations.   For a long time we did like that.

Like the others, I also encountered so many obstacles in life.  First and foremost, I was very sickly.  In fact, the doctor had already set limit to my existence.   With God’s mercy, my condition got well.  I continued with my duty as a worker and it was my wife who earned for a living while my sister-in-law took care of my children.  Whenever we left, we were unsure of when we could be coming home again.  I worried because I didn’t know if my family still had something to eat.  My situation was hard then!  I was a full-time worker, no job, no resources!  It even came to a point that I thought of quitting!  I had asked the permission of Brother Candong and Bro. Eli.  Worse was that a group of workers made reports on me.  Bro. Eli said, “Why will you quit if it was not true?  Do not mind them, your commitment is  not with them, but God.”  So I did not quit anymore despite so many trials.  There was a time we were going home from our assignment when we fell on a rice field in San Bartolome, Tarlac because the road was dark.  We really had a hard time then!  Whenever our tricycle would get flat tired, we had no choice but to sleep on the road because there were no other tricycles available.  Even during Martial Law, when many soldiers roamed around, we still conducted public meetings.

On May 2, 1993, I was assigned as Officer-in-Charge (OIC) in Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and Aurora.  I was assigned as a baptizer in October 1993.  Then on September 30, 1994, I was transferred to Bulacan and again transferred  to Manila on July 1, 1995.  My first assignment to Hongkong was on March 15, 1997.  I was reassigned there on August 4, 1997 and August 30, 1998.  It was in 1999 when I was transferred to Pampanga and BOIZ,   also in North 1 and North 2 Divisions.  With the help of God, I have been assigned also in different countries like Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Saipan and now here in Australia.

I was appointed Minister-in-Charge (MIC) in the year 2001.  Being an MIC, I am tasked to handle a very serious obligation.  I never really thought of reaching this far.  I did not even finished my studies but with God’s help, here I am now.   It’s up to God where He wants to assign me.  And I thank Him because although I’m not worthy, He entrusted me with a very sensitive duty!  I often assess myself if I am able to contribute to the ministry.

Thank God for our leaders, Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel who honestly lead us and care for us.  At present, with God’s mercy, I am already 22 years old in the service along with my wife and four children.  I pray to God that we remain in the service and we hope to finish our course.

First published in Believer Newsmagazine, February 2005.

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How could someone who looks so ordinary be so extraordinarily intellectual and full of sense when it comes to the Bible?

Certain incidents made me question the ways of the people who I thought were Godly.  Until I grew up and     had    kids, those questions lingered, but they did not give me a sense of urgency to find the answers.

By Gladys Laciste

When I was in my teens, I was an active catholic.  I made sure that I was involved in church activities and that I knew most of the people who were there: priests, youth group members, etc.  However, certain incidents made me question the ways of the people who I thought were Godly.  Until I grew up and had kids, those questions lingered, but they did not give me a sense of urgency to find the answers.

Sometime in 2009, I came across a book called “A Purpose-Driven Life” and, fueled by a need to change my ways, I read it and followed its instructions really well.  However, when it got to the chapter that instructs me to find a ministry to join, I stopped reading.  I am not satisfied with the church I belong to and I am quite skeptical about the others.  I thought, if I can find someone who can make science and religion meet in harmony, I would be truly impressed.  If that someone had a church or group, I would willingly join them.

I had a good-paying job, great friends, a popular status, good looks, I had everything…or so I thought.  It wasn’t long until all these things started to come crashing down on me.  I lost my job, my friends moved on to more party-capable friends, and I became a Nobody.  My children and I had nothing.  It was this lowest point in my life that I remembered my search for someone or something that could bring me closer to God in a way that would not spark any questions.  I tried to pray the rosary, but the pictures on the mysteries pamphlet kept distracting me and I can’t seem to hold the right bead every time.  So I thought, forget it.

To distract myself from the dark ages of my so-called life, I got back to smoking and I drowned myself in pointless posts in social networks.  I added all my former classmates from way back in primary school.  One of them chatted with me and it was quite entertaining just talking about how our teacher would throw the “puto” she sells at us and that whoever gets hit would have to pay for it the next day.  It was an effective, yet utterly unethical marketing strategy indeed.  Suddenly, my former classmate started talking about his religion and the group he belongs to.  The die-hard catholic in me sprung to action and became very defensive.  I told him that we should never talk about religion because I would never convert.  He agreed and we started to talk about other things.

One time, he asked me to visit a website because they were conducting a survey about how effective their site is.  So I went to the site and when I saw that it was related to his religious group, I quickly closed it and told him that I have seen it.  Days passed by without a message from my former classmate, so I figured maybe he gave up on trying to recruit me.  As I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a video that he posted.  It was a rap song dedicated to a certain Eli Soriano.  I commented saying that it is better to write the song for God, not for their leader.  We kind of debated a little, until he told me to take time to watch and listen.  He lent me a CD of Brother Eli’s debate against a Born Again pastor.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed every minute of it!  I mean, aside from the fact that I love to debate, I admired how different he was in conveying the messages in the bible.  I saw verses that I have never, ever read or heard in the two decades of my life as a catholic.

Then I watched another CD wherein Brother Eli was explaining how scientific the bible is.  I thought to myself, this is itthe answer to my quest for someone to unite science and religion is right in front of me.  After watching it, I was amazed.  How could someone who looks so ordinary be so extraordinarily intellectual and full of sense when it comes to the Bible?  I immediately reported back to my former classmate and thanked him for not giving up on me.

We kept in touch and soon afterwards, he invited me to attend worship service with him.  I hesitated a little because I imagined a lot of hand-waving with eyes closed and endless hallelujahs, just like how the Born Again would spend their time in gatherings.  I don’t know what it is that pushed me, but I said yes.  In the coordinating center, I was told to just sit no matter what they do.  During the prayer, I felt a lump in my throat.  I have never heard such sincere prayers.  It really hit me straight in the heart.  I wanted to cry.  Despite that unforgettable experience, I still was not completely convinced.  So I attended another worship service and the same thing happened.  This time, I let my emotions get the better of me.  I cried my heart out.

The Monday after that, my former classmate and I chatted once again, as we always did.  He told me that there was a scheduled indoctrination session that afternoon and told me that if I wanted to attend, he would accompany me.  I refused and told him maybe I would go next time.  I went to and a video was playing.  It showed Brother Eli saying “Ngayong nakasumpong ka ng mabuti, wag kang magpatumpik-tumpik, wag kang magpadelay-delay, wag kang magpabukas-bukas. Pagkakasumpong mo ng mabuti gawin mo agad.”  I suddenly felt a sense of urgency unlike anything I have felt before.  I looked at the clock, there was still 30 minutes before the indoctrination would start.  I quickly messaged my former classmate and told him to meet me immediately.  I believe that it was God moving through me because everything in the doctrine was so easy for me to accept and do.  In fact, I was excited to wear modest clothes and I didn’t have a hard time getting rid of my vices.  It was like a power switch was turned off and I didn’t crave for another cancer stick ever again.

Until today, I get teary-eyed when I think of how blessed I am to have come to know about the truth in the bible.  I am forever grateful to God for calling me into his church and for giving me the opportunity to listen to His loyal servants, Brother Eli and Brother Daniel.

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I was like a monster craving for blood until I heard Bro. Eli

image-01I continued on digging at the same time wailing and they couldn’t stop me. I needed to see my father for the last time.  Finally able to dig him out from the ground, I opened the casket, held his corpse in my arms, and apologized for the years that I had not been there for him. I whispered to his ears that I would avenge his death. Rain started to pour and I returned him to his casket. I walked away, leaving him with my promise.

By Edmundo Nicart

My younger days saw me as a disobedient son. I didn’t obey my parents who were telling me to finish my studies. Instead I moved out from our home. I came from a very poor family in Samar where my father was a fisherman and my mother was a housekeeper. I have nine siblings and I always knew that my father’s earnings were not enough to sustain all the mouths depending on him. I was thirteen years old then when I moved out, thinking that if I did, it would be one less mouth to feed. That was the only way I could help my family that time. Or so I thought.

I traveled as far as Mindanao. I was able to survive by doing odd jobs mostly related to fishing. I’ve been to Bicol, Leyte, and then I finally settled in Manila where I got a job by selling fish at the fish port in Pier. I met a girl there who soon became my wife. All I had in mind back then was to earn for my family and if possible to help my parents in the province. However, an incident turned me from being a simple vendor into a vicious murderer.

One busy time at pier, I was preoccupied in looking for customers and failed to watch my merchandise for a brief moment. When I returned my fishes were gone. I was robbed. I investigated and found out that my brother-in-law had witnessed who took my fishes, but thought they were my companions. I knew the guy he pinpointed to so I went to that guy and confronted him. He denied it but then suddenly four men came and one of them struck a knife at me. Thinking these men were determined to kill me, I retaliated despite my bleeding wound. I took a knife out and struck it at the neck of the one who stole my fishes. I also hit two among the four men but they were able to survive. The other two got away. Consequently, I was imprisoned for murder but only for a few days. They let me pay for bail because the one whom I killed was a notorious robber being hunted by the police.

After being freed, I promised myself not to get into trouble again as I didn’t want to worry my family. At the back of my mind I began to feel some pleasure at having taken the life of evil men who did me wrong. There was something inside me saying that no one should dare lay hands on me or I will end their lives anytime, anyway I wanted it to be done. I did try my best to live a normal life for my family, but there was a burning feeling inside me longing to kill again. I became afraid even of myself, thus my dilemma.

In 1986, I received a call that my father was murdered. Right then and there, I swore to myself that I would seek revenge on the one who killed my father. My family and I went to the province and it was exactly my father’s burial when we arrived there. I stayed in a dark during those times. I was preoccupied with revenge. The following day, I returned to the spot where they buried my father. I dug his grave with my bare hands.  In that spot the earth was loose because in the province they do not dig very deep. The people around the cemetery were alarmed with what I was doing. Police came and even a priest but I didn’t mind them. I continued on digging at the same time wailing and they couldn’t stop me. I needed to see my father for the last time.  Finally able to dig him out from the ground, I opened the casket, held his corpse in my arms, and apologized for the years that I had not been there for him. I whispered to his ears that I would avenge his death. Rain started to pour and I returned him to his casket. I walked away, leaving him with my promise.

I sent back my family to Manila and I remained in the province with my kin. I was consumed with the thought of revenge. It was the first thing I thought of whenever I woke up and the last thing on my mind before I slept. I had forsaken myself, barely eating as I had no appetite.  I grew very thin. I even had forsaken my own family in Manila who were asking for support. I neglected everything.  My relatives didn’t have any idea what I was planning to do.

After some time, my cousin informed me that the man I was looking for was spotted in a nearby barrio for the fiesta. I went there stealthily and successfully found him. He was playing bingo when I saw him. I stayed behind his back and waited for the right timing. Since people and noise were everywhere due to the celebration I was barely noticed. When I found the timing I readied my knife, I swiftly but strongly held him in the neck so that he wouldn’t be able to move. Then I stabbed him. I couldn’t count how many times I pounded my knife on his bloodied chest. I didn’t stop stabbing until I was sure that he was completely dead. I couldn’t care less with the chaos that people around me made when they saw me killing that man in front of them. They screamed and ran but I didn’t move. I surrendered to the police when they arrived. Even though I was successful in executing my plan to kill the man who murdered my father, I didn’t feel satisfied at all. I was imprisoned for two years.


Within those two years, my family never visited me. Somehow I understood them because I neglected them for quite a period of time. I learned that my wife was forced to find work to sustain our household. Also they couldn’t afford the fare to visit me, as it was expensive. With the help of my kin, I was able to pay the bail.

During my days in prison, I couldn’t find remorse in my heart. I was saying to myself I just did what must be done. After bailing out, I didn’t go home to my family yet. I went to Cavite instead, hiding myself. I felt like I needed to get rid of myself from the ones I love because of what I had become. Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I was seeing a ruthless killer, not anymore the innocent vendor nor the responsible father and husband I once was.

While hiding, I felt hollow inside. I resorted to drugs, gambling, and alcohol. At the front of the tiny house I was hiding in was a hall being occupied by Born-Again members for their fellowship. Many times, they were inviting me to attend to their gatherings but I always declined. I refused the invitations because I felt that a criminal like me was not worthy of any religious undertaking. But one time, they scheduled their gathering during the time they knew I was still asleep. I was awakened by their noise.  I could hear them loud and clear from my place. They read a passage about wicked men who have done crimes. In my mind ran a thought, “Are they talking about me?” I listened intently. This time they were reading the passage of how those criminals can still be forgiven. By then, tears in my eyes started to well up and I fell down on my face without me noticing. The verse touched my heart. I cried a prayer after that, asking for forgiveness and for God to take my life instead so I would do no more harm to others. Understandably, God has other plans for me for I didn’t die that night.

Since then, I always found myself longing to hear those verses from the Bible that they read. It came to the point that I went to their fellowship to ask for a copy of the Bible. They gave me a copy and I excitedly read them. Although I couldn’t understand much the Holy Scripture I kept on reading them, every single day. Eventually, I was joining the neighbor’s fellowship so that I can have company as I read the Bible. They read the verses but couldn’t explain them. Despite this new belief I found, I couldn’t stop my vices and then a new kind of fear developed within me: I feared death – ironic for someone who had claimed the lives of others. I actually fear to die without having properly attended to my family’s needs. I went home and my family still welcomed me. My wife waited for me to return. She knew I would return.

I resumed selling fish at the fish port and although I was attending the Born-Again services in Manila, I knew I was still much the same. I was still into vices; I was even playing tong-its (Filipino rummy card game) with my companions in that fellowship group. The only difference was the longing for the words of God that was absent during my earlier years. I even got a sideline then when I got involved into illegal fishing trade. The fishermen were using dynamite to capture fishes. I didn’t stay long in that business though because the people who involved me got caught by the authorities.

Eventually, I met someone at work who became my close friend.  Among my peers, Bro. Ronnie is the kindest and most behaved there. I felt that I could trust him. Upon disclosing things to Ronnie of what I had been through in life, and how empty I felt despite the Born-Again fellowships, he suggested that I listen to a radio program called Ang Dating Daan. So this was Bro. Eli Soriano! He read the verses and explained every detail of them very clearly. The verses that I kept on reading before yet couldn’t understand became very clear to me when I heard him explain them.


Eventually, my vices left me as I got addicted listening to Bro. Eli every night. He comes out very natural and you know in your heart he is telling the truth. When I learned about a scheduled Mass Indoctrination, I immediately joined.

On June 11, 2012 I got immersed in the water of baptism at Apalit, Pampanga. I couldn’t put into words how I felt after getting baptized. I was like floating, walking on that water and stepping into the ground again with the real sense of being born again. I am now a changed man. I stay safe within the confines of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) where Bro. Eli constantly teaches us how to live life properly. I know now my direction and the better things to aspire for.

God is truly merciful. He saved me from the darkness that was consuming me, of the desire to claim the lives of others. I have repented of the grave offences I have committed and I knew I was forgiven, for He called me and led me to His true church. If I had discovered His true church and teachings earlier, I may have not done those crimes I did. I may have reacted differently in those situations. Perhaps those things I have experienced including being affiliated temporarily with the Born-Again were not mere consequences. They paved the way for me to appreciate differences.

I have not yet met Bro. Eli in person. Yet when I heard him preach, explaining Bible’s verses, I became a changed man. I was a vicious monster turned into a harmless sheep because I saw the light.

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Bible man: My uncle boasted, my father checked, until we all became avid followers

By Neri Vicencio

Growing up, I had issues that I’ve kept to myself. I was timid, shy, and I lacked self confidence. I remembered an instance where in school I was bullied and I got hurt a lot; but, I’ve learned to keep all the hurt inside of me for there was no one to comfort me.

Neither was there someone to teach me how to read and write. No one accompanied me to school.  It was like a jungle getting through the rough highways of Caloocan City. My brother was with me but I could not count on to him for he had the habit of cutting classes. Having had to deal with our different surnames was ready a pain in the neck. But we were brother and sister, yes. Such were complications in our family.

Years passed and I realized that I was longing for my parents’ attention, for my older brother’s protection and guidance. But I was getting all these from my grandmother in whatever amounts she could give me.  I had always been aware that my parents were fond of my brother – more than they were to me.  Special occasions like Christmas were times that gave me evidences.

I clearly remembered one Christmas time, my older brother received gifts but I had none. And that was to my face even! As a result, I had often asked myself where is my family?

I couldn’t even remember an instance where we were all present at table and just dined. My brother was always with his friends while father was always busy managing his business in Carriedo, or drinking and gambling. I only felt his presence when I was hospitalized.

As for my mother, I cannot say much about her. I just remembered that when I was 4 years old, my parents were screaming and shouting at each other. My mother faced me and demanded that I make a decision: to choose whether I was going to stay with my father or I’ll go with her. So that was it. My parents split. I stayed with my father. Later on, I would cut the pictures to form one happy family including my half-Japanese siblings.  Life had to go on.

We were Catholics then. I was once assigned as a preacher’s commentator and was best in conduct in our section.  Cardinal Sin once visited our school. I once kissed his hand and held his hand on to my forehead, in the traditional Filipino mano po.

With that, I felt I was the star. Many would praise me, take time to talk to me even for just a moment. I had also gathered friends that took me somewhere to just chill. Chill is actually drinking session. At first it was just some light gin pomelo, choco, and then tequilla. This latter one had them rush me to the hospital for I was so stuffed with alcohol and breathing was next to impossible. I came out from the hospital, but that didn’t stop me from hanging out with my friends for more. We would still continue to schedule some after-school happenings. I was that hard-headed for want of belongingness. However, my father didn’t have any complain because I still continued to be the usual student.

One time we were assigned to do an essay about a topic of our choice. We were given two weeks to finish it – which assignment I hated by the way. I had a hard time picking one. My classmates would pick topics about love, family, friends and politics which were very handy. For me, I wanted it to be unique.  I had decided to go for the religious aspect, but I was not that religious even though I was raised as a Catholic.

As Catholics, we were forced to attend mass because it was a pre-requisite and with an attendance sheet signed by the priest.  For my essay project, I looked through the internet, went to the libraries, the Bible, for the best topic about religion. It was because I was getting interested in this field this early.

I remembered an instance where my father was watching Eli Soriano’s Ang Dating Daan, Itanong mo kay Soriano, via RJTV 29. My uncle, cousin of my father, once boasted about this Bible man during one of their drinking sessions that he could really answer any questions of any topic based on the Bible, and that he had memorized the Bible. Suspecting that the show was scripted, my father watched the show until he had taken on the habit of watching it every night.

I would hear my father watching upstairs. In that program one time, a guest asked about end of the world. It caught my attention and I went through the verses that the Bible man mentioned, and got the answers for my essay. The host was Bro. Eli Soriano, the man that my uncle was boasting about.  I went back to my room finding myself crying. The topic terribly shook my spirituality. 2 Peter 3:10 was the verse and I clearly remembered it –

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

Since then, this became my greatest fear.  It gave me a different perspective―above all, it gave me fear of God. The world we live in has a life of its own – it’s not forever after all. Then it made me so conscious of God’s will, the sinful lives in great defiance of God’s commandments.

This was the first time that I had prayed fervently and wished to have the opportunity to be with my family as a whole. Came the day that we would deliver our essays in front of the class, I was into my subject.  I delivered with justice the subject of the great tribulation, wishing that someone would listen.  It all paid off when someone tapped me on my shoulder and said that my topic was unusual and he had learned a lot from it. Of course, I wore a smile on my face. How else would I deliver this topic if not for Bro. Eli?

Watching Bro. Eli’s program paved the way for me and my father to bond as father-daughter. Little by little, we removed all the graven images from home. Finally, we never set foot in Catholic churches. November 21, 2001 we received an invitation for the opening of mass indoctrination. Without the knowledge of my father, I sought for the nearest locale after school. This was in the locale of Bayanan. Seeing that many people were already leaving, and they appeared to be all members, the indoctrination session might have already finished, so I didn’t proceed.  Later on, I learned that it was the prayer meeting. The indoctrination session was scheduled the next day.

It was only on May 2002 that my father and I decided to submit to indoctrination.  With God’s help, we finished it with flying colors together with my uncle and my cousin. Who would have thought that a simple boast and a pinch of curiosity would turn out to be the deciding factors in knowing God’s promise!

June 21, 2002 is a date that cannot be forgotten for it was the happiest day of my life.  I was baptized by Bro. Boy Dimalanta in the Locale of Locale of Bayanan. A renewal in spirit was within me; I had seen the genuine care and love of people in the organization I could count on. I could not ask for more.  More yet, three years after, my mother joined us. This had given me hope that if not in this world, in heaven we would be united as a family, and be with true brethren called in the name of God.

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My dad’s friend was a drunkard and womanizer before he ever listened to Bro. Eli

My father was silent when he came home.  Then, he summoned us to the living room. He explained that we needed God’s grace and mercy to live in this world.  I cannot remember everything that he said. But I was crying quietly the whole time he was talking to us

By Katherine Gay A. Ortega

When I was in high school, I was searching for something – I just didn’t know what that was.  This may sound like a cliché but this is true to me.

Before I became a member of the Members Church of God, International (MCGI), I was a “confused” churchgoer.  I say confused because I didn’t know what and where the true church is.  I was only attending the Catholic Church because of my parents and joining Protestant’s “fellowships” because of my friends.  All I knew was that I (and my family) badly needed a religious group to belong to so that we can worship God.  At that time, I was praying hard every night for it.  I knew in my heart that there is a God although I just didn’t know Him yet.

My father came to know about Bro. Eli Soriano through “Ang Dating Daan” program before I did.  The TV program and the Church were introduced to him by his friend who happens to be a member of MCGI. I have not met his friend but all I knew was that he was a drunkard and womanizer before he became a Christian.

I heard my father and mother talking about this man over dinner.  My father was amazed at the changes.  So, this piqued his curiosity on Bro. Eli and Ang Dating Daan.  And this had changed our TV habits.

We have our TV in our bedroom.  I usually do my homework while watching shows on TV.  I was in college at that time.  I was a TV addict. However, when my father was at home, I couldn’t watch any show on TV except the ADD program hosted by Bro. Eli.

Being an adolescent teenager, I was annoyed by it, not because I didn’t see truth to what Bro. Eli was saying but because I can no longer watch my favorite shows.  Nonetheless, I stayed inside the room thinking that I will be able to change channels as soon as advertisements came.  Little did I know and realize that there were no commercial breaks during ADD program!  It went on for weeks.

Then, they decided to listen to the indoctrination sessions of the MCGI.  They did not coerce nor force us to join them.  Little by little, we came to know the church.  Then, my father was baptized!  I cannot forget that day.

My father was silent when he came home.  Then, he summoned us to the living room – my mother, my sister and me.  He explained why he finally made a decision to join the Church.  He was enlightening us how we need God’s grace and mercy to live in this world.  I cannot remember everything that he said. But I was crying quietly the whole time he was talking to us.

I can’t help myself but my tears came pouring from my eyes endlessly.  At that moment, I realized that this is the answer to my ardent prayers!  So, when my father asked me to attend the indoctrination sessions, I willingly obeyed.  Then, the joyous and blessed moment of my life came – I was baptized on May 29, 2002 at Maya, Leyte by Bro. Noli Molero!

I will be forever grateful to God for His loving-kindness for calling us to His Church.  Furthermore, I thank God for Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon.

Many people may not accept change in their lives, but this is the change that I needed and wanted in my life.  I have waited for this.  I have searched for this.  And I passionately embrace this change in my life.  Now, I am a Christian.  This year is my 9th year in the Church, with God’s help and mercy.  Despite all the hardships and struggles in my life, I know I am in good hands because I have God in my life. What a pleasure it is, serving God in His Church!

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