I Went as Far as Being Part of those Planning to Kill

March 24, 2014


Whatever I claim on TV, it does not come back to me. I can go out, but I am being careful. To me, if God does not allow a Maya to fall to the ground, it won’t fall. By Eddinor “Laddie” Sibug I was a handog* and I grew up with the Iglesia ni Cristo. […]

If I Don’t Join your Church, Will I Scorch in Hell?

March 19, 2014


His lifeless body sprawled on the ground, his head smashed, his oozing blood – I worried that my parents saw those, or else they would pull me out.   Jarell De Jesus, D’X-Man One time I watched the program of Maximo Bularan. I think that was in IBC 13. Maximo Bularan and Rene Panoncillo, very […]

I have witnessed how the flock that Bro. Eli is leading multiply in number

February 20, 2014


I opted to join Bro. Eli’s group, together with the senior brethren in the church, including the relatives of Brother Perez.  That time, our former colleagues came out with several tactics that were meant to malign Bro. Eli.  But I was never affected by any of those because I have witnessed how Brother Eli sincerely […]

“Why is it like that?” So, I started examining their doctrines

February 18, 2014


I started to attend gatherings and one thing, I contributed to the offering.  I was not a member yet.  After the gathering, Sister Lucia, the local treasurer approached me and told me, they cannot accept my contribution.  I said it was not that much.  She said they really couldn’t accept it, and she handed me […]

How could someone who looks so ordinary be so extraordinarily intellectual and full of sense when it comes to the Bible?

November 27, 2013


Certain incidents made me question the ways of the people who I thought were Godly.  Until I grew up and     had    kids, those questions lingered, but they did not give me a sense of urgency to find the answers. By Gladys Laciste When I was in my teens, I was an active catholic.  I made […]

I was like a monster craving for blood until I heard Bro. Eli

April 30, 2013


I continued on digging at the same time wailing and they couldn’t stop me. I needed to see my father for the last time.  Finally able to dig him out from the ground, I opened the casket, held his corpse in my arms, and apologized for the years that I had not been there for […]

Bible man: My uncle boasted, my father checked, until we all became avid followers

March 11, 2012


By Neri Vicencio Growing up, I had issues that I’ve kept to myself. I was timid, shy, and I lacked self confidence. I remembered an instance where in school I was bullied and I got hurt a lot; but, I’ve learned to keep all the hurt inside of me for there was no one to […]


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